Here’s Brad Mcleod from SEALGrinder PT doing another preview of an item he’s going to test in the outdoors. This one happens to be the VSSL survival flashlight from VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools. VSSL is just a clever way of saying vessel. I was confused by trying to figure out the acronym until I was told by Todd, the CEO of VSSL, the meaning. Man, am I slow on the uptake!

Some people think this flashlight isn’t a good item because it’s not ‘tactical’ but I disagree. We can’t keep thumbing our noses up at gear because it’s not OD Green. If a gizmo like this can get your children interested in spending time in the outdoors at night, perhaps they’ll get interested in hunting, camping or fishing down the road. How else do they begin? By having fun, that’s how.

Sure, you’re not going to strap this to next to your SAW pouch, but this thing is pretty cool. Tactical and Olive Drab it’s not. Certainly this isn’t your patrolman’s heavy duty flashlight but that’s not the reason for this. You’re not going to take this into Libya or Timbuktu. However, someone interested in taking a short trip outdoors near their home will find this very useful. A child separtated from family will appreciate being able to utilize this at night in order to get back to the group, or survive through a harrowing situation.

No matter what kind of giant killer you are, or how proficient you are with gun and rifle, a tool like this can work for someone who is interested in learning about tools and gaining survival skills. In fact there are already a lot of positive reviews regarding this product. This flashlight has been featured in quite a few national magazines such as Popular Mechanics, Hunting Magazine, Outside Magazine, Field & Stream. This item is killer for teaching my youngest the fundamentals of survival with simple tools ready made.

Each of these flashlights is made from seamless extruded military specification anodized aluminum and contains an LED flashlight, compass, beeswax candle, water purification tabs, wire saw, waterproof matches, and more. The best part is having all of it in one place so you don’t lose them.

Brad, who is a Navy SEAL and an avid outdoorsman, is going to take this into the outdoors and test it out. Stay tuned…

From the company FAQ:

Each VSSL unit is approximately 9” long by 2” diameter and they weigh about 16oz each (exact weight is listed on each product page). Each VSSL unit is made from military spec (Mil_Spec) 6061 seamless extruded aluminum – practically indestructible. When properly closed, each VSSL cylinder and its contents are protected from the elements including temporary exposure to water. The light is water-resistant on its own or attached to a VSSL. The lights use 3 N-type (generic name), or E90 (Energizer) batteries. They are outstanding batteries and can be found in most hardware stores, or ordered through VSSL. Refills are available from VSSL. There are basically three different types of beams: flood, spot or a combination (adjustable). Spot beams allow you to see farther, but flood beams illuminate a broader area over a shorter distance (like a lantern).


Battery installation instructions:

To learn more about our bro Brad Mcleod and SealGRINDER PT check it out here: SEALGRINDER.

Brad is the founder of SEALgrinderPT gym in Atlanta, Georgia. Brad is a former Navy SEAL and served 5 years at SEAL Team Four as a radioman, parachute rigger and climber. Brad was dropped from BUD/S class 125 after failing a math test during 2nd phase but returned in class 132 to complete BUD/S – going through 2 Hell Week’s and over 10 months of tough training. He is now a student of mental toughness and conditioning and aspires to help other athletes to apply this to their training.

With skills learned in his time on SEAL Team 4, Brad still enjoys rock climbing, trail running, kayaking, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and competing in CrossFit events.

Certifications, experience, honors:

  • SEALFIT Certified Trainer
  • CrossFit Level I certified
  • Underground Strength Coach Level 1 certified
  • UGA climbing instructor
  • Outward Bound Instructor
  • Atlanta Rocks climbing coach
  • CrossFit Grinder founder

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