Vertx Gamut Gen 3.

Vertx®, a subsidiary of the Fechheimer Brothers Company, was founded over a decade ago in response to a federal agency’s need for low-profile, functional tactical pants. Leveraging their long history of crafting military uniforms, Vertx developed highly discreet tactical pants and later expanded to low-profile clothing, bags, and packs. Their bags and packs are complemented by a range of accessories that enhance storage capabilities, allowing users to adapt their gear to their specific needs.

Vertx Gen 3 Gamut Backpack

The Vertx Gamut has become one of the most popular backpacks in the Vertx line. The Gamut is a versatile and robust backpack designed for everyday carry (EDC) and more. This backpack is packed with innovative features that make it stand out in the crowded field of EDC backpacks.

The Gamut has been around for several years, starting with the original version and followed by the 2.0 version, which was released in 2019. Now, the company has once again raised the bar with the latest iteration, the Next Gen Gamut Gen 3.


The Gamut Gen 3 backpack is solidly built. It has a rugged outer shell made of 500 Denier DuPont® CORDURA® nylon material. Known for its excellent tear strength, abrasion resistance, and overall toughness, it’s ideal for rugged activities and demanding environments. The backpack features YKK® self-repairing nylon coil zippers and Duraflex® (D-Flex®) plastic hardware.

The pack measures 21″H x 11.5″W x 8″D, providing a generous capacity of 25 liters (1,526 in³), while meeting most airline carry-on requirements. It weighs in at just over 4 lbs. The concealed carry weapon (CCW) compartment dimensions are 18″H x 11″H x 2″D. The backpack has an added depth of 0.5″ to the CCW compartment, enhancing accessibility and increasing capacity. It is large enough to discreetly carry a PDW or SMG.

The pack is of clamshell design. It provides 3-way entry — top, side, and full — access. This feature provides hassle-free packing, convenient access, and efficient organization. The pack is designed to be compatible with ballistic panels, such as the custom-fitted ballistic panels from Premier Body Armor, which fit into a special compartment on the front side of the CCW compartment.

Gen 5 has added 0.5” of depth to CCW compartment for ease of access and increased capacity. It is ballistic panel compatible.

Customizable Features.

One of the standout features of the Vertx Gen 3 Gamut is its customizability. The brand-new Rapid Access Pull tab can be swapped from zipper-to-zipper and interchanged with other pull styles for a fully customized EDC setup. The convertible front flap can be stowed behind the MOLLE/PALS panel for easy access to gear. The gusset on the previous generation front flap has been replaced with smooth front for a sleek, professional appearance.

The pack features a new laser-cut VELCRO® Brand loop PALS panel that is lower in profile, lighter in weight, and provides placement points for compatible gear. The panel is significantly larger than the previous generation. The zipper track on the front pull-down panel is now a complete U-channel, allowing you to run it as a secured pocket pouch or you can pull it down and tuck it away. You pull out the wings with adjustable webbing that clips on the PALS panel with Gatekeeper G-hooks to allow a much larger capacity of stowage, such as for a helmet, boots or big jacket.

Convertible front flap may be stowed behind PALS panel for easy access to gear and quick appearance changes. New laser cut MOLLE is lower profile, lighter weight and provides for placement points for compatible gear.

When zipped, the top of the zipper track on the front pull panel is concealed by a grab handle built into the pack which also allows the zipper pulls to be tucked underneath There is a discreet webbing pull loop at the top of the front panel that allows you to quickly tear the front panel down for immediate access to the contents.

There is a medium-sized zippered pocket at the top of the Gamut Gen 3. It is significantly larger than on the previous generation. The pocket has a smooth non-abrasive lining that makes it a great place to store your eye pro or sunglasses. It is large enough to hold a compact med kit / IFAK. The pocket is easy to reach and access when wearing the pack.

The main compartment opens 180° for easier access to gear. It is equipped with a hot-pull tab that can be set up for rapid access. There is a single large zippered see-through mesh pocket in the main compartment. The additional pockets on the previous generation have been replaced with VELCRO Brand loop material on the Gamut Gen 3. This is a big plus as it allows you to reconfigure the storage space utilizing Vertx Tactigami® and other hook-and-loop accessories to customize the pack meet your mission specific needs. Or you can clip in a Vertx S.O.C.P.® Deployable Insert Panel for MOLLE-compatible accessories. The back of the CCW compartment is also fully lined with VELCRO Brand loop material, Vertx gives you a lot of options.

The backpack includes a modular Tactigami laptop sleeve that is padded for protection. This sleeve is adjustable in both size and position and is faced with VELCRO Brand loop. It can accommodate a laptop of up to 15 inches. A Tactigami Double Admin Panel is also included with the pack.

Th main compartment opens 180° for easier access to gear and is lined using VELCRO® Brand loop for added customization options.


Vertx’s patented Tactigami accessory line offers a fully customizable organization system for their bags and packs. The term “Tactigami” cleverly combines “tactical” and “origami,” and encompasses a range of products such as holsters, magazine pouches, and organizers.

Tactigami utilizes VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP® material. Tactigami accessories can be securely attached to any hook-and-loop surface in various positions, allowing for a fully personalized arrangement of essential items. This versatile system isn’t limited to bags and packs; it can also be applied in other places such as your car, gun safe, or anywhere VELCRO can be used.

VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP features a single piece of material with hook on one side and loop on the other. It can be wrapped around objects and securely attached to itself. VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP is both reusable and adjustable, making it ideal for organizing, bundling, and managing items. Plus, it can be cut without fraying.

Vertx offers a wide range of Tactigami accessories. Tactigami may be attached to any loop surface and other Tactigami allowing for practically unlimited organization options.

Additional Features

The Vertx Gamut Gen 3 Backpack has a light-colored interior that improves visibility The backpack also has pass-throughs for hydration tubes or comms equipment. The pack can hold up to a 3L hydration reservoir. There is also a wide-opening zippered pocket on each side of the pack with a draw-string adjustable stretch water bottle pocket inside that fits a wide range of water bottles and can also be used to stow other items for quick access. The side pocket is designed so that it can also be used for comms equipment and has internal pass throughs to route comms wires.

I have found the Gamut Gen 3 to be a very comfortable backpack to wear. The 3-D molded foam back panel on the pack has a new low-profile design that provides added comfort and allows pass-through for rolling luggage handles. The adjustable padded shoulder straps come with multiple web attachment points for key accessories. The shoulder straps have plenty of padding. They have plenty of width to prevent them from digging into the shoulders when worn. The underside of the shoulder straps features ventilated air mesh for breathability. The straps gave quick release buckles allowing you to release the strap without losing adjustment. An additional adjustable and removable sternum strap helps to stabilize weight for more comfortable carry. There is also an adjustable waist belt to help redistribute weight, but it is fairly thin.

The Gamut is designed for comfort with wide amply padded adjustable shoulder strapsm as well as a sternum and waist strap. The 3-D molded foam back panel features a new low-profile design that provides added comfort.

There is also an external looped webbing carrying handle above the shoulder straps. Some criticize this feature stating that it lacks rigidity, constantly flexes, and sits too far from the main body of the pack making one-handed carrying using this handle uncomfortable. I personally disagree and find it very useful. It serves its intended purpose.

Construction and workmanship on the pack are outstanding. Bonded nylon thread is used throughout, with critical seams and attachment points bar tacked for extra durability. The stitching is straight and uniform. Bias taped edges prevent fraying>

In Conclusion.

The Vertx Gen 3 Gamut Backpack is a well-designed, feature-rich backpack that offers versatility, durability, and customizability for everyday carry and beyond. It is currently available in four colorways: black, olive drab, grey, and dark earth. MSRP is $272.99 USD, which seems fairly reasonable given the build quality and features. It is an exceptional pack. It can be purchased from the Vertx official website or from authorized dealers.

Vertx stands behind its products. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, they will be happy to accept an exchange or a return for a full refund within 60 days of purchase (terms apply, as always).



Premier Body Armor

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