Firstly, thanks to US Patriot Tactical and Laura Burgess Marketing for supplying me with the Under Armour (UA) Men’s Charged Loadout Boots. They are exclusively offered only at US Patriot. I received this product as a courtesy from the manufacturer so I could test it and give my honest feedback. I am not bound by any written, verbal or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are my own and are based off my personal experience with the product.

The Charged Loadout Boots from UA are a smart addition to their stable of footwear. The Nike SFB Gen 2 boot from Nike has a lot of fans, and I think UA will gain a fan base with this new model. This is a step up from the Under Armour Tac Loadout Mens Boots. Having recently tested out the Charged Loadout boots, I can confidently say that they are a remarkable fusion of performance, durability, and comfort. Designed with input from military professionals and athletes alike, these boots are engineered to excel in the most demanding environments, whether you’re on duty or exploring the great outdoors. UA has done well with their Valsetz line of boots; these are a good addition to their stable of footwear.

New Generation

Similar to the UA Valsetz models, this boot is a hybrid boot. It combines the elements found in most tactical and jungle boots. Note the shape of the outsole, and the lower made of leather. Tactical boots are designed to give the user maximum agility and traction over any terrain, whether it be the street or the desert, while offering good foot protection. Tactical boots will feel less like a boot and more like an athletic shoe.  The boot should not require a break in period because it is very flexible. A good tactical boot will have multi-directional lugs which provides stability to prevent stumbling and a good heel to toe shape to allow dynamic reaction when pushing off or twisting. Good, shapely overlays allows flexibility, comfort and protection. Tactical boots are designed to handle uneven or slippery terrain with exceptional grip. The outsoles on tactical boots tend to have an upward curvature while standard issue boots are usually flatter making for slower response times when pivoting or moving forwards.

The Charged Loadout is similar to the jungle boot. Jungle boots are a type of combat boot meant for use in wet, hot and humid environments where a standard issue boot, or a winter boot would hinder the user. Jungle boots are designed for comfort and durability and feature a breathable material, usually canvas, and often have water-drainage ports in the midsole. Moisture will evaporate and lessen the chance for the user to develop ulcering or blistering on the feet. In this regard, UA uses full-grain leather for the lower part of the boot, and a rugged nylon for the upper. A good mixture of materials allows the feet to breathe and not feel hot or cold.


One of the standout features of the boots is their lightweight design. These boots feel surprisingly light on the feet, allowing for agile movement and all-day comfort. Whether you’re patrolling rugged terrain or on an extended hike, the reduced weight minimizes fatigue and maximizes performance.

Traction is another area where these boots truly shine. The Vibram® Litebase TC4+ outsole equipped with multi-directional lugs and MegaGrip technology is nothing short of phenomenal. Whether I’m navigating rocky trails or slick surfaces, these boots offer unmatched stability and grip, instilling confidence with every step. The aggressive rubber outsole features a lug pattern that provides exceptional grip on a variety of surfaces, from loose gravel to slick pavement.

Lugs are just one part of the boot that gives it motion control. Lugs are the bumps on the outsole (bottom of the boot) of a boot or shoe. When buying a boot you want to look for well-spaced wide lugs because these are going to improve your grip or look for numerous well-placed smaller lugs. Good lugs will mean you can get good traction. Good usage of lugs and flex grooves for incredible traction and balance. Rolling your ankle on technical downhills won’t be easy to do and this gives you confidence to kick out your stride. UA uses Vibram outsoles; these work great, and as expected for quality footwear.

Another aspect that truly sets these boots apart is their versatility. The fast-rope compatible arch adds a tactical edge, making them suitable for a wide range of operations.


Comfort is paramount during long hours on your feet, and the Loadouts deliver in spades. The cushioned midsole absorbs impact and provides support, while the breathable lining helps regulate temperature and wick away moisture, keeping your feet cool and dry even in the heat of action.

The tongue is a soft and lean elongated canvas flap. There is a pull-tab made of fabric which is useful for pulling your boot more easily and quicker over your foot.

The boot uses metal eyelets. Because there is a large tendon, and blood vessels that sit on the top of the human foot that can be irritated if there is too much pressure placed on them, the combination of metal and fabric pull loops is a wise way to go.

Ankle stability is further helped by strong laces which extend all the way up from the vamp, along the throat of the boot, and to the top of the collar. This allows you to adjust the overall tightness and fit the way you want it, and it is a speed lacing system for quick fitting.

The boot uses standard inserts, however feel free to insert your OTC orthotics or insoles. Keep in mind that you might have to go up one size, to make up from the lessening of space due to the thicker inserts. The boots are true to size. It is best when purchasing insoles to bring the sock and shoes/boots you will be putting the insole in. Custom insoles can last years while OTC last about 6 months, depending on your weight and activity. Check the wear from time to time and rotate them out as necessary. Keep in mind that insoles are not meant for the long-term.


As I noted earlier in my post, the boots are constructed with a combination of leather and breathable canvas. These boots are built to withstand the rigors of active duty. From rocky trails to urban landscapes, the reinforced materials provide protection against abrasions and ensure long-lasting performance, even in harsh conditions. These boots hold up admirably, allowing me to focus on the task at hand without worrying about footwear failure.


  • AR 670-1 Compliant for US Army Wear with OCP
  • AFI 36-2903 Compliant for US Air Force Wear with OCP
  • Fast-rope compatible arch for tactical versatility
  • Lightweight design with full-grain leather and rugged nylon upper
  • Speed lacing system and pull loops for quick fitting
  • Molded Ortholite® PU footbed for enduring comfort
  • Ultralight Micro G™ EVA foam midsole for superior cushioning
  • Vibram® Litebase TC4+ outsole with MegaGrip for exceptional traction


In terms of style, the Loadouts strike the perfect balance between rugged functionality and modern aesthetics. Whether you’re on duty or off-duty, these boots exude confidence and versatility, making them a wardrobe staple for anyone who values both performance and style.

As a former member of the armed forces, I understood the need for compliance, and with military regulations it’s non-negotiable. Thankfully, these boots meet the stringent standards of both AR 670-1 and AFI 36-2903, ensuring they are authorized for wear with OCP uniforms in the US Army and Air Force. The boots are only available in the color Coyote.

In conclusion, the Loadouts are a testament to UA’s commitment to innovation and excellence. With their durable construction, lightweight design, superior traction, and all-day comfort, these boots are more than just footwear; they’re a reliable companion for any adventure. Whether you’re tackling tough missions or exploring the great outdoors, you can trust these boots to have your back every step of the way.


Similar in price to the Nike SFB Gen 2. The Loadout is a good option for those who cannot fit into Nike’s. Nike’s tends to make the toe-boxes of their boots and shoes narrower than other brands selling similar gear. I know this because I sold Nike footwear for years. The Loadout toe box is a bit roomier, but UA doesn’t offer wider sizes, such as EE, or EEE; as a person with wide feet, I was able to wear the UA without issue. The cost is the same as the Nike SFB, at $160.00 and this is a great alternative.  In the last decade tactical boot manufacturers have blended elements of tactical boots and made them more responsive; the sports brand UA is on the cutting edge of doing this. Give them a try.

I received this product as a courtesy from the manufacturer via Spotter Up so I could test it and give my honest feedback. I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are my own and are based on my personal experience with the product.

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By Michael Kurcina

Mike credits his early military training as the one thing that kept him disciplined through the many years. He currently provides his expertise as an adviser for an agency within the DoD. Michael Kurcina subscribes to the Spotter Up way of life. “I will either find a way or I will make one”.

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