5.11 hexgrid
5.11 hexgrid
5.11 Vehicle Ready Hexgrid

Once the Vehicle Ready (VR) Hexgrid System was available, I grabbed one to expand the capabilities of the Gear Sets and pouches I had been running with my AMP72 and AMP10 packs. This option increased the capabilities of the pouches to be carried on the back of my passenger car seat. Gear can be staged at arms reach or using the Gear Sets moved to either pack for a quick change of mission or movement on foot. Maybe not real quick, but convenient. 

VR Hexgrid pouch
5.11 Vehicle Ready Hexgrid System
VR Hexgrid System
Components of the Vehicle Ready Hexgrid System

The VR Hexgrid System consists of a seat panel and headrest panel. My Jeep doesn’t have headrests, so I only tested the seat panel. The headrest panel is just big enough to fit a Gear Set or a “grab and go” trauma med kit with its velcro backing. Both panels are created with a flexible but strong 5.11 Hexgrid to mount pouches in their multi-angle system with a full velcro loop face covering the entire panel. The seat panel has straps that secure it at eight points (two per side) and can be mounted on the front or rear of the seat. All the straps are adjustable with a loop around the headrest, two side straps and a padded wedge to secure it to the bottom. It ships in a mesh bag that can be used to carry additional gear and attaches to the panel with velcro straps. There are two loops at the top of the panel to secure the Gear Sets’ G hooks increasing their security. I am going to be honest it took me a bit to get used to the multi-angle Hexgrid system, but once I played around with the molle type attachment straps and Flex Hook adapters I found they are fairly quick to attach and secure. 

Flex Hook Adapter
Different Molle attachment systems from 5.11 – Slick Sticks, Flex Hook Adapters

Similar to the Hexgrid Insert (from the AMP72), the multi-angle Hexgrid system allows you to orient your pouches in any direction you plan to access them, making it easier to grab the gear you need. If a pouch is too close to another to open, mount it sideways. If a pouch was originally made to mount vertically, no worries you can now mount it horizontally. Because the entire surface is covered in loop velcro you can attach non-molle pouches or grab and rip essentials, like IFAKs. Most of the 5.11 pouches that use their Flex HT straps, Slick Stick or Molle can be adapted using the Flex Hook Adapters to be attached via velcro. You can also weave shockcord through the grids to secure bulky but light items like a rain jacket. Because the Hexgrid is open you can hang anything with a belt clip attached or weave a couple sets of flexcuffs.

kitted up
Hexgrid panel with 2 Banger Gear Set, Flex Admin, Flex Radio pouch and TAG Smoke Grenade pouch

The Gear Sets I have been using for the VR Hexgid and AMP backpacks include the Admin, 2 Banger, Helmet/Shove-it (which occupies a lot of space on the Hexgrid), 9×9 Hexgrid panel and Double Deploy. I selected the following 5.11 pouches to supplement the Gear Sets: Flex Double AR Mag, Flex Single AR Mag, Flex Double Pistol Mag, Flex Med, UCR IFAK, Flex Admin and Radio pouches. I tried various other brands and styles of pouches I have collected over the years. Like the TAG Smoke Grenade pouch, perfect for keeping the road soda or caffeine bomb at the ready. 

front mount
Hexgrid panel mounted on the front of seat
rear mounted
Hexgrid panel mounted on the rear of the seat

When you are mounting the Gear sets using the loops at the top of the panel, the pouch hangs centered occupying almost the top half of the panel. There is one row of Hexgrid cut outs left over on either side for a single row pouch or securing items using shockcord or clipping them on, like knives or handheld lights. Since the Gear Sets are held in place by the loops and velcro it makes it easy to swap them or move them back and forth from the AMP packs.


For a detailed look at some of the 5.11 Gear Sets see my previous review of the AMP 72 pack.

Final Thoughts: Another versatile platform to use with most of the pouches from 5.11 and incorporate the AMP series gear sets. The Hexgrid works with most other versions of Molle/PALS, mounting the pouches in any direction, making it completely customizable. Allowing you to go from vehicle, to pack to, chest rig and back. It has the potential to slim down the amount of pouches you need or have them set up by specific mission requirements. The velcro loop face holds most hook backed “grab and go” type  pouches, like an IFAK or smaller bug out kits. The smaller size means it should fit on just about any car seat, with or without a headrest. It might be nice to have it in two sizes; a small for cars and a large for trucks. Overall, the Vehicle Ready Hexgrid system will be part of my gear organization system in the Jeep, keeping what I need most or quickly within arms reach. The seat panel is currently $44.99 and the headrest can be picked up for $14.99. If you have large areas of flat surface that you would consider using the hexgrid on, look towards the Hexgrid insert as a potential.


By the numbers:

Comfort – 4/5 Depending on the shape of your car seats, the straps used to secure the panel may cause folds or bulges that could be uncomfortable for the occupant of the seat. Bucket seats will definitely have an issue with the straps, but there may be a way to mount the panel without wrapping the entire seat depending on their construction.

Durability – 3.5/5 The panel sides are stitched with a heavy nylon ribbon and the straps are hard tacked to the panel. The panel is laser cut nylon backed loop velcro and is showing some disfigurement where the heavier pouches are attached and the fact that the holes are hexes instead of circles could lend to tearing as the panel gets used. These weaknesses could be diminished with a semi rigid liner between the velcro and the nylon, similar to gun belt stiffeners. Only time will tell. 

Functionality – 4/5 Very versatile system utilizing their proprietary Hexgrid multi angle load bearing platform. Only downside is how narrow the panel is in order to fit almost any seat.

Weight – 5/5 The Panel itself is fairly lightweight considering the load it usually is bearing. Even when stored in the carrying bag it remains lightweight and storable.

Value – 5/5 This vehicle panel system is on the lower cost of others I have used or seen. Some features make it more versatile than others some of the “one size fits all” limitations limit the surface area one could use on their seats. It is worth more than its cost, especially if you already have the pouches you would want to use.

Overall rating: 4.3/5 Based on value and versatility of the hexgrid system this seat panel is well worth decking out at least one of your seats, especially if you already run AMP Gear Sets or other Molle/PALS in your other packs. Cost effective and convenient way to organize your most critical gear.

I received this product as a courtesy from the manufacturer via Spotter Up so I could test it and give my honest feedback. I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are my own and are based on my personal experience with the product.

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By Brook Bowen

Brook Bowen has more than 21 years as a federal law enforcement officer and has been instructing for the last 18 years. He has developed and delivered firearms and tactical courses to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, foreign law enforcement and military units. He has 13 years of combined operational experience serving in special operations units in both the military and federal law enforcement. Brook currently instructs federal law enforcement officers at a national training center in multiple disciplines. In addition, Brook owns Two Bravo Training Solutions, a firearms and tactics training and consulting company.

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