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I tried out 5.11 Tactical’s All Missions Pack (AMP) Collection, the AMP72 Backpack and several of the Gear Sets to see how they perform for any mission. I have been carrying my gear for work the last several months in the tungsten colored pack. During that time, I used it as a daily work pack for various temporary assignments, travel and training days. The AMP series of  packs incorporate multiple Gear Sets including their Hexgrid system in a 9×9 Gear Set (comes standard on all the AMP packs) and a Hexgrid insert. This pack is full of features and ways to organize your gear for any mission. At the time I was able to get the pack in Tungsten (blue)  and some of the Gear Sets, but at the time of writing it looks like they are down to Kangaroo and Black, with most of the Gear Sets coming in just black.

Gear sets
The AMP72 backpack in Tungsten with (L) Covert Panel and (R) 9×9 Hexgrid (ships with the pack) Gear sets
AMP72 with Hexgrid Gear set attached
(L) Padded back and adjustable padded shoulder straps with stretch pockets on hip belt and (R) access to the hydration or laptop sleeve

The AMP72 Backpack is a 40 liter pack with two main compartments and two large water bottle size side-access slip pockets . The main compartment opens with a full clamshell utilizing quad-zip zippers for various angles of access. There are two mesh organizing pockets on the inside of the compartment. The back of the compartment is lined with loop for attachment of hook-backed pouches and accessories. The rear compartment was built to carry a 24” OAL rifle with a muzzle sleeve and an adjustable retention strap. It zips open to 270 degrees for easy access. As always a small soft lined pocket is located near the top of the pack for sunglasses or keys and wallet. The load is supported with a Thermoformed back panel with aluminum frame and adjustable load lifters to support the weight of any mission. Behind the shoulder straps and padded rear compartment is a hydration sleeve with a zippered access that was designed to double as a laptop sleeve. The front of the pack has a concealed looped lined pocket for stashing a pistol using a Velcro holster big enough to fit my Glock 17. It isn’t the fastest draw, but it carries well and doesn’t print. An additional small pocket is located on the bottom of the front of the pack where I stored a rain cover for inclement weather.

Access to the main compartment using the clamshell quad zippers
Additional pockets (L) Sunglass or wallet (C) water bottle slip pockets located on either side (R) easy access pocket with stored rain cover
rear compartment
Rear compartment capable of stowing a 24″ OAL firearm
top and right side access to the rear compartment
270 degree opening allowing for easy access to the firearm

The Gear Sets all come with a hook Velcro backing,  “G” hooks to secure the top of the pouch to the AMP series packs and split side release buckles  to secure the bottom. There is a Covert Panel that is made to cover the front loop panel of AMP bags for a low-vis/slick appearance when the Gear Sets are not in use or you are trying to slim down the pack. Some of the gear sets do not come in all the available colors, so matching up some of them with the pack was impossible. The pack came with the 9×9 HexGrid panel with a Velcro opening at the bottom to assist with weaving the molle pouches on at any angle.  When not mounted to the exterior of the pack, it can be utilized inside the main compartment on the internal loop panel and secured with the G hooks in loops at the top of the main compartment.

The Admin Gear Set is shaped to handle all your day to day administrative needs. It is accessible by two zippers that can open the pouch all the way down to the bottom seam giving you a 270 degree opening. It has a large zippered pocket that extends from side to side on the back of the pouch that can securely hold your important documents to include passports and a medium sized notebook.  It has a key lanyard that secures in the larger of the two slip pockets. There are specific pockets for 2 pens and your business cards. On the interior of the cover are two equal sleeve pockets that are good for cell phones or chargers with wires.  These sleeves are big enough to fit AR magazines or 16oz water bottles if your mission changes. The exterior is a clean panel with the stitch down the middle for a non-tactical appearance.  

close up of admin gear set
AMP Admin Gear Set

The 2-Banger Gear Set is designed to carry the high risk mission gear. It can hold 2 AR magazines with an adjustable divider and secured by either Velcro flaps or bungees. The larger pocket has a loop Velcro backing to add any mission specific pouches for items. There is a set of 4 elastic loops on the front of the pocket to secure other items like TQs or multi-tools. Finally, there is a slim front pocket with a slip divider to separate gear from sliding around. This pouch is a little smaller than the Admin Gear Set but has plenty of room for mission essentials.

close up of 2 banger gear set
AMP 2 Banger Gear Set (L) front pocket big enough for IFAK and (R) rear pocket with velcro pistol magazines mounted

I used the Helmet/Shove-it Gear Set the most because of its versatility. It works similar to other beavertail attachments found on other tactical style packs, with mesh sides and webbing to secure running shoes, a raincoat or even a bump helmet. The front has a dual zippered storage pocket with two slip sleeves to organize smaller items. There are split uniloops (not my word) at the bottom of the Gear Set that allow the front flap to be secured to the compression straps on the main pack for a slimmer profile. 

close up of helmet/Shove-it gear set
AMP Helmet/Shove-it Gear Set (L) cinched down on rain gear (C) with Ops Core Bump Helmet and (R) pockets loaded on the front of the Gear Set)

There is also a Laser Cut Molle Gear Set for the slicker, traditional Molle use, a Utility 9×9 Gear Set designed to carry all your important tools and a Double Deploy Gear Set with two independent stretch pockets. I had my hands full with all the other gear sets to give these a test, although I will likely order the Double Deploy Gear Set, as it leaves a clean yet usable look to the front of the pack with ability to pull them and Velcro to other platforms as needed.

hexfrid in amp10 and amp72
(L) Hexgrid Insert with various non-5.11 pouches (C) in rear compartment of AMP72 and (R) inside AMP10
Hexgrid with improvised quick grab handle

The Hexgrid insert will fit in all the AMP packs from the AMP10 (just barely) to the AMP72 and allows for the attachment of any molle style pouch. It comes with additional straps to secure the G hooks of the Gear Sets. The insert is semi rigid making it easy to keep the main compartment organized. It has 4 holes on each side you could run shockcord through to secure bigger items against the insert. I added a strap to the top that I could use to pull it from the pack and transfer it to other packs, like the AMP10. With the “handle’ you could deck it out with mission specific gear secured using any array of Gear Sets or pouches for convenient access placed close to your work space, whether it was full of tools, med supplies or more ammo.

Gear Sets on the (L) AMP72 with the Helmet/Shove-it and (R) AMP10 with Admin

Final Thoughts: This is a very versatile pack with many options to fit your mission needs, hence the name “All Missions Pack”. Some down sides were several of the pockets shared space as has been the case with many of the 5.11 packs I have owned. With the Gear Sets came extra buckles to secure them to the pack with the compression straps, however most of them could be removed if you weren’t going to be swapping Gear Sets too frequently. The pack is made with water-resistant nylon to protect your gear and has carrying handles on the top and right side for easy recovery or short movements. I was able to utilize the main pack and several of the Gear Sets to stash gear for anything life threw my way. This pack will continue to get heavy daily use and appears to be durable enough to last.

Removeable extra buckles from various Gear Sets

By the numbers:

Comfort – 5/5 With all the gear you could carry with this pack to include a 14” OAL rifle, the shoulder straps and padded back allows for an adjustable and comfortable ride.

Durability – 5/5 The exterior of the pack is built with water-resistant 500D nylon on the sides and 1050D on the bottom to protect against abrasion.  

Functionality – 3.5/5 Even though it is versatile, I had to bump it down because of the shared space between compartments and pockets. If you place things in the side slip pockets they occupy space in the main compartment and if you load a firearm in either the front sleeve or rear main compartment they also push into the main compartment. If you are using the side cinch straps properly they cover the zipper to the rear compartment or you can skip it and they lose effectiveness.

Weight – 4/5 The pack is on par with other packs made of water-resistant and more durable nylon, even with the Gear Sets attached.

Value – 4/5 The $199 price comes in just below similar packs from other high end companies but can climb depending on how many Gear Sets or pouches you plan to add to it.

Overall rating: 4.3/5 This is a highly modular pack and built to last. It would be nice if you could find all the Gear Sets and pouches in the same colors. I can get over the colors due to the wide range of versatility they add to the pack.

Material Disclosure

I received this product as a courtesy from the manufacturer via Spotter Up so I could test it and give my honest feedback. I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are my own and are based off my personal experience with the product.

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By Brook Bowen

Brook Bowen has more than 21 years as a federal law enforcement officer and has been instructing for the last 18 years. He has developed and delivered firearms and tactical courses to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, foreign law enforcement and military units. He has 13 years of combined operational experience serving in special operations units in both the military and federal law enforcement. Brook currently instructs federal law enforcement officers at a national training center in multiple disciplines. In addition, Brook owns Two Bravo Training Solutions, a firearms and tactics training and consulting company.

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