Polish soldiers stand in front of army equipment after the arrival of the first K2 tanks and K9 howitzers for Poland on December 6, 2022, at the Baltic Container Terminal in Gdynia. MATEUSZ SLODKOWSKI / AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

In light of the conflict in Ukraine, the United States has pledged to provide Poland’s military with a $2 billion loan, utilizing an infrequently used funding mechanism to bolster Poland’s efforts to enhance its armed forces.

This announcement, made on Monday, outlines that the loan will be facilitated through the State Department’s Foreign Military Financing program. Typically, this program allocates funds to foreign military procurement through grants, but it also permits the United States to extend loans to other nations. The last such loan was granted to Iraq in 2017, following the rise of ISIS, as confirmed by a spokesperson from the State Department.

In the 2023 budget, the State Department requested slightly over $6 billion for foreign military financing grants, mirroring requests made in 2021 and 2022. However, with significant resources already allocated in response to the Ukrainian situation, there is limited funding available to extend as grants to allies. By structuring the assistance as a loan, the United States can continue to offer support to Poland, as stated by the State Department spokesperson.

Additionally, the United States will provide Poland with up to $60 million to reduce the financing rate of the loan, as detailed in the State Department’s announcement.

Poland, which is already a significant contributor to NATO’s defense efforts, has embarked on an extensive rearmament initiative since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Shortly after this invasion, Poland announced its intention to double the size of the Polish Army, expanding it to 300,000 soldiers over a five-year period. This year, the Polish government has committed to increasing its defense budget to 4% of its gross domestic product, surpassing NATO’s 2% target.

A substantial portion of this increased spending is earmarked for equipment acquisitions, including the procurement of 980 K2 Black Panther tanks, 648 self-propelled howitzers, and 48 FA-50 fighter jets from South Korea in the previous year. Poland also plans to purchase 366 U.S.-made Abrams tanks and 96 U.S. Apache helicopters valued at $12 billion. While the State Department’s press release did not specify the equipment to be financed by the loan, it is expected to support urgent acquisitions of defense articles and services from the United States.

Poland’s intensified military spending efforts come amid rising inflation and a slowing economy. The country is scheduled to hold parliamentary elections on October 15, with the reigning Law and Justice party competing against the Civic Platform party.

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