400 rounds of ammunition, a variety of holsters and pistols, class materials from Carry Trainer, note taking gear, and a whole lot more easily fit inside this modular bag.

More than a dozen magazine pouches, a universal holster, admin pouch, and a variety of other features and pockets, all in one modular pistol case. With the amount of features this Modular Pistol Case from Tasmanian Tiger offers I expected one of two things, either the bag and components would be cheaply made or the overall cost would be far more expensive than any normal shooter would be willing to pay. I was wrong on both counts, and happily so, because this has quickly become my favorite pistol bag, my favorite range bag, basically it’s the coolest bag I’ve ever used.

A quality bag to complement and equally nice firearm. The outside zipper pocket is perfect for storing B8 targets, keeping them quickly accessible for any range trip.

As I stated previously there are a lot of features to this bag, but I’d like to break from the norm and discuss what I found lacking in this bag first. My first complaint is while the bag has D-rings on the outside of the bag, there was no shoulder strap included. I understand that the bag is intended as more of a briefcase style, but understanding that a loaded bag can be quite cumbersome and more easily managed with a shoulder strap would be appreciated. Especially considering that many outdoor ranges require a bit of a hike to get to, making the strap all the more beneficial.

Even if you don’t need the bag to transport a pistol, it works great for organizing the rest of your gear. Inside the admin pouch are a notebook, pencil, spare hearing protection, and oil.

My other two complaints are pretty minor. There are two bore snake pouches included, and while being well made and including writable labels for specifying which caliber is in which bag, they seem nonessential. I would have much rather seen a larger single pouch where these two pouches were, or even additional mag pouches. Perhaps one boresnake pouch would be useful for some, but I cannot imagine a range session going for so long that I needed to snake both handguns to continue shooting. The other issue is with the universal pistol holster. It’s obviously intended to be an administrative tool for holding your pistols in place, not something for actual carry use. My issue is that in a time when weapon mounted lights are so popular, the design of this pouch makes properly fitting a light equipped pistol into the holster more of a task than it should be.

While the two boresnake pouches were removed from the bag, they were of quality and sturdy make and would do the job tremendously if needed.

Clearly my issues with the bag are pretty minor, and everything else with the bag, from the build quality, design, and overall layout is superb. Perhaps the coolest aspect of the bag is the overall design. There is a divider inside the bag to essentially give you two main compartments, with a zipper allowing you to seal the one side off entirely. The design is extremely useful, and the execution was done perfectly. If you find yourself at the range and you want to focus on one handgun, you can simply seal off the other side. This allows you to stay organized, no hassle or worry mixing ammo or magazines from a different gun. This also has an additional safety feature, as many ranges don’t want shooters doing anything with a pistol in the open that isn’t on the firing line. With the divider sealed off the other pistol essentially doesn’t exist, not even the most over-zealous range officer will be able to find trouble with you making use of the bag.

The reverse side of the bag has 6 slots for magazines and a divider to provide space for an additional pistol or whatever you have the need to store. Zipping it shut allows you to easily ignore everything on this side and focus on the gear you need immediately.

The bag comes with 16 elastic magazine pouches, they are attached with hook and loop and can be positioned however you like. There is also a molle attachment system all over the bag, so if you prefer a sturdier mounting platform it is readily available. I left mag pouches positioned as they were, the layout worked extremely well for me. While elastic will wear out over time, I’ve had all magazine pouches holding my mags for three months straight, with the exception of removal for use, and no signs of wear as of yet. Additional mag pouches, or replacements, can also be purchased at their website. There is also a large hook and loop pouch that is great for storing the various extras we bring to the range such as batteries, small tools, extra hearing protection, or even some snacks.

In the second compartment are the remaining mag pouches, along with a hook and loop insert divider to allow the user to situate a gun, ammunition, or whatever they like on that side without fear of it grinding against the magazines during transport. On the bag divider is an admin pouch that is perfect for storing targets, a shot timer, or whatever less bulky items you might still need room for.

The most used section of the bag keeps everything perfectly organized and easily accessible. My Elite LTT with a variety of magazines and CJP Custom mag carriers have seen the most time with this bag.

The bag carries well, in fact for the second day of my class with Carry Trainer I was able to ditch my traditional range bag and carry all of my gear in this single bag. I did have to hang my electronic ear protection on the outside, but I managed to squeeze my back up pistol, magazines for both, an extra holster and mag carriers, 400 rounds of ammunition, and various extras into one bag. This was very helpful for keeping my equipment organized, and it also made the steep walk up to the range much easier to manage.

I haven’t used every pistol bag out there, and I am certain there are other companies doing great things with their products. However, the Tasmanian Tiger Modular Pistol Bag works so well that I don’t really feel the need to try out other bags. This goes beyond the “it works for me,” mentality, this bag exceeded my expectations and continues to make every trip to the range, or even keeping my gear organized at home, far easier.

Always get additional input from neutral third parties. It helps if that input comes from someone that works for free and has no problem getting tough on the gear.

Cost: 5/5 At only $149.00 this bag with all attachments is a steal. It’s also on sale with our friends at US Elite Gear.

Functionality: 4/5 This bag exceeded my expectations, however the pistol holster needed more modularity and bore snake pouches were not something I had a need for.

Weight: 5/5 At roughly 2.2lbs this bag isn’t light, but it’s not meant for long hauls anyway. The weight comes from the padding protection built into the bag to keep everything you stow away secure.

Durability: 5/5 Admittedly I have only had the bag for a few months, but I haven’t babied the bag in that time either. A lot of my range time is spent on private backyard ranges, the bag gets tossed into the truck or onto the ground, and my son is constantly tearing through it so he can restack the magazines over and over. The bag shows no signs of wear yet and I have no doubt with its design and construction it will last a long time.

Comfort: 4/5 If a shoulder strap had been provided I am certain this would have reached a 5/5. There may be reasons not to include the strap, such as keeping cost down, but I felt it would have been a great asset.

Overall: 23/25 This is a great bag for anyone needing a bag that will easily organize their range day and provide them with more time to focus on shooting, instead of digging around for misplaced magazines or ammo.

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By Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson spent six years as a USMC Machine Gunner. He deployed three times to Afghanistan as a gunner, team leader, and section leader and left the Marines in 2015. After leaving the Marines he attended college and earned his Bachelors in Business Administration in 2019. He is currently raising his three small sons with his wife, while continuing to learn as much as he can about firearms, and pass that knowledge on. He also dryfires entirely too much in his basement.

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