The first SureFire® CombatLight® was the 6z. It was introduced in 1997. Optimized for use with what is now commonly known as the Rogers-SureFire Technique, it was like no flashlight before it. It was an immediate hit with armed professionals around the globe. Its legacy continues today with the SureFire G2ZX CombatLight. With the Silver Anniversary of the original CombatLight not that far off, now is a great time to take a look at the G2ZX.

SureFire G2ZX CombatLight

A member of the SureFire G2 flashlight family, the G2ZX CombatLight is a single-output LED flashlight designed specifically for use with a handgun. It is small and light enough to be practical for EDC. It measures a compact 5.2 inches (13.2 cm) in length. Weight (w/batteries) is 4.3 ounces (121.9 gm).

The G2ZX features a rugged Nitrolon® (reinforced nylon) polymer body for corrosion resistance and durability, as well as to keep weight to a minimum. It has a Mil-Spec Type III hard-anodized aluminum head that helps dissipate heat. The polymer body has an internal electrically conductive metal sleeve that also helps to dissipate heat. The window is constructed of tough polycarbonate for added durability and impact-resistance. The window has special scratch-resistant optical coatings for maximum light transmission.

G2ZX features SureFire’s patented CombatGrip. It is optimized for use with Rogers-SureFire Technique which allows for two-hand hold on a handgun. G2ZX has 600 lumen light output with a peak beam intensity of 8,700 candela. Runtime is 1.5 hours.

Lights only work well when the window/lens is clean and clear. Although the window on the G2ZX is fairly deeply recessed, carbon and other debris can sometimes build up during extensive shooting with the Rogers-Surefire Technique, as with a weapon-mounted light. I have found Thyrm CLENS (pronounced “cleanse”) lens protectors to be a convenient way to deal with the issue, should it occur,

CLENS lens protectors consist of mild-adhesive-backed heat-resistant clear polymer circles that come in various sizes to fit a variety of flashlights and weapon lights. They are easily affixed to the window/lens and are designed to be easily peeled off when dirty. They work like off-road goggle tear-offs. I did an article on CLENS lens protectors  for Spotter Up some time ago.

The G2ZX has the SureFire CombatLight signature  CombatGrip®a reduced diameter midsection and a rubber grip ring optimized for use with the Rogers-SureFire Technique. It allows the light to be held between the index and middle finger and activated by pressure on the base of the thumb/palm of the support hand. This allows for a two-handed grip on the handgun. It also helps to index the light with the muzzle of the handgun. As with anything, it does take a bit of practice.

The light weight of the polymer construction coupled with the gripping surfaces of CombatGrip design work well with all flashlight/handgun techniques. It is not just limited to the Rogers-Surefire Technique. It provides a secure hold even with wet, cold, or gloved hands. It is also thermally non-conductive. It won’t transfer cold to the hands in frigid environments as aluminum would.

The G2ZX is O-ring and gasket sealed to keep out dust, dirt, and moisture. It is certified to IPX7, which means it’s protected to immersion in water for 30 minutes to a depth of one meter.

The G2ZX features a precision micro-textured reflector that creates smooth, optimized beam with plenty of reach and surround light. It has a bright central beam (hotspot) that provides throw as far as you need to identify threats for personal defense while also providing substantial peripheral illumination (spill) for situational awareness. It produces a lot of usable light.

G2ZX is powered by two 123A lithium primary batteries. 123A lithium iron phosphate rechargeable batteries may also be used but will provide substantially reduced runtime.

Output from the LED emitter is regulated to maximize output and runtime. The G2ZX has a 600-lumen light output with 8,700 candela and 187-meter beam distance. Runtime is 1.5 hours. All performance claims are tested to ANSI/PLATO FL  1-2019 Standard.

SureFire also currently offers a MaxVision Beam® model of the CombatLight called the G2Z-MV. It has less throw but a wider beam. It has an 800-lumen output with 3,307 candela and 115-meter beam distance. Runtime is the same as the G2ZX. The G2Z-MV is being discontinued by SureFire and will be replaced by a new CombatLight model that SureFire has under wraps.

For purposes of comparison, the first CombatLight produced 65 lumens from its incandescent P60 Lamp Assembly. This was considered quite remarkable at the time for such a small light. It was as bright as a big (and heavy) five D-cell Maglite® of that time period. The 6Z had a runtime of one hour on a set of batteries.

Power for the G2ZX is provided by two 123A primary (non-rechargeable) lithium batteries (included), as was the original CombatLight. SureFire pioneered the use of 123A lithium primary batteries. They have a higher power density, less weight for a given size, more voltage, better voltage maintenance, longer shelf-life and wider temperature tolerance than alkaline batteries. A downside is that 123A lithium batteries may be more difficult to find in some locales. They are also more expensive, although buying in 123A lithium batteries bulk will save some money.

Although I recommend the use of primary batteries for mission critical applications due to their performance and reliability, rechargeable 123A lithium iron phosphate batteries may also be used in the G2ZX. The use of rechargeable batteries can result in considerable cost-savings over time if the flashlight will see frequent, heavy use. The use of rechargeable batteries is more environmentally friendly too. They do have significantly less runtime than their primary counterpart. A word of caution, never attempt to recharge primary batteries, as it can be dangerous to do so. Also, never mix battery types in a single device.

The G2ZX features an orientation independent tactical tailcappush for momentary-on/twist for constant-on. It’s simple and foolproof under even the most stressful situations. The tactical tailcap has a twist lock-out feature to prevent the flashlight from inadvertently activating in a pocket, purse or bag. To lock-out the tailcap, you simply rotate the tailcap counterclockwise until the light won’t activate when the tailcap push-button is pressed. The single output also keeps things simple and avoids switching errors.

Although G2ZX doesn’t come with a pocket clip, the aftermarket Thyrm LPC (Low Profile Carry) Clip works well on it. The LPC Clip is MOLLE/PALS compatible.

The G2ZX is equipped with a removable blackened stainless-steel lanyard loop. A SureFire Z33 lanyard is included. The lanyard is made from black 550 cord (paracord) and is equipped with two cord locks and a cord fastener. The fastener is designed to break away for safety if the lanyard or flashlight is pulled on with extreme force.

The G2ZX does not come with a pocket clip. Pocket carry without a clip is best accomplished by dropping the flashlight loose into the pocket with the lanyard protruding to draw the light for easy access. It is not the only option.

The Low Profile Carry Clip (LPC Clip) from Thyrm, which I reviewed in an earlier article in Spotter Up, works well on the G2ZX. It doesn’t interfere with the CombatGrip and  the Rogers-SureFire Technique. The LPC Clip is injection-molded from rugged reinforced nylon. It is designed for bezel-down deep carry and facilitates rapid deployment. The LPC Clip is MOLLE/PALS compatible. I have one on my G2ZX and am very happy with it.

The patented SureFire V70 Polymer Speed Holster is an option for belt carry. It is capable of carrying a select variety of SureFire flashlights, including the G2ZX. It is constructed of rigid heavy-duty polymer to protect the light and provide an “open mouth” for easy reholstering. It allows the user to quickly access the light from either a bezel-down or bezel-up carry position. The V70 features an adjustable spacer that allows the molded-in belt slot to be adjusted to fit belts up to 2.25 inches (5.72 cm) wide. It is a great choice for duty use where concealment is not a priority.

To Sum Up

The G2ZX CombatLight is an outstanding tactical flashlight. The CombatGrip offers unmatched ergonomics for use with a handgun. The G2ZX has a suggested retail price of $99.00. The V70 Polymer Speed Holster has a suggested retail of $30.00. They are both backed by SureFire’s No-Hassle Guarantee. As with all SureFire products, they are designed, engineered and assembled in the USA.

The Thyrm LPC Clip has a suggested retail price of $17.99. Suggested retail pricing for CLENS ranges from $10.99 to $14.99 for a sheet of CLENS protectors. All Thyrm products are designed and manufactured in the USA and come with a limited lifetime warranty.


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