Streamlight Siege X USB

I recently had the opportunity to review the Streamlight Siege X USB. In the backpacking World, weight and space are everything. With the Siege X USB, I get to save on both. In the last eight years, my loadout has evolved to become lighter which each purchase. If you have ever backpacked into the wild, or even better, backpack hunted, you understand that when that sun goes down, light is everything. Once you’ve settled down for the night, a fire will do but if you’re anything like me, you use every shred of daylight until that light is barely legal to harvest game to chase said game.

My typical loadout usually consists of three different light sources. A headlamp, a small battery powered lantern, and a handheld flashlight. My headlamp is always a necessity, it gets broken out when I’m wrangling firewood, hiking at night or cooking outside of my tent. The lantern is for when I’m working in my tent, getting set up to turn in for the night or cooking while I’m in my tent (see Jetboil Flash Review for precautions against doing dumb stuff that will kill you). The handheld flashlight is there for the added lumens if I need them.

First Glance

At first examination, the Siege X is small. 4.5 inches small. At 7.2 ounces, it’s not ultralight but it’s light enough to make a dent in your overall weight. It’s top and bottom are adorned with rubber for durability and waterproofing. The rubberized button has instructions written right next to it for easy operating and lastly, the body of the light, comprised mostly of the lantern lens is accompanied by a sleek and tacticool coyote tan band.

Specs and Function

Functionally, this thing kicks ass. The Streamlight Siege X boasts 300 focused lumens while the lantern comes in at 325. While illuminated, the button to operate the light lights up and changes color to indicate it’s charge level. Lastly, the body of the light has two methods for securing it. The first, a rubberized lantern handle lets you hang the lantern in the traditional fashion. The second, a metal, spring loaded carabiner type clip is secured to the bottom makes for quick fastening to a pack if you don’t have room inside it.

Dubbed the Siege X USB for it’s USB charged battery, this light and lantern combo claims a maximum run time of 25 hours. Worried about running out of juice with no ability to recharge your light? That’s okay, pack two CR123A batteries, it will run off those too. Additionally, The Siege X USB has a red lantern mode (for you special forces folks) and a red S.O.S. function for you fools who can’t read a map or terrain.


Let’s talk dollars. You can find this light, made by Streamlight, one of the premier companies in the business, for $39.99 online right now. That’s a deal considering that you’re getting two separate lights for the price of one. Granted, 300 lumens for a flashlight isn’t exactly a night sun, but it is certainly enough to see what you need to see in the dark of the woods. It comes with everything you need to pack it up and go exploring, the light, the battery and the USB cord.

New Fav

I dig this little light. It floats, it’s drop resistant and waterproof against the elements. I have a metric ton of flashlights around my house, in my truck and in my work truck. This little functional monster sits on my nightstand and will be hooked to my pack to accompany me on my adventures indefinitely.

Let’s rate it!
Size – 5/5
Weight – 4.5/5
Utility – 5/5
Function – 5/5
Brightness – 4.5/5
Overall – 4.8

By Bill Farmer

Bill Farmer is a 12 year law enforcement veteran He is a defensive tactics, tactical driving and active shooter instructor. Bill has worked in school resource, violent crimes, plain clothes and patrol assignments. Bill is an avid outdoorsman, backpacker, hunter and shooter.

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