What is survival anyway? Survival could simply mean making it through traffic when there is an accident and you need to make it home for your kids birthday party. You need to survive that day! Survival is quite often a very common, practical occurrence and it’s common sense that can lead you out of the woods. If you are stuck on the road what do you do? Make a phone call, right? Now, what if your battery is toast? You will survive the day, and make it to your kids birthday party, if you are prepared to charge your phone with a solar charger.

I like this product for several reasons. For one, it is thin and portable. This would fit easily into a backpack or the back of your driver’s seat, your trunk. The size is another reason I like this one. A smaller version would not charge as easily. Let’s be real, why carry a small solar charger and wait forever, especially when your wall charger is never fast enough anyway! This is a fast charger and will work, clear skies provided, swiftly enough.

I spend a lot of time running through the redwood forests or doing long-distance bike rides. I keep one of these chargers on me because my phone battery has gone dead before when I was outdoors.

I can call my brother to pick me up after a bike flat or I have just run out of food. Whatever your reason, a portable charger is useful, as it is affordable and light-weight.

I like the price too. If you look around, other chargers seem to ask a much higher price.

If you look at the descriptions from the Amazon site you’ll find so many other reason, but those are the biggies that come to mind, what works for me. We are not being paid for this article. Nevertheless, its a good product. You’re looking at spending around $50.00 bucks.

While I am not doing a product review for a particular solar charger, I have taken the time to post one below, and it retails for around $29.00:

  • Power ADD Charger
  • 7 watt mono-crystalline 18% conversion rate solar array provides up to 5V/1A output.
  • Widely compatible with iPhones, iPods, samsung galaxy series phones, other smartphones, ebook readers, gopro cameras, GPS and more other 5V USB-powered devices.
  • PET plastic laminate and PVC water-proof material to ensure weather-resistant and durability.
  • Folding size only 9.05 x 6.29 inches, ultra-compact and superior portability. Eyeholes design makes it convenient to attach on backpack for use on the go.
  • Package contents: Poweradd™ solar panel charger, user manual


[amazon_link asins=’B01N0UJG1B,B012YUJJM8,B01HTY0E8C,B01FWH0KQO,B00YOP7LV8,B016ZFZ54E,B01IH304ZM,B01EJY0T08′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’spoup-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’384bd560-173c-11e7-9df8-cf1c59f1c856′]

By Don Tamm

Don has been an outdoors enthusiast for a very long time. As a young teen he began to enjoy roaming the areas around his father’s cabin in the Northern California mountains. This is where he gained an appreciation for being able to ski, mountain bike, camp, hike and ultra-trail run through various parts of the Lake Tahoe region. He has cut timber for a living and enjoyed hunting in the cold of Alaska. He is an excellent cyclist, swimmer and free-diver and spends his time learning about homeopathic healing methods. He enjoys Wing Chun Ku-Fu and has been a practitioner for over 15 years. Don subscribes to the Spotter Up way of life. “I will either find a way or I will make one”.

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