Nordic Components is a big name in the industry, known for making high performance shotgun components for the competitive 3 gun market, they have jumped headlong into making rifles and carbines in multiple calibers and configurations. Spotter Up got a close up look at their new products, and the quality and design looks to be every bit on par with what we have come to expect from Nordic Components.


Of note is their NC PCC, the modular 9mm pistol caliber carbine, that will accept magazines from a variety of handgun platforms. The NC PCC will offer swappable mag wells for Glock and Smith & Wesson M&P magazines, but thats just to start. Beretta and 2011 mag wells are coming soon, with many more in development.

The AR-10 in .308 win looks very cool as well. An added bonus of buying these rifles is that Nordic Components has a partnership with HIPERFIRE, and at least some of them will ship from the factory with HIPERFIRE triggers installed.




By Joshua Shaw

Competitive shooter, 2nd amendment supporter, concealed carry advocate and gun enthusiast. Enthusiastically informing and supporting America's foreign policies since 2010. Deploying for the GWOT since 2012.

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