A satellite image shows northern Gaza, amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, October 28, 2023
(photo credit: Planet Labs PBC/Handout via REUTERS)

The IDF does not overlook the significant junction where Bahr and Rashid streets intersect, as evidenced by the photos. Rashid Street, a major north-south thoroughfare, commences approximately a kilometer south of the border and extends all the way south, passing Shati camp and the Gaza port before heading to the southern region of the Gaza Strip. As it reaches the junction with Bahr and continues south, there are several small hotels and “chalets” available for beachfront stays.

According to The Times report, satellite imagery captured on Monday morning reveals the substantial extent of Israel’s primary advance into northern Gaza, with hundreds of armored vehicles venturing several miles beyond the border into urban areas on the outskirts of Gaza City. Al-Ain media in the Gulf also featured these photos, describing them as a “silent witness” to Israel’s progress.

These images also display evidence of airstrikes and artillery bombardment, as noted in the reports. Additionally, a report from Al-Ain yesterday indicated that photos and videos from Gaza show Israeli forces have reached Salah al-Din Street, another crucial north-south thoroughfare. This positions Israeli forces to the south of Gaza City and also to the northwest, along the beach.



Satellite photos have become an increasingly essential tool for analysts and news organizations to monitor conflicts, particularly when on-the-ground reports are scarce or unavailable.

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