Shield Sights Reflex Mini Sight Compact with Glass Lens and 4 MOA Dot Mounted on Sig 365 XL

While looking to downsize my carry firearm with so many reliable subcompact choices, I ended up with a Sig 365 XL. The Optics Ready variants come cut for their Sig Romeo Zero or the Shield Sights RMSc. I have already had good experience with Shield Sights RMSw on a G40 and decided to go with them again. I ordered the glass version with 4 MOA dot. Mounted it up, zeroed it with ease and have been carrying it in my Tenicor Velo4 AIWB holster ever since.

Low Profile Co-witnessed With Iron Sights

The Reflex Mini Sight Compact is a slimmed down version of their RMS designed to fit single stack pistols. The RMSc has an aero-space grade aluminum body with either a coated polymer or glass lens for durability and anti reflection. The scratch resistant glass version has upgraded electronics and improved battery contacts. The laser emitting diode has an automatic brightness adjustment, compatible with night vision at the lowest setting and bright enough for full sun. The box includes: CR 2032 battery, cover for storage (extends the battery life up to 4 years), two sets of screws and both the mounting and adjustment Allen keys. If other screws are required to mount the optic to your firearm they are also available when ordering from their website. I had to order the screw set made specifically for the Sig 365x and XL, but they fit perfect. They are now available in black, dark earth and olive green. All of them are made in the UK.

Additional Screw Set Specifically for Sig 365 XL

The battery compartment is still located under the optic (they do make side-access battery compartment versions of some of their optics), while maintaining a low enough profile to use built in rear sight to co-witness with stock front sight. No need for suppressor height sights. Battery life is 2-3 years with average use and up to 4 years using the optics cover or storing in the dark. The RMSc fits in standard RMS and SMS footprint mounting plates or optic cuts. As with any open emitter optic that you carry daily, you will need to conduct frequent checks or maintenance to ensure the emitter and lens are clean and obstruction free. Both the polymer and glass versions come in either a 4 or 8 MOA dot, same as the bigger RMS. There are no tactile clicks when zeroing the dot, however all of Shield Sights optics come with a Minidial that goes on the Allen key to measure the turns and remind you which direction to turn to move the dot.

Protective Cover for Storage and Extended Battery Life
L) RMSw Mounted on Glock G40 R) RMSc Mounted on Sig 365XL

Final Thoughts: I am just as confident in this optic as I was in the bigger RMSw that I run on my Glock G40. The 4 MOA dot is easy to find but not so big it covers smaller targets. Its slimmer profile fits nicely on the sub-compact Sig 365XL for a very concealable EDC firearm. 

Just Prior to Mounting the Shield Sights RMSc on the Sig 365 XL

By the numbers:

Comfort – 5/5 The size of the optic and the fact that the slim design is manufactured to match the profile of sub-compact firearms doesn’t add any pressure points or rub against your body when carried in a quality AIWB holster. 

Durability – 4.5/5 This is a smaller and lighter red dot sight than some of the full size pistol sights and likely to be less durable than those models. However, I chose the aluminum frame RMS (over the polymer frame SMS) and glass lens version for my EDC to increase the durability.

Functionality – 4/5 Not much to the function other than the automatic adjustment for the dot brightness. It does adjust effectively to the light conditions without issue. It is bright enough for daylight but I haven’t been able to test the night vision compatibility yet. The lack of tactile clicks when zeroing isn’t a deal breaker but took a bit longer to zero because it was approximate. (but so are other optics. Just made it more difficult when it came to final adjustments)

Weight – 5/5 It comes in at .617 oz including the battery. Pretty much noticeable even on the smaller pistol.

Value – 4.5/5 It comes in just under $400 for this model from US distributors, and over $100 less for the polymer lens version. This leaves them in the middle of the pack for the price point of popular brands. 

Overall rating – 4.6/5 The price point matches the features and makes this a dependable EDC optic for a subcompact pistol and a good value.

I received this product as a courtesy from the manufacturer via Spotter Up so I could test it and give my honest feedback. I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are my own and are based on my personal experience with the product.

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By Brook Bowen

Brook Bowen has more than 21 years as a federal law enforcement officer and has been instructing for the last 18 years. He has developed and delivered firearms and tactical courses to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, foreign law enforcement and military units. He has 13 years of combined operational experience serving in special operations units in both the military and federal law enforcement. Brook currently instructs federal law enforcement officers at a national training center in multiple disciplines. In addition, Brook owns Two Bravo Training Solutions, a firearms and tactics training and consulting company.

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