Frog Fuel ULTRA No Caffeine

A couple weeks ago I received Frog Fuel Ultra and was excited to try it. Before I opened this “Super Concentrated Fuel for Outperformance” I read up on the product a tiny bit. Frog Fuel boasts 100% Protein Digestibility in less than 15 minutes. This claim seriously piqued my interest. (To read up on the science of Frog Fuel I encourage you to read this article).

Upon receipt of the product I immediately tried one. The first test was a control of sorts, I tore open the pouch and downed the concoction in a rather tame state, I wasn’t actively working out, I was well hydrated, and I wasn’t sore from anything. This proved to only expose a couple things. 1st the flavor is pleasant with a slightly sour taste at the end, the berry flavor is light. The consistency is satisfying, and the product is easy to remove from the pouch.

(L) Energized ULTRA (R) ULTRA No Caffeine
(L) Energized ULTRA (R) ULTRA No Caffeine

The simple and complex carbohydrates in Frog Fuel Ultra provided a noticeable increase in alertness and energy that provided some extra motivation, however this specific Frog Fuel product is not a pre workout. It’s more of a nutrient, and hydration replenishment apparatus that is taken 15 minutes prior to and every 45 to 90 minutes of performance.

In my non-strained state I couldn’t appropriately appreciate this product. I thought, “hey this tastes good enough, goes down easy and takes no space when carried.” Pointing to its use during Lengthy endurance events, what came to mind for me was obstacle races. Thusly I set out to use this product during Ninja Warrior training.

Several days later I stumbled upon circumstances that perfectly highlighted the level of authenticity to the “Rapid Absorption” sales hook. I quite frankly drank more than expected at a retirement party which resulted in my uselessness the next day, or so I thought. When I woke up I had one of the worst hangovers I have had in both 2015 and 2016 this far.

Light bothered me, I was completely dehydrated, absolutely exhausted, overall I was in poor form. I stumbled out of my room and approached my kitchen table where I saw the packaging of the product and vaguely remembered this product was designed for rapid absorption. So I took a chance ripped open the pouch exposing the sweet nectar of possible hangover recovery and crushed it as fast as possible.

I did not drink any water or consume any food prior to or after the application of Frog Fuel Ultra. I was absolutely blown away. Within ten minutes I felt like a new man. The impact this had on my day was absolutely astounding. I went from worthless drunkard to fully-recovered crushing weight and taking names in under an hour. It was absolutely fantastic.

Frog-Fuel-U-768x440From then on I was sold.

I took one pouch at the beginning and at the end of every workout until I ran out. In order to continue accurately assessing the product I stopped taking my other supplements.

My overall performance did not decrease in any way, (in fact I achieved a personal record on Front Squat), however I did notice that soreness was slightly increased compared to my normal recovery routine (BCAAs, L Glutamine, and Creatine Monohydrate). Over all I assess Frog Fuel Ultra achieves every one of its claims.

The Beta-Alanine, Citrulline Malate, Protein, and Taurine provide enough recovery to make a difference; while the Carbohydrates, and Electrolytes keep you in the fight. This Super-concentrated blend is suited for fixing your poor decisions and bolstering your good ones.


Functionality: 5/5 Frog Fuel Ultra functions as advertised

Weight: 5/5 it is extremely light and can easily be carried in a pocket, waistband, hand, or bag

Durability: 4/5 the product doesn’t change in normal hot and cold temperatures, packaging never broke

Cost: 4/5 at $48 for 24 1.2 fluid ounce pouches the is price reasonable compared to other supplements

Comfort: N/A

Total: 18/20

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Frog Performance Fuel via Spotter Up. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Born in the suburbs of Chicago, Ryan Streacker grew up wanting to challenge himself. He is a veteran of the SOF community with two deployments to Afghanistan and successful completion of Ranger School. He currently resides in Virginia and can be found training for American Ninja Warrior.


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