by Frank Moss

Rabbit Camp Stew


Here’s a simple yet hearty meal that is easy to prepare and complete. Follow this easy recipe and add more ingredients to suit your taste.

1              Whole  Rabbit

0,50        tsp          Salt

0,50        tsp          Pepper

1              Whole  Large Yellow Onion

3              Whole  Potatoes2124salt_and_pepper

3              Whole  Carrots

4              Cups      Water

Debone the rabbit and season with some of the salt and pepper

Chop the onions, potatoes and carrots

Add veggies and water to cast iron pot and bring to a boil

Add rabbit to boiling stock and cook until veggies are soft and rabbit is cooked thoroughly

Add water as needed to submerge rabbit.


By Frank Moss

Well traveled in Europe and North Africa, Frank Moss has lived in England, Germany and Italy thanks to sabbaticals taken by his father, an award winning physicist. Notable positions held during his almost 20 year IT career are founding engineer of IBM's SmartCloud, Cloud Architect for SPAWAR, and Cloud Architect for CenturyLink's FedRAMP Cloud Project. He specializes in architectural security compliance (secure by design) and holds a C|EH. When not working, Frank enjoys outdoor activities, shooting, camping and spending time with his wife and children. You can find Frank at one of his two sites: or

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