Getting into the review on the Propper Patrol Bag! Now one of the first things you are going to think when you receive this patrol bag is that it is a little bigger than you would expect. This bag definitely has the potential to be a serious bag of doom as I call it. I loaded this bag out a few different ways to ensure that it lived up to its name! My standard load out for testing this was an AR pistol and twelve loaded magazines and 6 Glock 19 loaded magazines I also had enough space for an individual first aid kit and some spare essentials like an extra tourniquet and some pressure dressings. This bag has space for days! The applications for the patrol bag is almost limitless.

Now lets get into the nifty extras and uses that Propper thought of while designing this patrol bag. The compartments are pretty spacious and very well adjustable with the hook and loop Velcro inside. With what was provided I managed to separate my AR upper in one divider and my AR lower in another only taking up about a third to a half the patrol bags available space. It also allowed me to make an adjustable pocket to fit my magazines in and snug them down a bit so they would not rattle around and the other pocket perfectly fit my IFAK and extras.

Another good thing that I noticed was it had some heavy-duty lockable zippers which is nice because you don’t have to worry about anyone easily accessing the inside contents without noticeably destroying the bag itself. Coming from a big company like Propper that holds military contracts they put some serious research and development into this for many different uses so during my review I did the same.

After changing my load out to a work related configuration I tossed in a laptop and two expandable files with two bottles of water and a lunch. I carried this bag for hours and hours so you definitely will appreciate the extra wide padded shoulder strap that comes with it. One of the great benefits to this bag you will notice is that on the one side it has MOLLE webbing however the other side does not. It is flat and proper and looks casually-business like with an identification card holder already stitched into it.

Also it has a seat belt strap so regardless of the configuration you are carrying it in that day if you have taken the time to buckle the bag in you don’t have to worry about it moving in the event of a roll over! Again just another added comfort from the factory. They really put some innovation in this one whether it is the recessed zipper so you will not have to worry about scratching your vehicle if you bump against it or the little things like they have a fail safe on the shoulder strap buckles it actually has two metal clips instead of just the one that’s generally used.

I also wanted to get in a few mounted patrols to try to get a feel for its capabilities for a D.O.D. contractor stand point so I reconfigured it back into my bag of doom load out and used the shoulder strap under the rack on my ATV and did some patrols! I rode with it for about 8 miles through trails over and over in this configuration with branches slapping it and of course it had to start raining because of Murphy’s law.

It did great mostly because of the weight I had in it and the overall surface contact area of the bag itself. The amenities provided with such a nice durable bag really makes the difference I believe between a regular old bag and an actual duty grade bag. The thicker material and stitching is really nice. I even hung the bag with the full load out and it just barely began to flex or alter its shape that is some seriously solid construction in my opinion.

So whether you are looking for a solid rugged computer or work bag or a bag of doom (get home bag whatever you personally call it) the possibilities and applications are rather vast and the pricing is rather amazing also at around $45 it’s a pretty hard deal to beat for the quality. I am going to start carrying this bag daily as a new bag of doom in case I may re-visit this article with an update. However if you do pick one up I would be interested in hearing what configuration you use it in and the application! I am always interested in hearing about the products I review.

  • Strap into seat for optimal security
  • Interior organization with additional see-thru zippered bags, pen pockets, key clasp
  • Base has adjustable compartments
  • Drain holes throughout
  • ID sleeve holds business card
  • 18”x 9”W x 11”D
  • 100% 600D polyester

Cost: 5/5

Durability: 5/5

Functionality: 5/5

Weight: 4/5

Total: 19/20

Material Disclosure

I received this product as a courtesy from the manufacturer via Spotter Up so I could test it and give my honest feedback. I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are my own and are based off my personal experience with the product.

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