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Propper 36” Rifle Gun Case Reviewed

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A few weeks ago I received a package in the mail, which is a fairly common occurrence given my proclivity to burn through money this time of the year…..starting with the intent to buy gifts for friends and family, but usually getting side tracked and blowing most of it on myself. After all, who knows what to get me better than myself, right? Alas, I had not been expecting any packages so I approached it with suspicion and a touch of paranoia. Those tin-foil hat feelings quickly disappeared when I saw the box, with a large blue star and the name “Propper” printed on the side. “Not today, ISIS” I thought as my suspicion turned into anticipation and excitement.

As soon as I got done greeting the fur family, I whipped out my folder and cut open the box. There’s something special about the texture of cutting through cardboard, with that fresh new gear scent bursting through. Turns out I didn’t need to get another rifle case like I was planning, Propper was on top of it and had me covered.

MSRP for the case is $69.99, which considering all of its features is impressive. Like all gear, out of the box it was pretty stiff, but once you put a couple of 35lb weights and throw it off your roof it… still stiff. This case isn’t going to flop around on you at all, and so far my torture testing (to include dragging it behind a jeep for about one hundred feet on a trail) has proven it to be durable and tough. The pictures won’t reflect that though, at least not yet. In the future weeks coming I will add an update to let you all in on how its surviving my “safe space” policy.

The case itself is fairly standard and straight forward: it’s designed for rifles/shotguns 36” in length. Standard features include carry strap, two gear pockets covered in molle, a center pouch, patch panel, and an identification window on the opposite side. On the inside, standard velcro retention straps help to secure your weapon of choice.

Where this case really stands out (especially for the price point) are the smaller details they threw in there to sweeten the pot. First, the padding that encompasses the entire case edge is not only wide, but thick. A lot of cases I’ve come across over the years fail to properly pad one or two sides, or try two smaller but split pads on the edges. This case has the entire edge covered so that if you do need to get some push ups in, it doesn’t matter what edge it falls on. Better yet, just dont drop that rifle, boot.

The lining for the inside of this case is hi-vis orange, which can be particularly useful for signaling for whatever reason, or help you see a bit better in low light/no light conditions. The next part that I liked was the padded strap, not the strap itself (pretty standard), but the carabiners that attach to the case. Each carabiner has not one, but two clips to help make sure nothing is unintentionally coming off. It is attached close to the center of the case, which can make it a bit awkward to carry sometimes. This is hardly an issue unless you plan on hiking with it a few miles, something I doubt most will attempt. Zippers are standard and heavy duty, with reinforced pull tabs and the ability to use a small lock to keep it a bit more secure from prying hands.  

The only oddity was the choice for the  outer pockets. While the main pouch is roomy and has an excellent buckle to keep it closed, the molle lined pouches are top loading, but secured with velcro. Still, the pouches each hold plenty of gear and stay secure through normal handling, and a toss off the roof of my house. These pouches have three rows of molle straps that have eight columns, plenty of potential for adding anything you need. They could have added a dedicated magazine section (similar to some plate carriers) but my guess is that would have raised the price point higher than they were looking for.

The build quality is pretty solid, and the material is on par with what you would expect for the price. Stitching is clean, strong, spaced and aligned perfectly. It is single stitched throughout, though I don’t expect to be dragging this through the woods on a crawl so it’s not that big of a deal. The case material is pretty durable, and with the added padding inside I have no concerns about anything banging around or getting damaged.

Overall, this case is staying in rotation, it gets the job done and isn’t overly bulky. It maintains its ability to protect my gear, as well as take a beating but still stay functional and pretty.

Design: 8/10

Durability: 9/10

Usefulness: 7.5/10

Comfort: 9/10

Protective Capabilities: 9.5/10

Overall: 8.6/10


  • MOLLE compatible webbing for customization
  • Padded on all sides for increased protection
  • Dual zippers can accommodate a lock
  • Padded adjustable shoulder strap
  • Internal retention system
  • 12.5″ H x 36″ W (or 44″ W) x 4″ D
  • 100% polyester

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