First, I would like to thank StickyHolster.com for getting this product out to me overnight, for a very successful class I taught over the weekend in Atlanta, GA. I’ve been following this product for a while now and decided to try it, and it was one of the best decisions I made about purchasing a holster. The inner-waistband (IWB) holster design itself is practical with multiple applications and placements.

The StickyHolsters created their IWB (In the waist band) holsters for concealed carry. The idea behind it is to use the  pressure from your clothing waistband to secure both the holster and the gun. Unlike many holsters for sale by retailers the StickyHolster line of holsters doesn’t come with clips or loops to secure the item in place to your clothing.

The holster adheres to you skin, waistband or undergarment because of the non-slip “skin” used in its construction. The quality and craftsmanship of this holster is by far the best I’ve ever experienced with a fabric or non-rigid, Kydex kind of holster. The fabric it is made of sticks to the skin as well as clothing.

The holster comes in a simple unpretentious bag


StickyHolster explains the grip ability this way:

“The outside skin is a super non-slip material that, with a little pressure, adheres to just about anything. That outer material combined with the inner closed-cell foam and the inner-liner keep your pistol and the holster securely in place. In the pocket, it works like any other pocket holster. However, when you pull the gun, the outer layer grabs the inside of your pocket. Our modular products use the same “Sticky” material against itself to hold the concealment holster and gun in place. In addition, with use and body heat, your Sticky Holster will conform to your particular gun, making a custom fit.”

The holster is a simple design. Very basic engineering; well-placed, heavy stitching and a non-slip material


Did it work? Let’s put it this way, the holster was able to conceal a sub-compact Springfield and a training Glock 17. I could place the holster in the appendix area, hip and back, and draw fast and efficiently. Even though it does not have a mechanical release, it held the weapon through a series of jumping jacks and push ups before my shooters drew and engaged their targets.


The holster fits into any waistband and lays against the inner trouser material and either your skin or your tucked in shirt. A reliable belt will increase safety and prevent dropping of the firearm.

Another good thing about this holster as an instructor is I was able to illustrate a left hand-side, right-side, appendix and rear draw with the same holster, left-handed or right-handed, respectfully.  One of my female students had on yoga pants and carried the holster on her right side for right-side draw and one of the male students wore jeans and wore the holster on his left for left-handed draw. Both were impressed with how easy it was to conceal the holster and overall comfort while standing and/or sitting.

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Getting a good grip on the weapon was a little different because the holster lays close, almost flush, to the body unlike standard holsters that keep the weapon further away from the torso/hips. But a few reps worked the kinks out. For me, once I got a sufficient grip on the firearm handle my thumb went into the proper position by the time the weapon was fully exposed. The trigger guard was fully covered, which gives a lesser chance of accidental discharges in the holster and upon drawing the weapon out, unlike the other holsters with an index finger release.

The holsters will hold any of these brands listed here: 1911BerettaGlockHeckler & KochKahr, RugerSig SauerSmith & WessonSpringfield ArmoryWalther


After the class I wore the StickyHolster during dinner, and also over the 9 hour drive home wearing jogging pants and a untucked t-shirt. The holster was very comfortable and my SIG 229 was almost unnoticeable. The Safariland and Serpa holster I normally use would have sagged down on one side of this particular pair of pants, but because of the ability to position my weapon more to the front it stayed well-positioned. The only part of my weapon that was exposed was the grip. There wasn’t any printing. Also, there wasn’t any poking, pinching or bruising from the Sticky brand unlike what can happen with hard-shell style holsters.


  1. The price is reasonable
  2. Unlike other holsters, one holster will fit mostly all brands of semi auto weapon. But the company also sells gun specific holsters on their website.
  3. Comfortable and easily adjustable.
  4. Able to wear with most clothing material and styles (pants or shorts)
  5. Ambidextrous, very good for instructors.
  6. Very good customer service


  1. No mechanical retention
  2. Remove the StickyHolster to holster

This holster is perfect for any level of shooters, and easily concealed and accessible.


Disclosure of Material Connection: I purchased the StickyHolster from the company website. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

By Sam

Sam has been in federal law enforcement for 6 years. During his brief time with his agency he was tasked to play an intricate role in the successful organization of a Tactical Response Team. He has trained with some of the top law enforcement agencies and shooting/tactics instructors in the US. His prior experience came from approx. 9 years of local law enforcement working in one of the top five most dangerous areas in America. Of those years, 7 were spent on the city SWAT Team, 2 years in Street Crimes and he spent hundreds of additional hours working DUI. Sam has over 200 tactical missions under his belt, and over 400 drug and warrant arrests. During his career in law enforcement he successfully completed and received several certifications to include: • Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy • Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy (FLETC) • NRA Law Enforcement handgun/shotgun Instructor • Basic Firearm Instructor • Basic Tactics Instructor • Law Enforcement Instructor Training Program • General Instructor • Rappel Master/Instructor • SWAT Level 1 Certification • Basic/Advanced SWAT Certification (Illinois State Police) • Active Shooter Response • Individual Protective Measures Training Program • Protective Service Operations Training Program • Dignitary and Witness Protection for Law Enforcement (LEGION) • High Risk Environmental Protection Program (LEGION) • First Aid/CPR/TCCC • Hand to hand assault/counter assault • Advanced defensive driving Sam was deployed to an active war zone for several months, where he was a team leader for motorcade movements while overseas in hostile territory. His responsibilities were scheduled pick-up/drop-offs, route recon, advanced firearms training and emergency Quick Response Force training for his team. Jay subscribes to the Spotter Up way of life. “I will either find a way or I will make one”.

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