The Hydro Recon is a new neoprene surf boot and has been in the works for a while and now it’s out! Read Spotter Up’s complete review from our writer “M”. Neoprene booties are excellent for protecting your feet whether you’re in the ocean or a lake. Most Booties are excellent for protecting the soles of your feet but the Hyrdo boots will provide ankle protection too unlike many of the ‘water’ shoes on the market. Water shoes are a combination between a sandal and a low hiker shoe. You never know what you’re going to step on or rub against while in the water. A good thick soled boot is also what you need to keep your feet warm while getting wet. The LALO Hydro Recons have a sole that will let the air in while letting water drain out of the bottom. Excellent for keeping pebbles and most sand out. They drain and dry VERY quickly.

HVT PROFILE Dynamic, quick-response shoe with minimalist feel for all surfaces. Features full drainage, Anti-Inversion mid foot support and fit strap, neoprene surf booty construction with medial zipper and anti-debris gusset, OCF Fit System, and ceramic-coated SUPER FABRIC toe cap.


BUD/s Training, swim recon, ocean, beach, slick rocks, river terrain, reef, paddle and surfboard decks, outdoor adventure races, VBSS missions, OTB ops and DA missions.

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