When looking for a Kydex holster, there are alot of options out there and you can find a holster to virtually all pistols out there. It is not uncommon these days for companies to try to get ahead of the firearms industry by getting holsters for new firearms to the market before the competition, but it is also unique for companies to make holsters specifically for guns with lights and lasers attached. For the most part, people think that getting a holster for their specific setup is gonna be next to impossible, but this is far from true. Multi-Holsters has been doing this for about 7 or 8 years now.


Multi-Holsters is a pretty small company with less than 10 people running the whole show, to include the owner. After talking to the owner of Multi-Holsters, I realized that the company actually has an interesting history that is somewhat unique. Just to keep it short and sweet, Multi-Holsters began as a company from the recognition that the holster market was not providing holsters for firearms that had lights and lasers. And to add insult to injury, the holsters for that setup were only for right handed people.

The owner of Multi-Holsters and Multi-Molds, Tony, started out by making custom holsters for himself and a few of his Law Enforcement colleagues. The feedback he got made him realize that he had a system that could answer alot of needs that the market had. From there, Multi-Holsters was born with the primary mission of providing top grade American-made products that are specifically designed for your firearms.

Multi-Holsters identifies themselves as “The original lights and lasers specialists” because they were the first ones to introduce Kydex holsters with these attachments. The sister company, Multi-Molds, provides services and products to people or companies wanting to make holsters themselves. Many of the Kydex holsters we see on the market today use hardware, clips, and tools that Tony invented.

Multi-Holsters provides a number of options for IWB and OWB holsters, to include very detailed custom holsters. As a company, they are committed to having all of their components and parts sourced 100% in America. They prefer to make their holsters out of .08 or .093 Kydex, Boltaron, and Holstex. Multi-Holsters works with some of the biggest US suppliers of colors and supplies in order to provide the largest variety of colors and options.

Multi-Holsters has continuously become flooded with orders for custom holsters because they are still one of the only companies that offers this many options and can make a detailed and quality holster for you without needing your specific firearm setup present.

One last thing I want to share is that the owner runs a YouTube channel for the company where he shows off the designs of the holsters and how they work. From the channel, he shows prototypes to look forward to and shares often on other social media platforms to include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The owner does his best to keep active in the social media climate, which is pretty nice to see. So if you are interested in learning about these holsters and the company, there is no better place to do so than from the owner himself.


The holster I am looking at today is a 2-in-1 Multi-Holster that was made for the Lionheart Industries LH9, so this is not a general production holster. This holster is the kind you would get in a custom order, and demonstrates the flexibility of Multi-Holsters. The 2-in-1 Multi Holster is designed to offer the user a 2-in-1 capability(IWB or OWB) with the most amount of options in terms of position, cant, and the height of the holster.

Multi-Holsters sells the hardware for you to convert your holster into from an OWB holster to an IWB holster when you order a 2-in-1. But from the box, you get your holster in OWB configuration unless otherwise specified.

The holster in profile looks very square with alot of unnecessary material. But if you look at the sides of the holster, you will see that there are holes going along the sides of the holster along the full height of both sides. This is an example of how the holster maintains its versatility and adaptability to the needs of the user.

If we look at the belt attachment hardware, you will notice that the point where it attaches to the holster uses two screws that are right next to each other. This leaves many of the holes untouched and gives the user so many options. Many other Kydex holster manufacturers use attachments that take up the majority of these attachment points, leaving you with few options in terms of adjustments. The screws that Multi-Holsters uses are Chicago screws and eyelets that are stainless steel and black oxide coated.

You will notice that all the attachments proudly display that the parts are made here in the USA. I like to see this because pride can generally indicate a passion for quality and customer satisfaction. The size of the belt loop attachment is clearly and unmistakably marked between the screw posts. They also have attachments configured to accommodate those with 1.75″ belts as well.

Next thing I want to point out about the attachment hardware is how it is attached. If you look between the attachments and the holster, you will most likely notice little pieces that look like polymer or rubber.

These are grommets, and although small, they do a couple of very important things. First, they provide a bit of spacing and act as a friction buffer between the hardware and the holster, but they also provide constant tension on the screws threading. So instead of using some kind of threading glue, these grommets allow constant tension to keep the screws in place and resist them backing out of their posts.


For myself, I just want my guns and gear to work, so I am not too concerned with details like looks and shapes unless it affects general performance potential. But, for many other shooters, looks are a big deal that can make or break a products image. One of the things I like about this holster is that there is evidence all over the holster that they give a crap about every detail. The holster I have here is the black carbon fiber color and the body of the holster is made out of Holstex instead of Kydex, though there is little difference.

You can see that the holster was made to accommodate the railed and non-railed LH9 models. My non-railed model fit and clicked into this holster perfectly. Every contour you see on the holster is mirrored perfectly on the inside of the holster, even down to the imprint of the diamond checkering from where the sweat guard reaches the top of the grip panel.

I would also like to note that the holster was made in such a way as to allow for the user to have the pistol on or off safe, and there is room made to allow you to flip it on or off safe while holstered.

One of the big issues I have with holsters is when it covers so much of the trigger guard to the point that you cannot get a high grip under the trigger guard without making contact with the holster. It would appear that Multi-Holsters understood that this was a problem and has a nice space in that area to prevent contact or interference while drawing the pistol.

As I looked around the holster, you could clearly see where the edges were rounded off with great care to make them smooth and look organic. Alot of the time, other kydex holsters will have been rounded off to the point that it is obvious without taking a close look.

Now, when you get the holster, I would say the retention of the holster is just barely enough to do the upside down test. Good thing they have a tension screw that is perfectly placed on the holster between the pistol and the edge of the holster where the contour of the Holstex starts.


This specific holster, if you wanted to order it with this exact layout, would cost $80. If you want to have the holster made for a light or laser, there is a long list to choose from. There are a few very popular brands that you can get for no extra charge to your order, like Streamlight or Crimson Trace. Prices for the light/laser integration can range from $15-$30.

You can also add in a package of attachments like OWB and IWB clips for $5-$10 depending on the size of the attachment package you get. If you wish for your holster to have a thumb release or a roll hood, both options are only $30. When it comes to choosing colors for your holster, there is a long list of colors to include the new Kryptek patterns.

All the colors escalate in price from $5 to $15 to $20 depending on the complexity of the pattern you are requesting. All the carbon fiber colors are Holstex instead of Kydex, by the way. Basically, there are a ton of options to choose from. The basic holster comes in are $75 and can cost UP TO $165 if you literally get all of the most expensive things in every category.



The holster has a very nice look to it and there is alot of attention to detail.


There are alot of options to choose from, and some are a pretty high price due to how rare they are. But then again, you get what you pay for and these are custom holsters. The fact that it costs nothing for the more popular lasers/lights is amazing and pretty unheard of, though.


I cannot definitively state that this holster is the MOST DURABLE EVER, but it has endured a good amount of abuse without showing it on the pattern

VALUE- 4/5

I think $75 is somewhat steep, but I generally think you are getting a good product. I would be more sold on the concept of it being a true 2-in-1 if the $75 is the price you pay for it with both the IWB and OWB attachments being included in the box.

OVERALL- 17/20


I received this product from Lionheart Industries in order to test it on their behalf. I am not under any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a good or bad rating. The opinions in this article are my own and do not reflect the official opinion of Spotter Up, nor the other writers of Spotter Up.

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By David Donchess

David Donchess served in the Marine Corp as an infantry assaultman for two deployments before being medically retired. He moved with his wife to Alaska and now runs a YouTube channel while fostering, training, and rehabilitating rescue dogs.

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