Mantis Laser Academy Training Kit

If I were to ask you, how do you get better at something, what would you tell me? That you need to train and do that thing more, right? Well, between family, work, other obligations, and the rising prices of ammunition, it is growing more difficult to make it to shoot. Due to this, besides the mandatory qualifications of my department and the Army, I rarely find myself going to the range. I found myself thinking, how can I become more proficient with what I have? The answer: dry fire. I would take a piece of paper, tape it to the wall and run through drawing my firearm, obtaining the sight picture that I wanted, and squeezing the trigger. I felt like I was crushing it by getting in a ton of reps daily. Finally, a buddy asked me how I know if my “training” was paying off and not just wasting time. I explained to him what I do, and he made some valid comments. One of which really stuck out, it was noticeable that I was getting faster at exhibiting my firearm and squeezing the trigger but how do I know that it was a good shot without any feedback? I thought for a moment and realized that he was right. On a range I can look at the hole in the target and see where I am hitting or hear the steel and get that instant gratification of a hit. That piece of paper taped to the wall was not giving me what I was looking for – progress.

After searching for a while and testing out a few products, I didn’t feel satisfied and felt that only going to the range would satisfy what I was looking for. However, I was then offered the opportunity to use and review the Mantis Laser Academy Training System. I was stoked to do so. I wanted to share my experience as I am sure there are other shooters that are in the same boat as me.


The Kit 

 Upon opening it, I found a slick portable carrying case that housed the Pink Rhino 9MM laser, laser cartridge extraction stick, and a mini tripod smartphone holder. Also in the package was a large tripod smartphone holder, a complete set (15) of 5”x7” Laser Academy Smart Targets, a complete set (15) of 8”x11” Laser Academy Smart Targets. There are twelve different style of targets including; an IDPA, IPSC, Hostage, Head Silhouette, Dot Torture, and the FBI Qual target. Instructions of how to begin were included.

The App       


Mantis has an app for the laser academy – Laser Academy. The app is compatible with iOS and Android. There are four guided drills that come standard with the package – Open Shooting – Single Target, Bullseye 5-Shot, Shot from Guard/Low Ready – Single Rep, and Shot Detection Feedback. There are ten other drills that can be purchased in the app (two of which require two shooters so you can compete with a partner). The app provides real-time feedback throughout the duration of your drill.

Getting Started

The setup is easy. Mount your target on the wall or other vertical surface, make sure it’s secure and will not move. Open the Laser Academy app, select your desired training drill, utilize one of the smartphone tripods and aim the phone or tablet at the target. Insert the Pink Rhino laser into the chamber of your firearm – it will feel uncomfortable at first but make sure it is property seated in the chamber. You should see the laser engage when you squeeze the trigger, reset and repeat. Finally, press “Start” to begin. The app, while open and aiming at your Laser Academy Smart Target, will record each “shot” that is fired on it. You can then review your results within the app.

The Downside

The Pink Rhino laser cartridges are not compatible with Ruger SR series or Hi-Point pistols.

My Experience

I have been using the Laser Academy for close to a month now and am very impressed. Getting a ton of reps in, in the comfort of my own home, with positive feedback is a huge win for me. I utilized the Open Shooting – Single Target drill as a base line. Since then, I have seen tremendous growth. I owe that to being able to see data and what I was doing so that I could correct it. I have also downloaded all the other drills to continue my path to being a better shoot.

I believe the form of “dry fire practice” is second to none. Being completely engaged with the assortment of drills and obtaining quantifiable feedback is incredible. It sure beats a piece of paper taped to a wall (which is still better than not training at all).

For a grand total of $139 – this is unbeatable. I give this a 10/10 every time. It has filled a void in my personal training regimen that I was unaware that I had. I have even gotten my family hooked and fellow officers. I truly hope that this has been informative and assists you as much as it has me.

Thanks for reading!

If you have any questions the best way to reach me is through Instagram – @the_tacticalguy



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