Years ago I was first learning the downside to hitting heavy squats at the gym consistently, my jeans were no longer fitting comfortably. While at the time I thought this was a pretty unique problem I’ve since learned how common of an issue this is for gym goers, unfortunately there didn’t seem to be many jean companies out there offering a great solution. I even went so far as to pay over $100 for a pair of stretchy jeans built specifically for bodybuilders. They came with tiny pockets, still fit skin tight, and after only a few hours any pocket knife clipped to the pocket was sagging as the material stretched. They left much to be desired and at a high cost, so I continued to search and resigned myself to wearing pants other than jeans or just dealing with the fit. I could have saved a lot of money and experienced a better fit much sooner if I had known about these Terrain Flex jeans from LA Police Gear.


The corners of the front pockets are reinforced to support knife clips and other attachments, but they’re not so overbuilt as to add bulk or inhibit tighter clips from securing well. The watch pockets also have plenty of depth to provide additional storage for anything you might need.

To be perfectly blunt, I had heard mixed things about LAPG products before beginning this review. Some had good experiences, some had found the quality to be lacking, complaining that the LAPG branded products fell apart rapidly. There didn’t seem to be any consistency to the experiences, the good didn’t outweigh the bad and vice versa. This wasn’t exactly a bad thing because it allowed me to go into the review with an open mind, with no bias hindering my view of the product. LAPG did provide these jeans to Spotter Up for review and while that is very much appreciated it does not guarantee the results of the review to swing one way or another. The pants have a host of features, I will detail the ones that stood out for me but for a full list of features and color options you can visit LAPG.

Back pocket layout is perfect. The upper mag pouch pockets are deep enough to carry almost anything you’d need, and they’re also offset enough that they don’t push against anything else in the standard back pockets. The center belt loop also has a slot at the top to hide a handcuff key or anything else you might need to hide of similar size.

There are a few things that stand out before I even tried them on. Nine pockets, how can a company have nine pockets and not give off a tactical cargo look? They did it with several steps. First they took that small coin/watch pocket that is almost entirely useless and gave it an increase in size so it could actually be used and added a mirror image of that pocket on the other side. Next they implemented two pockets above the standard rear pockets that could be used for rifle mags, pistol mags, your cell phone, etc. These pockets are what I have come to consider the standard positioning for range/tactical pants. They sit up high enough that you can keep items there without discomfort when sitting or moving and also sit high enough that you can carry items discreetly. The ninth pocket I had honestly forgotten about until I was reviewing the description and realized what I was missing. The belt loop at the 6 o’clock is larger than the rest, which is not uncommon as this is the point with the most stress on the belt line. What is different with LAPG’s design is they have sewn a hidden pocket into this loop. It’s advertised as being a hidden handcuff key and I had my doubts about anything staying secure in such a small pocket. To test it I simply put two pennies into this pocket and forgot about them, they’re still there after several days of wear, so my doubts were clearly misplaced.

A little humor mixed with the thin blue line on the zipper.

Additionally the front pockets have reinforcement at the corners for pocketknife clips, flashlights, etc. I really appreciated the design for this reinforcement, its only done at the corners and is the perfect design for constantly using your pocket items but it’s also so discreet that if you don’t have a need for them you won’t even notice its there.

Adding a pocket to mirror the standard watch/coin pocket and enlarging it to a more useful size was a great design. I truly appreciated this addition and wish it was more common throughout the industry.

Cost 5/5: They’re $39.99, the features they come with far exceed the price.


*Durability*: Only been running them for 5-6 weeks, have not seen any issues yet. Belt loops seem strongly reinforced and numerous, half a dozen washings and plenty of dirt and grime and they show no signs of wear. These pants have not given me any reason to doubt their durability, but as wear is something that takes much longer to show I didn’t feel it was something I could accurately score. For the previous jeans review there was a one-year warranty that allowed me to score durability, LAPG does not. That is not to knock LAPG, I am sure the much higher price of those other jeans is a factor in the coverage.

Functionality 5/5: For $40 or $100 they offer great features, pockets are useful on and off the range. Mag pockets are great for magazines, flashlights, or simply your cell phone or a notebook and pen.

Weight/Aesthetics 5/5: Not too heavy, they do not look tacticool . They’re definitely on the thinner side, not necessarily a negative point just be aware for wearing in colder weather.

Comfort/Fit 4/5: Comfort is great except for the lack of a gusset, have really come to appreciate that in jeans. Would have liked more belt loops to secure the belt when carrying gear and keep the belt from riding up.

Total 19/20: I eliminated durability from numerical scoring because I did not feel like the time period I’ve had with these jeans gives me a fair look of how long they’ll last. These pants have not given me any reason to doubt their durability, but as wear is something that takes much longer to show I didn’t feel it was something I could accurately score. For the previous jeans review there was a one-year warranty that allowed me to score durability, LAPG doesn’t offer that it might be saving the consumer some money that way.

Material Disclosure

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By Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson spent six years as a USMC Machine Gunner. He deployed three times to Afghanistan as a gunner, team leader, and section leader and left the Marines in 2015. After leaving the Marines he attended college and earned his Bachelors in Business Administration in 2019. He is currently raising his three small sons with his wife, while continuing to learn as much as he can about firearms, and pass that knowledge on. He also dryfires entirely too much in his basement.

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