I’ve always wondered about Kitanica’s products. Finally, I got the chance to check them out. The jeans Kitanica sent me proves that American made products can be well-made, stylish and reasonably affordable. I noticed right away, after taking them out of their plastic covering, how thick, stiff and sturdy the denim hand is. The hand reminds me of the way Levi’s used to make jeans, back in the day. PURCHASE HERE

Nice little American flag on the back for USA made

I ordered the jeans in size 34″x32″. I ordered them with a larger waist because I intended to use the CandG Arms Mod-1 holster. I want to note here, Kitanica does not advertise their jeans as ‘tactical’ jeans, so I’m not going to complain about the lack of tactical features such as a gusset, or added pockets, or poly-blend fabric. These are simply jeans, however there is a lot to like about them. Note: some ‘tactical’ jeans have lots of cool features but the fabric is cheaply constructed. One thing of note; if you intend to use Kitanica jeans with concealed carry, keep in mind that they are high-rise jeans.  Your holster and gun will sit a bit higher with the high rise, than with low rise. That might make a difference if you are trying to withdraw from concealed carry with your specific firearm.


The rise is the distance from the middle of the crotch seam (right between your legs) to the top of the waistband. It usually ranges from 7 inches to 12 inches. Jean rise is important because it determines where your pants sit on your body, which in turn creates your perceived waistline. The rise length affects the fit around your crotch and importantly the rise determines how your holster will fit inside your jeans. You do not want a billowy fit at the crotch or sagging; do choose jeans for a comfortable fit. Notice where the navels are located in the image below? Accessibility and security is key. A rise that is too high can cause pinching or irritation on your trunk, a rise that is too low doesn’t seat a holster properly. The key take-away is to have a rise with enough structure to hold your holster. If the rise is too stretchy around the waist the jeans will be too soft and won’t secure tightly; the only thing really holding your firearm & holster secure is your belt. Be sure that both will support your holster & firearm. For my lean, athletic body type the high-rise is perfect. Go up one waist size, if you are going to do CCW.

I tried the Kitanica jeans on without washing them. There was enough room between my stomach and the waistband, to insert my holster. I didn’t feel restricted in the least. The length was longer than I needed. I washed the pants at a hot temperature, and the pants shrank and softened. I did have to iron them a few times, because they were crinkly; this is due to the denim being so thick and new. The waist still was roomy for a holster, and the length was near perfect. Time to put them to very active use.

Many of the issues jeans consumers face is the lack of quality for the price paid.  Most jeans manufacturers use denim. Denim is a sturdy cotton warp-faced textile in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads. This twill weaving produces a diagonal ribbing that distinguishes it from cotton duck. The most common denim is indigo denim, in which the warp thread is dyed, while the weft thread is left white. They call this Indigo Blue, the color you might commonly see on sales racks. Manufacturing of a few brands has moved into jeans with a poly-blend, with stretch ability.

Keep in mind that non-denim jeans eventually sag, and the material will thin until the hand is too fragile. A pair of stretch jeans that I purchased from an off-name brand ripped along the back of my seat. I returned them to the store and got a replacement pair; within a month those ripped along the backside too. It’s best to pay for quality. Some people may not be willing to pay for jeans that cost $99.00 but I will tell you now, you get what you pay for. You should not get this problem with Kitanica because they use real, denim material. Some elastic jeans are going to serve you better than straight-up denim. My issue with most elastic jeans today is that they are made poorly. Many companies are just getting in on the “racket”.

When you don’t want to use durable cargo pants for covert work, jeans like the Kitanica can work. Squatting down while holding a rifle wasn’t an issue, but for long term practicing, it would have been nice to have a gusset for the jeans. Consider buying these for durability, and not for full flexibility. Some of the features to consider when purchasing jeans: Look for slightly oversized thighs for increased mobility, enough external pockets or slash pockets for quick-access EDC, and lots of added belt loops to assist holding up your pants. It is important to find jeans that feel comfortable, and can hold up with prolonged use in a magnitude of different climates. If possible seek out jeans with all heavy-wear seams that are double-stitched, and bar tacks or brass rivets at critical stress points. The Kitanica jeans come with 6 pockets and these are reinforced with bar-tacks.

I appreciate the small coin/watch pocket on the front of the pants, but I didn’t find it useful for my knife. However, you can stow away an extra gun mag into them. My recommendation to Kitanica is to make the pocket longer, so a standard length pocket knife can be inserted into it. A nice little American flag and a Kitanica label are stitched onto the back of the pants; that’s a sharp feature proclaiming, “Made in America.” Does that make a difference? Sure, it does. Levi’s, still headquartered in San Francisco, makes many Chinese made goods, and they’ve lost all sense of their roots as they wade into the political, toxic culture that turns off sensible people looking for American made goods without the social justice warrior posturing.

Normally, jeans should fit perfectly around your waist with no need for a belt to hold them up. A belt is needed to keep the holster and gun in place and prevent your jeans from sagging. Look for jeans with enough belt hoops for added strength, and reduced sagging around the waist. Look for up to 8+ belt loops that are 0.5-inch wide and fit up to 1.75-inch belts. If you are between sizes then go for the larger size, and use a good belt. The Kitanica belt loops are awesome! Even Levis’ belt loops are made of denim and in rare cases, I’ve had those tear on me. The use of cordura lace for the 7 belt loops is great for belt security, and makes the jeans smart looking. I really like this subtle but stylish feature.

Campo pattern pockets

The jeans are boot friendly and professional looking. After quite a few washings they will evolve into the less casual, medium wash appearance.  The main, hip pockets are very deep and they have a nice camouflage pattern. They are made of 50/50 nylon/cotton camo ripstop to prevent pocket blowout. I really like these jeans.

For mobile phones or rifle mags

Durability* 5/5:  Only been wearing them for a few weeks. The belt loops are strong. The denim is stiff but will soften over multiple washings. The denim is thick and I believe them to be durable. This is a plus feature.

Comfort/Fit 4/5: Comfort is great. It would be nice to have a gusset for intense active use, but I’m not complaining. The thighs are roomy; they are more boot cut then stove-pipe.

Weight/Aesthetics 5/5: Not heavy, and they do not look tacticool. These are stylish and not a turn off like so many companies that churn out tacticool pants. They’re on the heavier side, and this is a plus for me.

Functionality 4/5: You can insert you rifle magazine or phone. Either way, the jeans are useful.

Cordura loops

Cost: 4/5 About the price you would expect to pay for great quality. Would I like a good pair of jeans under $50.00? Sure, but it ain’t going to happen. These jeans are worthy of the price you pay.  Most tactical jeans are priced around $70.00. The Tactical Distributors jeans are $67.00 but made in China, and the 5.11 jeans are made in China. You are getting American made jeans at Kitanica. It’s not really fair to judge them alongside ‘tactical’ jeans. Most jeans today are priced from $50.00-$100.00 from big named brands. You will not get this kind of quality. I def recommend supporting American made products from a small shop, doing good stuff. The Kitanica jeans are great for shooters and non-shooters. Use them as you see fit. A good pair of jeans will serve you for a long time. These are the jeans you’ve been looking for.

Overal: 22/25

SIZING NOTE: The Black Jeans are fitting slightly larger in the waist than our Blue Jeans. Kitanica six-pocket, regular fit, straight leg Jeans are constructed of 100% cotton denim crafted in America. They are outfitted with 7 nylon webbing, wide opening belt loops to accommodate larger belts. Specialized cell phone pocket on left thigh. All pocket bags are made of 50/50 nylon/cotton camo ripstop to prevent pocket blowout. All stress points are Bar-tacked.

*The color and feature may vary slightly from photos


  • Heavy-duty durable denim pant fabric
  • 6 pocket jeans
  • 7 belt loops for optimal fit
  • Ripstop camo pocket bags

By Michael Kurcina

Mike credits his early military training as the one thing that kept him disciplined through the many years. He currently provides his expertise as an adviser for an agency within the DoD. Michael Kurcina subscribes to the Spotter Up way of life. “I will either find a way or I will make one”.

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