CrossBreed® Holsters has come out with an innovative belly band called the Liberty Band. It’s the latest addition to the company’s belly band lineup.

Belly bands utilize an elastic band with hook and loop fasteners to secure a handgun on the body. They’re designed to allow you to carry your normal EDC handgun without the need for a belt. They have a lightweight and slim form-fitting design that hugs the body and, in concept, allows you to comfortably conceal and secure your handgun.

Because belly band holsters rely on stretch material to conform to the wearer’s body, they work with all manner of apparel. Model is wearing tank top and tights from 5.11 women’s PT-R (Physical Training Ready) collection.

Because belly bands rely on elastic material to conform to the wearer’s body, they work with all manner of apparel, ensuring that you won’t have to go unarmed. Belly bands are a popular choice with many women who don’t want to sacrifice style just because they want to carry a handgun.

Many or the belly bands on the market are poorly conceived and leave much to be desired. This has given belly bands in general a bad reputation.

Most belly bands employ an integral universal non-adjustable one-size-fits-all pocket that relies on elastic material to fit a wide range of handguns often with a retention strap to secure the gun. There is no trigger protection other than the elastic pocket material. It requires two-hands to re-holster, since the elastic pocket won’t stay open after you draw your gun.

Although CrossBreed’s sister company N8 Tactical does offer a pouch-style belly band, CrossBreed has taken a different approach with its modular belly band systems.

CrossBreed has offered its Modular Belly Band for years. Now in its second generation, it consists of a wide elastic band with loop fields designed to accommodate CrossBreed Kydex® Modular Belly Band Holsters and Modular Mag Carriers with hook backings. The system works well but requires you to use CrossBreed’s proprietary Modular Belly Band holsters.

CrossBreed Liberty Band

The new CrossBreed Liberty Band builds upon the legacy of the Modular Belly Band. Instead of requiring the use of proprietary holsters, the Liberty Band is designed to be compatible with virtually any IWB holster or mag carrier with a 1.5” clip. At this time, it doesn’t work with IWB holsters with belt loop. The Liberty Band doesn’t come with a holster. You’re not relegated to one holster and can use the same holsters when you opt for belt mounted IWB carry.

CrossBreed Liberty Band allows you the ability to wear virtually any IWB holster with 1.5” clips in multiple positions without the need for a belt.

The Liberty Band is a 2.5”-wide belly band made of of durable latex-free nylon elastic material. The side of the band that rides against your body has a mesh-like surface that aids in breathability and helps to wick away sweat. The stretchable material conforms to all body types and provides breathable comfort for all-day wear. The band is secured with hook-and-loop fasteners.

The band can be adjusted to various body and draw positions allowing you position it where it is most comfortable. As is the case with every belly band, how well it stays put and comfort will depends on your body shape, where you wear it and how tightly you put it on. The choice of firearm and holster will also impact comfort.

There’s an 11”-long section double-layer section consisting of thicker 1.5”-wide nylon material (embroidered with the CrossBreed logo) sewn on the upper portion of the band to secure 1.5” holster clips and add rigidity. It serves the role of a gun belt on the band. The Liberty Band works with both single- and double- clip holsters.

The Liberty Band is easy to use and quick to don and doff. Simply clip your holster in place on the band, position it on your body, wrap the band around your body and secure it in place. The excess band is secured over over the holster clip(s) to further secure the holster. This also helps distribute the weight of the gun on the band, especially with some single-clip holsters.

Some clips do work better with the Liberty Band than others, For example, CrossBreed advises that although you can use the ULTICLIP with the Liberty Band, they are not as secure as the standard CrossBreed SnapLok clips and may fray the band.

The Liberty Band is available in four different sizes to fit from 21” to 49”. CrossBreed recommends measuring around the part of your body you intend on wearing the band, since this will give you the most accurate measurement. If you are on the border between two sizes they recommend going one size up to allow for more adjustment room.

CrossBreed Freedom Carry IWB Holster

The Freedom-Carry IWB holster is the most versatile holster in the CrossBreed lineup. An adjustable clip allows you to carry in you to carry in many positions

CrossBreed offers a wide-range of holsters. The company provided me with its Freedom Carry IWB Holster along with the Liberty Band for my evaluation. It’s available for more than 300 different firearms, including firearms equipped with various weapon lights, lasers, and slide-mounted micro red dot optic sights. The Freedom Carry is one of CrossBreed’s top selling holsters.

According to CrossBreed, the Freedom Carry is the most versatile holster in the company’s lineup, allowing you to carry in many positions from appendix, cross draw, and strong side. It’s a great holster for someone who wants to have one holster that can be carried in multiple positions. The Freedom Carry is tuckable and may be concealed by a tucked in shirt.

The Freedom Carry is a minimalist hybrid holster with a Kydex holster shell that’s married to a leather back for comfort. The holster shell is precisely molded to fit the specific handgun and is riveted to the leather back. The Freedom Carry is a level 1 (no active retention) holster. The gun is retained in the holster with a friction fit.

According to CrossBreed, “The leather shape of the Freedom Carry has just the right amount of leather to be very comfortable while keeping the frame and slide of the pistol from contacting your body” The reduction is size of the leather backing allows the holster to be comfortably carried in the appendix position.

The Freedom Carry holster is mounted in a straight draw position. The reduced size of the leather backing necessitated the use of a single clip. CrossBred’s SnapLok clip is standard. The SnapLok clip is made of tough spring steel and is matte-black powder coated. Adjustable attachment points allow the holster to be adjustable for cant. The SnapLok clip is secure on the belt with minimal movement yet is easily put on and taken off

In short, the Freedom Carry does everything a holster is supposed to do. It retains the gun well, covers the trigger guard and allows for a full firing grip. It’s comfortable and versatile.

Final Thoughts

Whenever practical I prefer to carry AIWB on a belt. Although a belly band is not my default mode of carry, the Liberty Band has proven to be a very viable carry option. I have found it to be a great option when wearing active wear and working out. The ability to immediately configure it for carrying different firearms employing standard IWB holsters is a big plus. The Liberty Band is available in Black or Nude (beige). It will run you only $34.95 on the CrossBreed website.

The Freedom Carry IWB Holster pairs well with the Liberty Band. Pricing starts from $68.95. The Freedom Carry IWB Holster is available with several Kydex and leather options. Leather options include Black Cowhide, Horsehide, Founder’s Leather. Kydex options include Standard Black, FDE, Sniper Grey, OD Green. The Freedom Carry is an excellent holster that’s well worth the price.

All CrossBreed products are designed and handmade in the USA. The company has a reputation for quality. All purchases come with a no-risk “Try It Free, Two Week Guarantee”. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied simply return it and they will refund the purchase price. Shipping charges aren’t refunded.

CrossBreed’s holsters are covered by a lifetime warranty. They’ll repair or replace it for as long as you own it if it fails you in any way under normal use. CrossBreed belly bands and belts aren’t covered by the lifetime warranty.


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