Today I spoke to John McPhee- aka the Sheriff of Baghdad John spent 20 years in US Special Operations and retired as a Sergeant Major in a Delta Force Squadron.

We spoke about trying to write a better “chapter” to live his best life and how this can help ANYONE through traumatic events and baggage they are holding onto in this world.

John has an amazing test he developed in his time in “The Unit” to find out if you are ready to move forward with positive change in your life.

Are YOU ready to take it? Find out all about John here- and watch his 500+ videos at SOB TV .

His training system is one of a kind and sword class to keep you and your loved ones safe.

If you want to know more about me and what I do as a Sleep, Stress and Nutrition Coach – see my services and packages at


Damian is a former NZSAS Commando, WA Police Officer and current WA Firefighter / Health and Wellness Coach. He was one of the first Personal Trainers in the world and has been professionally involved in the health and wellness space for over 28 years. During his younger years Damian was heavily involved in bodybuilding and the fitness industry however he soon applied to join the New Zealand Defence Force. Within a couple of years he attempted the selection for NZSAS Commando now known as 1 NZSAS Regiment D Squadron which is a counter terrorism role squadron part of the NZSAS. After years of service Damian moved to WA and became a Police Officer. Not stopping there after a few years within the Police Force Damian decided to change up his career yet again and became a Firefighter which is his current day role. He also continues to influence others and provide knowledge transfer with #hownottodieguy at “ #commando #SAS #LEO

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