Buddha Heart, Devil’s Hand- The difference between Special Forces and Normal Humans  Gregg PUP Johnson http://pakari.nz/

Gregg joined the TF (TA) in 1991 and went full time in 1993. He was posted to an Infantry Bat and spent 3 years in the Battalion recon Platoon before doing SAS Selection in 1999. Gregg was badged into the unit sep 2000. He deployed 7 times with the unit mostly to Afghanistan. Afterwards he spent 3 years as a contractor in Iraq first working for Control Risk group the Triple Canopy (all our leadership were from Black Hawk Down). Gregg got out of the Army in 2012 and worked for 3 years in Thailand for an Outdoor company doing training (for staff and shooting courses on the weekends for civilians) and some train for One of their SO units. He was doing some contracting in Jordan at the same time as KASOTC. After coming back to NZ he went back to school to up-skill in outdoor adventure activities so he could work at Outward Bound NZ. Gregg has a passion for Understanding PTS and in how we can use nature to help people. After OB he went back into the Army in a training role as an SME in Urban Operations and in that time help create a Resilience program for an Infantry bat that they are running now. Gregg currently works for and organisation called pakari (pakari.nz) where they are offering Nature based trips for the Military, Veterans, Women, Emergency first responders, and youth.

Welcome to the sequel!! After such a popular show the first time around, it was a necessity to have Pup back on to share his knowledge, in order to help others. We spoke about a wide range of subjects, so strap in! Starting with the difference between an SF Operator mindset -where they make life and death decisions and movements multiple times every single day vs a regular cop or civilian who may never be faced with such an inhuman choice – we progressed to how Pakari is helping the NZ Army develop it’s people’s resilience and mindsets.

We talked about transition ( from military and/or sporting worlds) and the effects of Purpose, Belonging and Identity. A life of service changes a person, and shapes his/her mind and it’s imperative to realise this going forward so we can grow and flourish afterwards. Again, sit back and enjoy a truly open and honest conversation with a NZSAS (New Zealand Special Air Service) Regiment Operator, Instructor and leader in teaching through Mother Nature.

You can find Gregg at http://pakari.nz/ And on Insta at https://www.instagram.com/gregspartan/

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