How do you do Pushups? from Spotterup on Vimeo.Stay tuned for more videos from Clay! Clay will offer a lot more instruction on his demos. Be sure to follow him on Instagram: IG HERE.Push-up noun

  1. an exercise in which a person lies facing the floor and, keeping their back straight, raises their body by pressing down on their hands.

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By Clayton Merritt

I discovered yoga during the final years of my military career. Having served 23 years in the Army (16 years with a Special Mission Unit), several injuries kept me from the normal physical activities. I attended my first yoga class in 2012. I soon discovered that yoga provided me the coping mechanisms to manage disabilities and allowed me to remain physically and mentally fit. After several years of practicing Vinyasa style yoga, I began the journey into advanced movements and inversions. I now incorporates those movements and inversions into my personal practice. Embracing my failures and achievements in this journey, I now share that experience through workshops and guided calisthenic classes for those seeking an increased challenge in their own practice. Upon completing my 200 hour certification course, I was fascinated with body mechanics and movement. With this new desire for understanding the human body, I completed several course in anatomy, athletics, injury prevention, and became a certified personal trainer. I now utilize this additional knowledge to develop fun but challenging classes and in-depth workshops. When my time permits, I provides free classes to military and veterans. I also partner with non-profits for donation based classes.”

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