I can’t speak highly enough about the Garmont INTEGRA boots. I was unsure how they would perform for me, but I had a good idea. My husband just did a review of their Garmont T4 Groove. I’m a very active person because I am a fitness trainer. I train clients and exercise 6 days a week. Additionally, I walk at least 2hrs a day with my clients, and that amount doesn’t include the 30 minutes that I walk at night, with my husband. I also clock in weekend miles. This means I go through a lot of shoes, and boots yearly.

I know what works and what doesn’t for my feet. I’ve tried many footwear brands. I’m always looking for footwear that is lightweight and comfortable.  I was very excited to get the INTEGRA boots. My feet measure a true 7.5. My husband ordered size 8 just in case their 7.5 size fit too tightly on me, as most 7.5 do. The size 8 were too large. Garmont immediately shipped us 7.5, and they fit perfectly. They are true to size, and run narrow; something to keep in mind. Boots initially have a tighter, narrower fit. I recommend that you break these in ahead of your hikes. The boots are nice looking; they come in a beautiful gray color, with light blue laces. They are easy to lace and have a lace-to-toe closure for a secure fit.  They boots are modern looking.

It was raining on the first night that I tried them out. They were very comfortable. As we walked, I only had one little hot spot at my mid foot, but after two days of wearing them, the issue went away. For me, there was a small breaking in period that needed to happen. They did fantastic in the storm. My feet never got wet due to their waterproof, thermal insulation. I am a very disciplined person and never miss my scheduled time to walk. I will walk in the rain, snow and any other weather; nothing will stop me from getting in my miles.

The boot uppers aren’t as structured but they provide ankle stability. The fabric is pliable and soft. Although the upper is made of a ballistic fabric, which makes them durable, they included a Primaloft padded liner to soften the feel. The collar is made of a soft lycra. I do a lot of jumping too. I have a good sense of what my feet need to cushion me when I am jumping.  Garmont uses what they call a Double Damper system, for improved cushioning and shock absorption. The double shock absorption system provides optimal cushioning. These are excellent for hard street or less sturdy terrain.

Now, the ErgoLast construction closely resembles the anatomy of the foot, which allows them to cradle the foot especially around the heel and arch areas.  They also use a VIBRAM® Extended Sole which provides traction and stability. These are excellent for mountain hikes. The traction is great due to the multi-directional lugs. The lugs provide incredible grip on both wet and dry surfaces, and help attenuate the landing shock and loading forces experienced by the body while running or walking.

The G-Dry construction keeps the foot protected from wind and water. The boots feature a synthetic upper that is highly resistant to wear. It’s constructed using the Garmont’s Anatomically Directed Design (ADD) technology, featuring an asymmetrical cuff, an anatomical tongue, and a roomy toe box. This is a good boot for hiking and walking.


Comfort – 5/5

Soft Lycra collar

Durability – 5/5

Ballistic fabric upper

Functionality – 5/5

Interior shape of the shoe designed by accurately tracing the anatomy of the foot

Double Damper

Double shock absorption system for optimal cushioning

VIBRAM® Extended Sole

Sole which provides traction and stability.

Weight – 5/5

Weight 411 gr. (Half pair size 7 US).

Value – 5/5  $115.00-$140.00 Great price and value.

Overall rating – 5/5


By Kelly Kurcina

Kelly is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience of nutrition and fitness. She has been teaching for over 26 years. Running track & field in high school increased her interest in how the body functions. At the age of 18 she chose to work at a health food store. She has been a committed practitioner of nutrition and fitness ever since. She has taught hundreds of students over the years. She currently teaches Les Mills RPM, Les Mills CXWORX, Pilates, Barre, Yoga, Hiit and more. She is also a certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist.

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