When the Salomon’s failed me, I was at a loss. What to try next? I scoured many outdoors and sports stores in search of suitable boots, but all I could find was Salomon’s and Merrell’s and what not. But nothing quite fit the picture I had in my head.

I had read the great article by our friend GearMonkey75 about the AKU Pilgrim boots some time ago and the boots really intrigued me. But the thing is, the closest place you could get a pair in Finland is from the U.K. And buying boots from the internet is a tricky business, so after pondering on it for a long time I decided against it.

Then, on my trip to the US, I visited the Triple Aught Design’s Dogpatch Base in San Francisco. And after browsing their wares for what must have felt like forever for my travel companions, I noticed that they had a good few pair of AKU boots there. And they had a pair of Pilgrims in my size too! After trying them on I instantly was sold. These were the boots for me.

So when I got back home I quickly wound back up on the website of Trekitt UK and ordered a pair of MOD Brown Pilgrims. The shipping was quick and FedEx delivered the boots all the way to my doorstep.

At first I thought they must have sent me only one boot, because the box was so light! But no, there were two boots inside. And that is one of the first things you notice and appreciate about the Pilgrims; even though they are sturdy and tough, somehow they are still pleasantly lightweight!

Other things that have quickly won me over to the AKU hype train is the padding and overall comfort of the boots. A better pair of inner soles is a must for future and longer hikes, but that is true for almost for every pair of boots.

Only thing I has given me some issues are the laces. They seem to be a bit short for the boots. When putting the boots on, you usually have to take a minute to collect the ends and re-weave them through the top loops. And it might be my knots too, but the laces tend to come undone on their own, especially during high intensity activity.

But I am glad that I decided to go with the Pilgrims. So far I have really liked the boots and I will continue to put them to the test before a proper review. I have week-long hike coming up and of course they need to survive the winter before I can say more. But so far so good!


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By Noble

Just an regular guy in his late twenties. After my year long conscription in the Finnish Defence Forces, I did a half a year duty as a drill-sergeant. These days I am just trying to stay fit between work hours, hitting the gym when I can and taking the dog out to the woods for mini adventures every once in a while. I am also aspiring to take on the voluntary reservist training, with practical shooting (SRA) and sniper training.

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