One of the new products from Elite Survival Systems (ESS) is the Liberty GunPack. According to the website description the pack is “Designed to be carried on a belt or attached to a MOLLE platform”. It can be worn in a horizontal or vertical position. The ripcords on the zippers are designed to provide quick access to a concealed firearm.

Design and Description (from ESS)

  • Constructed of heavy-duty 1000 denier nylon
  • Main compartment conceals adjustable, removable holster and magazine loop
  • Large accessory compartment with mesh pocket for organization
  • Flat pocket on front provides quick access to contents
  • Phone pouch has an elastic band and velcro closure to fit most smart phones
  • Rip-cords in firearm compartment provide quick access to firearm
  • Fits most compact and sub-compact autos and small frame revolvers
  • Ambidextrous
  • Available in black and coyote tan
  • 7” x 5” x 2.25”

First Impressions / Usage

The Liberty GunPack is solidly built and I was very happy with the material selection. The stitching and the hook and loop material are solid. The addition of the pull loops on the YKK zippers are just the right size to grasp or loop your finger in to open the pack. On the back of the pack is a two inch by a two inch square with three rows of molle webbing with openings at each side for a belt. This provides the horizontal or vertical mounting at the waist. The padding within the GunPack is not overdone, it will not imprint the firearm and does not add too much bulk.

Inside the pack are two main compartments, one small compartment, and a hook and loop flap with elastic band for a cell phone. ESS made a good decision to have a contrasting color of nylon inside the GunPack. The choice of the color, coyote brown, has a slight green hue to it, but it might just be my eyes. The webbing inside second large compartment is a nice touch for organization purposes and it matches the same coyote brown that is used throughout the interior.

The large compartment that can hold the firearm and magazine is lined with the hook and loop, which makes placement anywhere inside the compartment easy and user specific. The firearm “holster”, if you will, works nicely with my Ruger LCP, keeps it secure, snug and doesn’t provide more retention than necessary. The provided mag carrier is universal and does the same job, my LCP magazines are small enough that if I wanted, I could put two in the one carrier easily. I also tried my Salient Arms M&P Shield in the GunPack and it fit, although snug, it worked just fine after adjusting the provided retention system. However, I would be aware that if you use a full-size front sight, it has the potential of snagging on the retention strap, I suggest doing some dry practice to get used to removing it from the pack.

I used the GunPack while working a job in Las Vegas and it indeed came in handy for me when used as an addition to my small daypack. The GunPack was perfect for storing my Ruger LCP, Mophie battery pack, spare cell phone and a few other items. I wanted to use it as an “in case of emergency break glass” pack. The backpack I used it with was a Triple Aught Design Litespeed and it worked great attached to the interior control panel. It gave me the option of being able to carry the entire backpack or the removable control panel with the GunPack or just the GunPack on its own. I really like having options and the ability to mount the GunPack with molle was very appealing to me. Even though ESS also designed the GunPack to be worn on your belt, I did not see the need to try this during this job, for me, it would just stand out and draw attention too much.


Like I mentioned above, I really like having gear that gives me options to use and ESS did a very good job designing a simple piece of gear to do many different jobs for its user. The build quality and material selection is spot on with the 1000 denier nylon, it’s rugged, feels great and the stitching placement gives it the ability to stand up to repeated use. The price is set at $44.99 which will not break the bank to have a few on hand and packed the way you want with labels, ready to go depending on your needs or activity. Right now, the GunPack comes in two colors, black, and coyote, however, ESS is adding wolf grey that should begin shipping in January of 2018, making it easier to color code your kit for multiple needs.

Material DisclosureI received this product as a courtesy from the manufacturer via Spotter Up so I could test it and give my honest feedback. I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are my own and are based off my personal experience with the product.

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By Jason Silva

Jason Silva enlisted as an 0311 prior to 9/11 and served in OIF 1 with RCT-1, he also held secondary MOS’s of Range Coach/PMI and was an Assault Climber. Upon returning from Iraq he was hired at Richmond Police Department in California, there he served just over 10 years. While at Richmond he worked in patrol, street enforcement teams, the dirt bike unit, homicide detective and 7 years on the departments SWAT team. While with the department SWAT team he was the less lethal weapons instructor, entry team and sniper team. He also worked with the departments Marine Enforcement Unit which patrolled and coordinated with federal agencies to protect critical infrastructure within the San Francisco Bay Area. In January of 2015 he was officially retired from the police department due to a series of on duty injuries. Upon entering the private sector, Jason took his love for gear and quality, American made products and was hired to work at Triple Aught Design. While there he started a side hobby as a Cerakote applicator and his own brand of AR10/15, Echo Armory. After TAD he did security contracting with several tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area to include Dropbox, Apple and Facebook. Since November of 2015 he has primarily contracted with Salient Operations Group for security, consulting and EP services and is now an account manager for the company as needed.

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    1. Also, there is a tail on the TAD that covers the pack. I took pictures to show the various mounting options.

  1. Good question. I didn’t carry the pack around with me during the job with the client. I left it staged in our secondary vehicle with the driver.

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