The Dynamis SMR Blade or “Summer Blade” is the brainchild of Veteran Navy SEAL, Dom Raso, founder and CEO of Dynamis Alliance, Crush Everything, AdaptivX apparel and other top quality, American made products. Dom, building from his experience in the Navy’s top Tier 1 Special Operations Unit, designed the SMR Blade to “hide in plain sight.” Geared towards self-defense and crafted to be minimalist as possible, it’s a purpose-built tool designed for comfortable, discreet carry while wearing minimal clothing.

The SMR Blade is optimized for concealment and ease of carry, as well as maneuverability in tight quarters. CNC machined from a single billet of CPM® S110V stainless steel (63-64 HRC), the SMR has an overall length of 5.75″ with a double-edge spear-point blade boasting a 2″ front (bottom) edge and a 1.69″ partially serrated back (top) edge. Blade thickness is 0.170”. The handle features a ribbed hook on the end and a built-in pry/bottle opener.

The SMR Blade Gen-2 features three deep scalloped serrations instead of the five shallow serrations on the Gen-1. The blade is also now sharper than ever straight out of the box. The handle has a new rounded edge chamfer that is more comfortable when carried IWB against bare skin.

CPM S110V is a patented US-made super-premium stainless steel developed by Crucible Industries and is made using the Crucible Particle Metallurgy® (CPM) process. It’s a high-alloy martensitic stainless steel. It’s very high in carbon, vanadium, and niobium, which form small, very hard carbides. It’s also high in chromium.

CPM S110V offers extremely high wear and corrosion resistance, exceptional edge retention and industry recognized toughness. Recognized as one of the hardest steels available, the fine edge lasts longer without the need to re-sharpen.

The SMR Blade from Dynamis Alliance is a minimalist fixed blade for discreet carry. It features a premium CPM S110V stainless steel, blade and is available in either satin stainless steel or with proprietary anti-corrosive NEPT-X coating.

Adding the Tier 1 quality that Dynamis is known for, the SMR Blade is now offered with NEPT-X protection. NEPT-X is a proprietary jet-black anti-corrosive coating that provides excellent corrosion resistance and lubricity, as well as high chemical resistance.

Developed in collaboration with F-1 Firearms over a period of several years for use in saltwater environments, NEPT-X underwent rigorous testing before it met the Dynamis standard of quality and excellence. NEPT-X is only available from Dynamis Alliance.

The blade of the SMR is short by necessity but maintains effectiveness for self-defense. The geometry and spear point profile provides a strong, sharp point that pierces easily and slices without question.

Boasting a double edge, the SMR can cut in any direction, making close combat defense a comfortable option. The sharp straight edge makes precise punch cuts while the serrated edge easily cuts through tougher, fibrous materials without getting stuck. With no need for a choil, snag points are eliminated making the SMR a great self-defense edge combo.

The spine of the blade has a slight thumb ramp, contoured for a secure, comfortable grip and additional control. It provides excellent purchase and helps to stabilize the knife in the hand, as well as providing a push point for the thumb during thrusting with a forward grip.

The handle design of the SMR Blade has been very well thought out. It works equally well with a forward or reverse grip. The handle is nicely contoured and has jimping in all of the right places. It’s comfortable and provides a secure grip with no hotspots.

The SMR Blade is easy to deploy with either hand. The ribbed hook provides a point of physical contact that aids in rapid deployment and allows for deep concealment with only the hook exposed. The hook also provides consistent reference point that helps to negate the risk of an improper grip.

When the SMR Blade is employed with a reverse grip (my preference), the hook coupled with the thin handle allow for full use of the hand to perform tasks like firearm transitions while retaining the knife. The hook also provides a reverse-grip push-point for the thumb and can double as an impact weapon.

The SMR Blade comes with a special edition deep blue Dynamis IWB sheath equipped with the latest low vis, Dynamis ZERO Clip. It’s ambidextrous for forward and reverse grip carry (left- or right-handed). It fits all Dynamis blades.

Dynamis opted to go with a hook instead of a ring pommel, finding that the hook utilizes a more natural grasp for drawing that relies on gross motor skills. Additionally, the hook doesn’t have the safety concerns of a ring (e.g., a broken finger or degloving injury), and can be easily switched from hand to hand.

Special Edition IWB Sheath

The SMR Blade comes with a special edition deep blue Dynamis IWB sheath. The sheath is equipped with the latest low vis, Dynamis ZERO Clip. It is ambidextrous for forward and reverse grip carry (left- or right-handed) and it fits all Dynamis blades.

The sheath is made of a rugged injection molded polymer and has an embedded Dynamis logo. It features a low profile, minimalist design with rivet-less one-piece construction. The sheath is smooth and rounded for comfort when worn. It has a tiny drain hole on the bottom.

The SMR Blade is held in the sheath by a unique friction fit tab. The sheath maintains approximately 6 lbs. of pressure on the blade ensuring that it won’t fall out and is rattle free. The draw is smooth and clean. The sheath is equipped with a shirt guard that serves as a blade guide for safe and easy re-sheathing.

The ZERO Clip with NEPT-X corrosive resistant metal, features an under-hook design that grabs onto fabric, providing high clamping retention. It doesn’t require a belt. It even works on board shorts and yoga pants.

The ZERO Clip is tuck-able and features a thin, low-profile design. You can put the clip over your pants and behind your belt and tuck your shirt in behind the clip. This works great for discreet carry when dress pants and a tucked shirt are necessary.

When the SMR Blade is in the sheath, only the hook on the knife handle is visible. Most people wouldn’t know that it’s a knife. One could truthfully say that it’s a bottle opener. Another plus to the design is there’s no extended handle to print under clothes, dig into the body or for an assailant to grab.

SMR Blade Trainer

Dynamis offers an SMR Blade Trainer that replicates the live blade to provide a safe way to hone your knife skills and build important muscle memory. The trainer is made of aircraft grade aluminum and anodized bright blue, a recognized safety color. It has unsharpened edges and a round tip. It lacks the jimping found on the live blade but retains the pry/bottle opener.

The trainer fits the same sheath that the live blade fits in order to maximize combative training. This allows you to carry and deploy the trainer as you would the live blade. Caution does need to be employed when practicing with another person. Metal trainers can still cause serious injury despite their blunt edges.

The SMR Blade Trainer is an exact replica of its’ live blade counterpart part. It features no sharp edges to allow for effective combative training. It’s made of aluminum and anodized blue.

The utility of the trainer goes beyond training. It can be employed as a less-lethal impact weapon and pressure point pain-compliance tool that may be carried in many situations in which a live blade is prohibited. And of course, it is also a practical bottle opener.

Crush Everything

One of Dynamis’ brands is “Crush Everything.” It’s both an attitude and a lifestyle. Dynamis does both, and does both really, really well.

CRUSHEVERYTHING.COM allows Dynamis to combine equipment and training in a seamless manner. For example, if you buy a Dynamis Blade, you can add good, solid training with it together right in your cart from the website.

With the changing world that we’re living in, we need to change with it,” Dom said. “Our goal and our duty is to be able to adapt to our ever-changing world. To be able to get people the gear they need and the training that they need to be as safe as possible. To be their own asset and take care of their family. To be able to understand that personal safety and security is up to them. Nobody is coming to save them. It’s up to them”

Final Thoughts

I was provided with both the uncoated and coated versions of the SMR Blade Gen-2, as well as the SMR Blade Trainer for my evaluation. Fit and finish on the samples provided to me were flawless. The live blades came shaving sharp out of the box.

The SMR Blade and Dynamis sheath are exceptionally well designed and well made using the highest quality materials. They exhibit a great attention to detail. The latter is even exhibited in the box that the SMR Blade comes in.

The SMR Blade is an outstanding tool that serves its intended design parameters exceptionally well. Dom has studied combatives since his youth and brings his extensive real world experience to the design.

Dom Raso demonstrates blade work. Training with the blade that you carry every day is essential. Crush Everything Training is outstanding source.

The standard (uncoated) SMR Blade Gen-2 w/ Sheath has a MSRP of $295.00. MSRP for the SMR Blade Gen-2 w/Sheath and NEPT-X cpating option is $395.00. The SMR Blade Trainer has a MSRP of $69.00 or $50.00 when purchased in conjunction with the SMR Blade.

The SMR Blade, SMR Trainer and Blade Sheath are made in the USA. They’re available directly from CRUSHEVERYTHING.COM or from authorized dealers.

Crush Everything has a return policy of 30 days after you receive your order. Terms apply.


Crush Everything — Dynamis Alliance


Manufacturer: Dynamis Alliance
Model: SMR Blade Gen-2
Designer: Dom Raso & Dynamis Team
Type: Fixed Blade Knife
Blade Steel: CPM S110V Stainless Steel (63-64 HRC)
Overall Length: 5.75” / 14.61cm
Blade Length: 2” / 5.08cm Front Edge Blade, 1.69” / 4.29cm Back Edge
Blade Thickness: 0.170″ / 0.432cm
Blade Style: Spear Point
Blade Edge: Double Edge
Blade Grind: Sabre, Partially Serrated Back Edge
Blade Finish: Satin Stainless or Black NEPT-X Coated
Special Features: Finger Hook, Pry/Bottle Opener
Sheath: Injection-Molded Polymer IWB w/ Tuck-Able NEPT-X Coated ZERO Clip
Sheath Color: Special Edition Bright Blue
Trainer Available: Yes
Type/Use: Tactical, EDC
Origin: Made in USA
MSRP: $295.00 (Uncoated); $325.00 (NEPT-X Coated).

Material Disclosure

I received this product as a courtesy from the manufacturer so I could test it and give my honest feedback. I am not bound by any written, verbal or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are my own and are based off my personal experience with the product.

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