Looking to expand your skill set in the Urban Environment? This is the course for you. This course series will open your eyes to the world around you, giving you insight into skills and awareness that are hidden to the vast majority of the population. We will give you the tools you need to be able to identify threats, avoid them, or confront them. Other skills covered will help you to better avoid detection and or capture from illegal detainment, and what to do should all else fail. This course is not for the your average person, you must have the desire to understand the criminal world and how they think. When you are done, you will no longer be the victim, but will have taken your first step on your way to becoming the victor.


Urban Escape and Evasion – $550

By Thomas Leitner

Tom is a decorated Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps where he served with Military Police and Airframes on the CH-53E. Currently he specializes in teaching Urban Escape & Evasion, wilderness survival, and Tactical Applications in Urban Environments. Tom teaches fire arms safety, manipulation, and marksmanship throughout eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Tom currently teaches Field Craft Hostile skills for the military, and every summer helps mold the minds of our future generations at military summer camps where he teaches advanced military skills, leadership, and team work.

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