Those who live in the Midwest know that weather can change instantly, head out for the day prepared for one type of climate and by lunch it can feel like you’re in a different part of the world. One of the challenges presented with this type of climate is how to dress and prepare for a full day of activities. The most challenging type of day being one filled with physical activities that find you both inside and outside. While the donning of the traditional hoody provides for a layer of warmth while outside, heading indoors for a bit normally ends in a layer of sweat that remains trapped inside the hoody. Returning outdoors into a cool climate you’re now left with a sweat filled interior that will likely remain that way the rest of the day. The fall frustrations of active layering are mitigated with the Duckworth Vapor Snorkel Hood. Marketed as a “lightweight, all-season” garment the Snorkel Hood provides a garment that fits the needs of an active lifestyle while remaining suitable for everyday wear.

Duckworth markets the Vapor Snorkel Hood as an “athletic fit” top. The top is indeed cut with an athletic style in mind.  This top places an emphasis on mobility while retaining comfort. The top contours to the body well without stepping over the line into a compression style garment. The lightweight blended material that Duckworth uses is soft to the touch and does not feel heavy when worn. While having a fit that seems to wrap around the body the top is extremely light weight. Despite its lack of weight when you put it on, you can immediately tell that it will provide a level of warmth in cool weather.

No reason not to be comfortable out on the range and still be able to move.

The most striking feature relating to comfort is the shoulder seams. This is often a detail in athletic fit garments that I take issue with, Duckworth addresses their seams with a clear understanding of comfort and function. Instead of a traditional seam running straight up and down at the shoulder, the seam runs from the armpit at an angle to the neck. This leaves the Vapor Snorkel Hood to drape well over the upper body and remain a fully functional top that does not limit any type of activity. Whether out for a run or in the gym hitting the weights mobility is never sacrificed with the Vapor Snorkel Hood making it more than just an “athletic fit” top but one that you can actually unleash your inner athlete in. With sleeve thumb loops and a fairly fitted hood the Vapor Snorkel Hood is a great mid layer option while still having the capability to be a stand-alone garment.

Shoulder seams designed for optimum movement.

While an “athletic” garment the Vapor Snorkel Hood has an appearance that allows you to toss it on as you leave the office to join everyone for happy hour and not appear out of place. In jeans or khakis the top maintains a casual appearance fit for a night out with friends. This ability puts the top into a jack-of-all trades mid-layer garment that can be left in the office or thrown in a pack to be tossed on when needed ,wherever it may be needed.

Since I was recovering from an injury the Vapor Snorkel Hood was put to the test during physical therapy sessions and it’s advertised “no odor, ultra-fast drying” description proved to be true. With winter settling in the open floor-plan of the gym proved to be drafty enough for the necessity of a long-sleeved garment for comfort when stretching and doing lighter activities. With increased activity and endurance training breaking a sweat became inevitable and the Vapor Snorkel Hood never ended up smelling anywhere near as bad as I did. While sweating in the top it displaced the moisture well and never felt bogged down or heavy as some tops tend to do when sweated in. Once I cooled down the top didn’t retain moisture and after a session cool down, I was walking to the car with a top that showed little signs of the last 60 minutes of activity that it had endured while on me.

Final Impressions
The Duckworth Vapor Snorkel Hood at $120.00 is a great “do-it-all” toss on garment. It is a comfortable layer that doesn’t sacrifice your ability to move. Whether worn on a planned run or pulled from a bag as the sun goes down and starts to cool off, the Vapor Snorkel Hood packs and wears well. I look forward to boating season returning to the Midwest. I can tell that this top is going to shine as an evening chill sets in on the water. This top will certainly find its way into my pack to be worn when I need that extra layer in the oh so unpredictable Midwest climate.

Material Disclosure

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By Jim Dexter

Jim Dexter is a 13 year law enforcement officer who spent 10 years in the volunteer fire service. As an FBI certified Firearms Instructor and American Safety and Health Institute Emergency Medical Responder Instructor Jim combines the experiences in his background to deliver a curriculum tailored to your environment. Jim is a State of Illinois Basic SWAT, FBI Pistol Instructor and Red Dot Pistol Instructor, an Illinois Tactical Officers Association Tourniquet and Bandage Instructor, Rescue Task Force Instructor, and Self-aid/buddy-aid Instructor as well as a graduate of the Tactical Combat Casualty Care- Medical Provider course. All Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) content has been marked as approved educational content by the Committee on TECC. Having served with the US Army in Iraq Jim brings both tactical and medical experience to law enforcement and citizens alike as a Stop The Bleed Instructor and Tactical Emergency Combat Care Instructor. His prior employment with the Federal Air Marshal Service has placed him in locations around the world where preparation and possession of a "sound" skill-set was crucial. Jim has extensive end user experience and training in Red Dot Sight (RDS) equipped pistols and has assisted multiple police departments nationwide in the approval and implementation of RDS pistols. Tactically Sound Training Center is the only entity with red dot pistol training approved by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board.

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