Those who know, hardly describe me as a Glock fanatic. In fact, I am quite pessimistic to their design in general. So, when Crux Ordnance agreed to send Battle Axe Tactical a few American made upgrades for a  4th generation Glock 19 who was I to argue? One of these upgrades was their ACG-004  stainless steel Guide Rod Assembly (GRA). Now to state the obvious: in order to own/ carry a Glock I must not abhor them too disdainfully.

As with any platform, each has its own pro’s and con’s.  In my case the benefits of a Glock platform seemed to outweigh their moderately annoying shortcomings. Thankfully, there are companies like Crux Ordnance who make “Glock perfection” a reality with their line of aftermarket modifications. They, CruxOrd parts, also happen to be made here in America. I always find that a little bit of America goes a long way (pew pew, patriotic ramblings, etcetera). Therefore, I eagerly awaited for my Cruxord

Crux Ordnance makes a few claims concerning their GRA replacement:

  1. A Fluted rod designed to hold lubrication/ trap fouling
  2. The guide rod itself is oil injected and rated for 1500 rounds before re-lubrication
  3. Less surface area makes for less friction which in turn reduces the time required to complete cycling of the firearm
  4. Added weight from the steel guide rod helps to reduce muzzle flip

Their first claim: fluted guide rod, seems as practical as it appeals aesthetically.  Yeah, I am saying it looks cool and functions as advertised.

Although lubrication isn’t primarily a concern, with their oil injected guide rod, it is yet another creative solution to the required maintenance inherent of a steel guide rod. Again CruxOrd is on point, although I have less than 1,000 rounds through this test iteration I cannot officially attest to their 1500 round lubrication rating. Based on this testing period though, it certainly appears that they are not misleading anyone with this conservative number.

Their next claim is a little more difficult to quantify without a scientific approach, for which I had neither the means, nor time to satisfy. However, I did notice reduced time during target acquisition of follow up shots. Which were measured by timed reactive target volley’s in series of 5 or more.

Lastly, the reduced time during follow up shots could also be attributed to reduced muzzle flip. I noticed consistently tighter groups from 5-25 meters with the crux ordnance GRA compared to the stock one. The exaggerated comparison between shot patterns might also be evidence of how “tired” my stock springs were, and how desperately they needed to be replaced. Slightly discouraging considering this pistol has less than 5,000 rounds through it.left


15 meter hasty group- standing unsupported, CruxOrd GRA (Top) and Stock GRA (Bottom)

In conclusion, CruxOrd seems to do their talking and walking in concert. Not only do their claims seem to be supported by my experience, they creatively and proactively address future maintenance issues in their design. It is difficult to find a “straight shooting” company that is not deceitfully blowing smoke for the sake of a sale.

Crux Ordnance no nonsense approach to business, and their dedication to thoughtful design and application embolden their passion and set them apart from competition. If you’re GRA is tired, and in need of replacing, CruxOrd may be the solution you have been looking for.  Even if your springs aren’t ready for replacement, the modest investment ( $25.95-$35.95 depending on application) is well worth your money for a superior factory replacement.

Don’t take my word for it though, visit their webpage and try them out for yourself: www.

By Derek Dutton

Derek Dutton is an avid adventurer, writer, endurance athlete, firearms instructor and bearded hooligan. His experience in the special operations community has afforded him a unique perspective on combat. He energetically shares the physical/ psychological lessons he has taken from the field of battle, from within the fight as well as after, as an instructor and adventurer/writer. Multiple deployments with 3rd Ranger battalion 75th Ranger Regiment and multiple combat related injuries ultimately led to Derek’s, early, medical retirement from the Army. However, it has not quenched his spirit of perseverance, or diluted his taste for meeting life’s challenges head on. Someone who takes the Ranger Creed seriously “Never Shall I leave a fallen comrade”, Derek is giving back to wounded warriors who are working through their own transition to civilian life through an organization he has spear headed: Ranger Smash Extreme Endurance. RSEE is a team of wounded warriors whose mission is twofold: 1: Enable: veterans by mitigating the financial burden inherent of extreme sports; veterans will therefore have the opportunity to explore boundaries they never thought possible 2: Empower: veterans through camaraderie of the warrior spirit, and create a resource hub for athletes to achieve the next level of their athletic endeavors through our network of sports professionals and mentors. Learn more about him, or follow them at

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