GRINNELL, Iowa (September 19, 2023) – Brownells unveiled two new additions to its popular line of BRN-180 uppers, releasing a 14.3” and a 13.9” complete upper, both chambered in .223 Wylde.

Both uppers are in stock and shipping now.

The BRN-180 uppers combine the best design aspects of the original AR-180 with modern upgrades like an integral Picatinny rail for easy optics mounting and a free-float handguard to help maximize accuracy.

The two new BRN-180 uppers will offer the same adjustable short-stroke gas piston system as the other BRN-180 uppers and feature a recoil mechanism completely contained in the upper – allowing for use with a folding stock, or no stock at all.

Both uppers will drop seamlessly onto any standard AR-15 lower, or any purpose-built BRN-180 lower receiver.

Because both uppers have barrels shorter than 16” all NFA rules apply. Uppers do not come with muzzle devices to allow customers the option to pin and weld one into place.

• 430106122      BRN-180 14.5” barrel, 223 Wylde Chamber. $849.99 retail

• 430106123      BRN-180 13.9” barrel, 223 Wylde chamber.  $849.99 retail

To learn more about the two newest BRN-180 uppers, or the BRN-180 line, visit the BRN-180 Page.

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