A little review on the Bravo Concealment Holsters OWB BCA Light-Bearing holster + Mag Holder!


First off initial thoughts while opening the package, I really like the fact they came individually wrapped! It’s shows they want their product to arrive to you flawlessly instead of loosely packaged to bang around. They also included some sticker swag which for some of us we really enjoy sometimes it’s the little things that adds up.

Now as far a craftsmanship they REALLY pay attention to detail and I love that a lot! For example, they had the extended slide release already molded into the holster so you didn’t have to worry if you decide to add one later down the road.

They also had the awesome idea to mold in the extended magazine release as well which is great because sometimes those upgrades will require a new holster. Noticing the small things adds up well for me at least because those are pretty standard upgrades and they’ve kept the shooter in mind which is great.

To the retention part I have to say it’s at the most consistent medium I’ve ever experienced not tooloose and not too overly tight but just perfect. Now keep in mind I executed about 500 draws so the more draws I did the more used to the retention I had gotten and I also switched between 3 different belts a regular leather Dickies belt, a 5.11 1.5″ belt, and a Bianchi duty belt of these I found it most comfortable with a 5.11 1.5″ but for quickness I used my Bianchi duty belt for a grab and go type deal. The dual magazine holder was great also and functioned as it should with light to medium retention but it adjustable to the shooter.

Overall I’m gonna say this setup is amazing and a rather incredible deal whether you’re a concealed carrier or a duty carrier or just a range freak like myself.

I greatly enjoyed this review I get the warm and fuzzy’s from Bravo Concealment just noticing the attention to detail and the fact they keep the shooter in mind while designing their product.

Oh, and the best part is it’s on sale right now around $80 for both the holster W/Light and the dual magazine carrier!!

Cost: 3/5

Durability 4/5

Functionality 5/5

Weight 5/5

Total: 17/20

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