I was honestly feeling a bit overwhelmed when the third pair of jeans arrived for review. I had put in for three different pairs figuring only one or two would be coming for review. Initially I was correct, the 5.11’s weren’t in stock and as the weeks went on I was content with working on the two I had received and thought I would take a break once those were done. Then just as I finished the first review and was looking forward to completing one more and being done a package arrived from LAPG with the third pair of jeans, the 5.11 Defenders.  Kicking myself for signing up for such an ambitious number of products, especially with our third child so close to being born, I pulled the jeans from the packaging and threw them in the wash and forgot about them. I figured if nothing else it would give me a third price range to compare the other two against. A few days later I blindly grabbed a pair of jeans from my dresser and realized how happy I was to be wrong about this third pair of unwanted pants.



Before I sound like I’m getting too carried away or exaggerating let me clarify. There isn’t anything truly earth-shattering about these jeans over others of a similar style, it’s just simply everything was done well as a cohesive unit. The pocket layout, the fit, the aesthetics, everything just worked well as a unit to create a solid product. Full details of the product and the link to purchase can be found here.

While I wanted to cover most of the details of these pants in the video review I want to point out that I don’t do unrealistic testing of products. I use them as the manufacturer recommends and don’t believe in overly dramatic or aggressive testing designed to make the product fail. My sons ensure that I live a very active lifestyle, we are constantly outdoors at playgrounds, the nearby lake, or simply exploring the outdoors. Even when we are inside I’m not static and the amount of time I spend crawling around on all fours with them has quickly destroyed many pairs of pants. I am also always doing this with all the items pictured throughout the review, having pants that move with my lifestyle and don’t restrict the 24/7 playtime life I live while carrying has been something I normally struggle to find with pants. These performed beyond my expectations.

Durability N/A: As stated in the video I did not spend enough time with this product to fairly gauge it’s durability. While I have not seen any reason to doubt the product’s durability the few weeks I’ve had it are not sufficient for me to give it an honest score. I would like to note that living the Dad life means I’m much harder on jeans than normal. The amount of pants I’ve worn out crawling around on the ground with my kids continues to grow, but these pants haven’t shown any issue thus far.

These jeans have solid construction, with gold double stitching and Bartacks at stress points to provide greater durability. The fitted waistline provides a slimmer fit but also has some flexibility to fit a holster and other items comfortably.

Price 4/5: For $70 these are not the most expensive jeans in the tactical market, or even the most expensive pair that I have recently reviewed. The fit and functionality prove their worth, however the practicality of the jeans does not so greatly outweigh others to earn it a perfect score.

Both front pockets have reinforcement to hold up against constant use from clips for pocketknives, flashlights, etc. The numerous belt loops provide a solid foundation for your belt.

Weight/Aesthetics 5/5: These look like normal jeans, they have a nice gold threading, and while they are on the thinner side I do not see that as a detracting factor. Having features that are very useful for daily or range use without giving off the tactical Timmy vibe is something I appreciate.

Fit/Comfort 4/5: The fit was great, the fitted waistband fit much more naturally and the stretch allowed the fit to not be tailored to one specific waistline. The only detracting factor was the lack of a gusseted crotch, I have come to appreciate that factor in pants, especially chasing my toddlers around and I did notice it’s absence from these pants. I do not know how this would affect the price point, but I’d be willing to pay a little more for this feature to be added, and it has become common enough in the market that I was surprised it wasn’t featured.

These pants move with you throughout the day and allow you to carry whatever your normal edc items are with ease. From sitting down on the floor to change dirty diapers, running, exercise, or simply constantly squatting down to help my sons these pants allowed me to do so without having to unload items from my pockets.

Practicality/Functionality 5/5: From the pocket layout to the belt loops to the way the jeans moved with my body throughout the day. I am still surprised at how well put together these pants were. I love that I can use the jeans on the range and then use them just as effectively with my normal daily wear.

Flashlights, full size pistol mags, wallets, etc., can all be concealed and carried comfortably with these jeans. The practicality of the pocket layout combined with the free movement these jeans allowed made them my favorite of the three tested.

Total 18/20: I’m buying another pair of these jeans. I’m not sure anything else I say goes farther than simply putting my money into purchasing more of this product.

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By Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson spent six years as a USMC Machine Gunner. He deployed three times to Afghanistan as a gunner, team leader, and section leader and left the Marines in 2015. After leaving the Marines he attended college and earned his Bachelors in Business Administration in 2019. He is currently raising his three small sons with his wife, while continuing to learn as much as he can about firearms, and pass that knowledge on. He also dryfires entirely too much in his basement.

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