There has always been a need for personal protection. Arguably, the need is becoming more and more serious every day, yet some still choose walk around without it because it simply doesn’t seem plausible it will happen to you. It’s always better to be prepared for a situation that doesn’t happen than unprepared for one that doesn’t. A couple of people thought about this and now it’s even easier to make yourself a little safer with something you carry every single day, your cell phone.

The folks over at Stinger Solutions have you covered here. They’ve come out with, “The world’s only stung gun smart phone case.” The outside of the package boasts about dual safety mechanisms, ambidextrous trigger, TPU protective phone case, a battery that “virtually doubles your phone batteries life,” and many other things. Needless to say, I was excited to open this thing up and I wasn’t disappointed. In the box, I found the Yellow Jacket case along with many other little necessities. It contained a screen protector (with cleaning cloth), aux cord, wrist strap, micro USB and of course the manual. A good number of expensive things we already pay extra for when buying a standard phone case.

The whole thing is a pretty cool setup. The phone case itself separates from the Yellow Jacket system and provides a slim case all on its own. Taking it away from the system is as simple as the press of a button and sliding the case upwards. What you have left behind is the Yellow Jacket itself. The first to stick out is the stun gun activation switch, the big button on the back. The safety is on the lower left had side of the case. If the safety is on when you expose the electrodes you’ll just see two metal spikes come up. Once you click the safety off however, the activation switch lights up red letting you know someone is about to get burned. Very smart and obvious warning sign for the from a safety standpoint.  In the manual, there are detailed instruction not only on how to use the Yellow Jacket but how and where to aim on the body for the most effective take downs.

The outside of the battery pack contains several other instruments for convenience when carrying this little guy around. There is an indicator on the lower rear portion of the case with four dots, these dots indicate the battery life of the Yellow Jacket. The same battery that powers the case is what also powers your phone if you need a charge. Double tapping the button on the back will direct the battery to charge your phone. It’s a simple feature that allowed the company to keep the Yellow Jacket somewhat slim. While it may seem bulky to a lot of people, especially if you’re carrying it in your pocket, keep in mind what all you have in this little case, a sense of protection and defense.

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The actual stun gun itself is a pretty nasty little thing. It puts out approximately 7,000,000 volts for use in self-defense. The stun gun we have here is more of a deterrent than a weapon, it will definitely make someone think about their next move. The loud popping noise when its engaged is enough to make many question their next step. When applied to the body it will cause enough pain to momentarily delay them, allowing you to make that next critical decision. In order to increase the amount of time you have follow the guide on the body parts to target in an attack for maximum effectiveness. It works well in this area, it’s has a pretty painful sting and was enough to make me question moving towards my wife when she used it in testing. Pretty convenient little package if you ask me.

Overall, I’m a huge fan. The multipurpose use of the case is impressive. The battery pack charge is extremely convenient in a world where people are constantly looking for to charge their phones. It’s a very inconspicuous case as well, if you saw someone texting or talking on their phone you wouldn’t even notice the hidden stun gun unless you observed it pretty closely. Finally, the simplicity is its best feature, very easy to activate and employ in dangerous situation but safe enough to keep around the house. The price may seem a little steep to some at $159.00, but you have to think about what you’re getting. A phone case, charger, screen protector and a good little stun gun. It a big kit for a decent price. The only downside for me was it’s a bit on the bulky side but I can deal with that. I would definitely recommend this to the everyday person cruising the streets, it’s an effective everyday form of protection that can be utilized or in conjunction with your current setup.

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By Jay Amra

Jay joined the Marine Corps in 2008 as an infantryman, specifically a machine gunner. In 2009 he deployed to Marjah, Afghanistan serving as a machinegun team leader with 3rd Platoon, Alpha Co., 1st Battalion 6th Marines. His career would continue with the same unit throughout deployments to Sangin and Kajaki, Afghanistan and the 22nd MEU. Jay is an active duty Marine serving as a senior enlisted instructor at The Basic School at Marine Corps Base Quantico. He currently serves as a primary instructor for the infantry platoon tactics package. Jay is currently seeking his degree in sport science and will transfer to George Mason in 2017.

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