February 4, 2023

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Being from Phoenix, Arizona, we’re afforded more sunny days than anywhere else in the entire U.S.  There’s something to do outdoors for just about anyone, particularly for hikers and trail runners.

Phoenix is considered a mecca for urban hiking.  That doesn’t mean one is hiking around downtown skyscrapers.  It simply means no matter where you are in Phoenix; you’re guaranteed to be a short drive from a great trail.

Many things go into planning a hike, particularly in the hot summer months of July through September, items such as clothing, survival gear, hydration equipment and of course hiking shoes.

According to REI “choosing the right hiking boots is a matchmaking process.”   Your dream shoes need to sync with how and where you hike.  Some food for thought when choosing:

  • Know your size. Know you foot’s length, width and arch length measured on a specifically calibrated device that just about any outdoor store has
  • Try your shoes/boots on at the end of the da Your feet typically swell by days end and you want shoes that aren’t too small
  • Wear appropriate socks. Don’t try them on with thin work socks on lunch break
  • Change your knot strategy. What do I mean by this?  How you lace your boots can change how they fit.  You might be passing up an awesome fit simply because you laced your shoes incorrectly.

I received the Xero Xcursion Men’s black size 10.5 brand new and still in the box.  At first glance I was impressed with their weight (very light), design and overall aesthetics.  Their size 9 boasts a weight of just 12 ounces; I told you they were super light!

The shoes had a excellent, thick laces, double stitching all over, breathable lightweight mesh where there wasn’t sole siding and an excellent rubber style sole with V pattern tread that they’re calling “Feeltrue® rubber sole”.

The front toe cover was stiff but not too much and had some give, which proved to be very comfortable when I actually wore them on 2 hikes.  The inside support was firm yet not too thick and provided enough support for out of the box and its water proof too.  I would recommend using personal inserts if you have them.

I actually crossed some light ankle high streams and they performed flawlessly, my feet didn’t get wet and they weren’t slippery afterwards for a long time.

One of the key aspects anyone should consider when looking for a good quality hiking shoe or boot is comfort, durability, stability, weight, warmth and water resistance. I wore the Xero Xcursion around the house for the first couple of days to break them in.  They were quite stiff and offered a lot support around the ankle, which I liked and did I say they were light?

Some other key take away points I noticed about the shoes

  • A wide toe with rubber sole that came all the way from the sole up in one continuous piece
  • The sole, while firm had bend to it and moved with your feet instead of against them
  • Lightweight construction
  • Waterproof throughout
  • A silver and white luminescent strip of material that goes around the shoe so you can be seen in low light and darkness.

In summary, the Xero Xcursion is an exceptionally well-made shoe with thought and craftsmanship going into its design.  The only thing I would say for consideration would be the design on the sole has a “V” type pattern that doesn’t go all the way to the edge of the shoe, which caused my feet to roll a couple of times while hiking.

Their MSRP is $159.99, and come in two colors, black and forest.  They have 101 reviews on their website and have an excellent short video explaining them.


Design:  5/5

Workmanship:  5/5

Materials:  5/5

Function 4.5/5

Weight:  5/5

Overall Rating:  24.5/25

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