Gear companies – Every day a new one emerges and another dies down.

From time to time you find a manufacturer that provides quality gear for a decent price. Even rarer is finding such a manufacturer that also has a good customer service. If you’re very lucky, that company let’s you customize the product using several options. That company is British Tactical.


The company reached out to me trough Spotter Up to test out some of their new products. Looking over their website and reading the reviews, I was intrigued. A British company that makes everything in the UK, has several types of pouches I’ve been looking for and hadn’t found before, options and attachments to their pouches,… great!


They also started working together with FLIMMUUR Tactical for the new range HORIZON Laminate. definitely worth checking out.

After some time-delay because of bigger and more important orders than a tiny reviewer, I received a big box of gear. Over the next several weeks, I will review these items.

On this post I will bundle all the different reviews:

  • 10X3 Chest Rig (Website / Review)
  • Chest Rig Triple Mag Insert (Website / Review)
  • Low Profile Chest Rig SHoulder Pads (Website / Review)
  • “Mad Jack” Knife Sheath (Website / Review)
  • Tactical Beer Koozie (Website / Review)
  • Double Universal Mag Pouch (Website / Review)
  • Mag Pouch Radio Insert (Website / Review)
  • Smoke Gren Pouch (Website / Review)
  • A5 Nyrex Stealth Admin Pouch (Website / Review)


“Tom is a Belgian JTAC who loves to go shooting, hiking and drop bombs. In his free time he can be found hiking with his two blondes: his fiancée and his labrador. He started his military carreer in 2006 and before qualifying as a JTAC, he was an Artillery Platoon leader.

He has always had an interest in quality gear and wishes to spread his knowledge and interest to others.”

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