For a while I was looking for something new, but something aggressive in a knife. The blades I have I love, and all have a purpose, but they seemed to lack the personality that I was looking for. This is partly because I’m more of a utilitarian at heart, most everything I do and buy goes to serve a particular purpose. The Thick Bastard serves both of those goals, attitude with purpose.

As you can gather by its name, the Thick Bastard is well, thick. Thicker than most blades I own, coming in at 3/16 of an inch. It measures at 7.25” long, with an edge just under 3.5”. Its thickness provides a sturdy and balanced feel, while giving it ample heft without making it difficult to manipulate.

The Thick Bastard is small, but effective. This blade was designed to stay hidden, behind a belt or, as I carry it, in the pocket. Both carry methods a hardly noticeable to both the carrier and anyone around them, and with a fast twitch it can be deployed quickly and accurately. The handle is made out of G10, and can either be smooth or textured. Other choices for the handle are various types of hardwood such as Maple and Cedar.

The blade itself is made out of 1095, a great choice for fixed blades. For those of you who are new to blades, 1095 needs slightly more maintenance than other metals, but is highly resistant to chipping and is used for heavy duty abuse. It’s not too hard, or too soft but just right. I generally keep a thin layer of lubricant on the blade to prevent any rust, but rust isn’t much of an issue as is, old habits die hard. The Thick Bastard gets a solid Cerakote paint job to protect the finish and give it a great look that prevents it from being overly reflective. This blade can be had for $190 while the first run lasts, then will increase for the next batch.

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By Thomas Leitner

Tom is a decorated Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps where he served with Military Police and Airframes on the CH-53E. Currently he specializes in teaching Urban Escape & Evasion, wilderness survival, and Tactical Applications in Urban Environments. Tom teaches fire arms safety, manipulation, and marksmanship throughout eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Tom currently teaches Field Craft Hostile skills for the military, and every summer helps mold the minds of our future generations at military summer camps where he teaches advanced military skills, leadership, and team work.

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  1. I carry the Double Edge Slim by Greg Moffatt. Fits in my hand so comfortable and natural. Couldn’t recommend it enough

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