The Vertx® Integrity P Vest is a low-profile insulated vest design to meet the needs of armed professionals.

Vests are a versatile and practical cover garment for the concealed weapon carrier. In cooler weather insulated vests provide warmth and protection for the core of the body. Lightweight non-insulated vests work well for warmer weather. All while while leaving the arms free for movement and comfort. The inherent practicality of vests make them the cover garment of choice for IDPA shooters.

With cooler weather here, I was looking for an insulated vest for use as a cover garment. I wanted one with multiple pockets that that gave me the capability to carry essential gear while keeping my hands free and maintaining a low profile at the same time. The Vertx® Integrity P Vest looked like just the ticket for my needs, so I arranged to have one sent out. I was not disappointed.

Vertx Integrity P Vest

Vertx should need no introduction. They are a leader in low-profile apparel, tactical garments, and low-profile concealed carry bags and packs designed for armed professionals. And for good reason. All of the Vertx products I have evaluated have been very well-designed and exceptionally well-made.

The Integrity P Vest is part of the Vertx Integrity Collection, which also includes the Integrity P Jacket, Integrity +P Jacket, Integrity Shell Jacket and Integrity Shell Pants. The Integrity Collection is part of the Vertx 37.5® Technology line.

Rip-stop shell fabric provides added durability. Vest has water and wind resistant DWR exterior finish. 37.5 Technology insulation actively works with the wearer to keep wearer warm, dry and odor-free. The vest features an AbrasionGuard™ lining and a rip-stop body to reduce wear and tear from gear worn at the waist.

The Vertx Integrity P Vest is a great looking vest designed with the concealed weapon carrier in mind. It’s a versatile piece of outerwear designed to provide warmth and functionality without sacrificing a low-profile design. It keeps you warm, dry and comfortable without adding bulk.

The body of the vest is made of 100% Nylon mini rip-stop, while the lining is a blend of 57% Polyester and 43% 37.5 Technology Polyester. The lower lining has an AbrasionGuard™ to reduce wear and tear from gear worn at the waist. The AbrasionGuard lining is composed of 96% Polyester and 4% Spandex. The vest’s rip-stop shell fabric adds to the overall durability. The collar is lined with brushed tricot that provides a soft, comfortable feel against the skin.

Polyester and spandex are two synthetic fabrics that are widely used in the clothing industry. They have different properties and advantages that make them suitable for different purposes. Polyester is a durable, wrinkle-resistant, and quick-drying fabric that can retain its shape and color well. Spandex is a stretchy and elastic fabric that can provide comfort and flexibility. They’re both moisture-wicking. Tricot is a warp-knit fabric, which makes it much stronger than other knits of similar material.

The vest is insulated with 60-gram 37.5 Technology insulation. The thickness of synthetic insulation is usually expressed as grams per square meter. For the metrically challenged, one gram is equivalent to 0.035 oz. Typically, jackets or vests weighing between 50 and 100 grams are ideal for the transitional seasons of spring and fall (based on average U.S. temperatures), or for times when layering is anticipated.

The vest has an athletic fit. A drop-back hem ensures continuous coverage of the belt and back area during bending movements or vigorous activities.

37.5 Technology is a proprietary technology made from naturally derived materials. There are no harsh chemicals to irritate the skin. It dries up to five times faster than other performance fabrics, eliminating wet cling and enhancing both comfort and athletic performance. It performs even better when layered with other 37.5 garments.

Although synthetic fabrics continue to insulate when wet, they’re more efficient when dry. The 37.5 Technology stops moisture at the vapor stage and uses your body’s own energy to help keep you cool or warm. It has active particles in the yarn that help to control odor, which is an issue with many synthetic fabrics. The active particles are permanently embedded into the fibers. They never wash out, providing lasting odor control.

The vest is packed with features that enhance its functionality and comfort. It has a drop-back hem that maintains belt and back coverage during bending and strenuous activities. The vest can be layered with other outerwear pieces like the Vertx Fury Hardshell or Vertx Paratus Hoody for added protection against the elements.

It boasts an athletic fit and a “storm guard” water and wind-resistant Durable Water Repellent (DWR) exterior finish. The vest is designed with a drop-back hem to ensure continuous coverage of the belt and back area during bending movements or vigorous activities. A full-zip front adds to the vest’s practicality. There is a locker loop / comms loop inside beneath the back collar to route comms wires.

The vest has five pockets that provide ample storage. More so than most safari/photographer vests. All of the pockets are very well thought out. They are also very low profile.

Large dump pockets are compatible with Tactigami™, Dolos Pouches and other hook-and-loop accessories. Insulation on outside of pocket prevents printing.

The vest has two large concealed zippered front dump pockets that are lined with VELCRO® Brand loop. They are compatible with Vertx Tactigami®, Dolos AR and pistol mag pouches, and other hook-and-loop accessories, for maximum versatility and adaptability when putting together your first line gear. Tactigami is a “tactical origami” made from VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® material that offers a fully customizable organization system that can affixed to any hook-and-loop surface. The insulation on the outside of the dump pockets reduces any printing.

The vest also features angled vertical zippered pass-throughs concealed inside large dual hand pockets, providing discreet access to appendix-carry items. The hand pockets have zipper closure, allowing them to also be used for secure storage The hand pockets are lined with soft tricot for added warmth. There is also a large vertical zippered internal stash pocket on the left chest.

YKK® VISLON® zippers are used throughout. VISLON zippers are injection-molded zippers known for their durability. The zippers feature an auto-lock slider to prevent the zipper from coming undone on its own. The zipper pull tabs are equipped with nylon pull cords with a rubber heat-shrunk pull.

The vest comes with a peel-and-stick adhesive-backed loop-field patch kit to aid in applying hook-backed patches without damaging the garment. It’s another example of Vertx’s attention to detail.

Vertical zippered pass-throughs concealed inside hand pockets allow discreet access to appendix-carry items. Hand pockets are tricot lined for added warmth.

As with any garment, fit and sizing are important. The athletic fit of the Integrity P Vest is designed to be be more form fitting than a baggy vest but still loose enough from the body to wear over a base later and conceal a firearm. It’s designed to snugly fit around the neck and shoulders without limiting movement or causing discomfort around the arms. It may not work for all body types, but I found the fit to be ideal for me.

A good way to check if the length of any cover garment is sufficient is to raise both of your arms over your head. If the garment rides up to a point that it exposes your gun or holster when you do this or it nearly does, the garment is likely too short in length. The vest should allow for a clean sweep if you are drawing a waist mounted firearm.

I have no issues concealing up to full size service pistol under the vest without significant printing (the insulation helps in this regard). The vest is easily cleared for quick access to my firearm in a standard manner (lifting the vest when zipped to clear it or sweeping it away when unzipped).

Although the pass-through is a good additional option in some situations, you do need to take into consideration the potential issue of snagging, especially when under stress. Needless to say, you should always practice draws and presentations with the handgun (unloaded) that you will be carrying with any style of cover garment that you will be wearing. Safety is always paramount.

Full-zip front with zippered internal chest pocket

Final Thoughts

The Vertx Integrity P Vest is a well-designed and well-made piece of outerwear that offers warmth, functionality, and durability. Its feature-packed low-profile design and ample storage make it a practical choice for those needing to weather the cold without adding bulk. It’s not only an outstanding vest, it’s an outstanding cover garment for concealed carry.

The vest is available in Shock Cord, Nightstalker and Burnt Chili colorways. MSRP is a reasonable $129.99 USD. It’s available in sizes SML, MED, LRG, XL and 2XL. It can be purchased from the Vertx official website or from authorized dealers.

Vertx stands behind its products. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, they will be happy to accept an exchange or a return for a full refund within 60 days of purchase (terms apply, as always).



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