The Protector Series Part One is the first book in a three book series.  Part one goes into the intricacies of solo executive protection and protecting ultra high net worth individuals and families as solo bodyguard.  

Part one dives into how a solo protectors can use tradecraft, tools, protective intelligence, networking, and a variety of methods to protect their clients.  This book is a guidebook of sorts for professionals in the security industry or those looking to get into the industry as a solo executive protection specialist.  

The content is based off the author’s own experience and knowledge he has gained over the last 21 years of being in the military, government contracting, and security industries.  

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Part two will be out sometime next year and will focus on the everyday citizen and how they can better protect their families and their own lives.

By Justen Keating

Justen Keating is a Marine with multiple combat deployments. A former contractor for the CIA, a podcast co-host on the Area of Operations podcast. He is the founder of Keating Global Risks, a firm that consults on protection of high-net worth individuals, trains law enforcement, and consults on travel security issues. He is the author of The Protector Series books, a contributing author for EP Wired Magazine, writes product reviews for Spotterup, and is fellow for National Security issues with the Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy in DC.

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