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On Dec 13, 2003 Chris was a part of the Delta Force team that captured Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

20 years later Chris is now a Board Member of the amazing All Secure Foundation run by Jen ad Tom Satterly ( also former Delta) www.allsecurefoundation.org

Chris is a work in progress. And that compass’s progress is in the right direction after a lot of setbacks and detours.

Part of his mission now is to reduce the stigma of getting help for PTS, PTSD, Mental Health and preventing Veteran Suicide- much like a former guest Erick Miyares is working towards.

We spoke very openly about many chapters of his life, from joining the Military, to Selection, To the Unit, Transition to civilian life with TBI, PTSD, Depression, Sleep Disorders, and chemical dependency.

Having navigated both traditional and nontraditional paths to recovery, Chris is an advocate for veteran mental health and wellness, veterans helping veterans, and finding ways to recover using the healing properties of outdoor pursuits.

I loved hearing Chris speak about routine, exercise, nutrition and outdoors being the keys to his recovery and  we had a great chat about CURING INSOMNIA and fixing sleep routine so he could climb out the that dark, overwhelming place so many of us know of, or know others are in or have been.

Christopher VanSant is a retired 20+ year Special Operations Veteran. Mr. VanSant’s service includes time in the 75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division, the 82nd Airborne Division, and 11 combat deployments as both a Team Member and Team Leader in 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (Delta Force).

During the latter part of his career, Chris was responsible for developing, procuring, and equipping the Army’s Green Berets.

Chris retired from the Army in 2015, at which point he transitioned to civilian life and

became the Chief Operating Officer for Tyr Tactical, LLC. Tyr is a US manufacturer of Body Armor,

Ballistic Shields, Tactical Nylon products, Clothing, and K9 equipment.

In 2022, Chris moved on from Tyr Tactical to start his own consulting company -VanSant, LLC . Having spent nearly 27 years as an end user, combat developer, and manufacturer of combat equipment, he Utilizes that experience to provide Defense related businesses with product development, business development, and government acquisition consultation.

Chris’s career as a consultant allows him to maintain a healthy work life balance, pursue his passions, and support various veteran charitable endeavors.

Overcoming many obstacles and sustaining numerous injuries throughout his military career, Chris’s biggest challenge was overcoming his aforementioned hurdles.

He and his wife Robin (His “Life Team Mate” ) support various veteran charitable causes and it was an absolute pleasure speaking with him and bringing this amazing story to you, the listener.

You can find Chris on Insta at cvansant123@instagram

At his consulting company VanSant, LLC

And you can find out more about the All Secure Foundation, http://www.allsecurefoundation.org


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