How you will be carrying your magazines and the application will dictate the type of pouch. Many magazine pouches are big and bulky and hold the mags too far off the body for effective concealment. Retention is also an important consideration. You want a pouch that can keep your mags securely in place when the going gets dynamic. The good news is that you have some options that address these needs.

If you are looking for a low profile and secure way to discreetly carry an extra AR-15/M4 magazine on your belt, I would definitely give the new FERO2 AR-15 magazine pouch from Tenicor a try. This pouch is designed with some unique features that make it a great choice for concealed carry. It is also a great choice for use at the range.

Tenicor is an Idaho company that is best known for designing and manufacturing innovative, top-notch holsters for concealed carry. But they are much more than just a holster company. They also make other great concealed carry accessories as well. The genesis of their designs is when they recognize a problem with existing equipment.

All of the products are designed to be high-performing and are built to stringent quality standards. They blend aesthetics and function. All Tenicor products undergo extensive field testing prior to their release. I recently reviewed their outstanding ZERO Belt minimalist concealed carry belt in Spotter Up.

Tenicor was founded by former law enforcement patrol and SWAT officer Jeff Mau, who serves as company Head of Strategy and Development, or “Head Wonk” as Jeff puts it. The company introduced its first commercially available product in 2017.

Tenicor FERO2 AR-15 magazine pouch has a robust design that is optimized for concealment. Fully ambidextrous pouch, it is designed to sit on the support side with bullet tips either facing forward or rearward. The dual retention screws allow for custom tension adjustment.

FERO2 AR-15 Mag Pouch

The FERO2 magazine pouches get their name from the Latin verb ferō, which means to bring/bear/carry. The FERO2 mag pouches are an update of the original FERO mag pouch which was introduced by Tenicor right out of the gate in 2017.

The FERO2 AR-15 magazine pouch is the latest in the line. It has a streamlined and efficient body-hugging design that minimizes bulk and maximizes concealment. There is no excess. It is simple yet innovative. It holds a single magazine.

The FERO2 AR-15 magazine pouch is an OWB pouch that is designed to attach firmly to a wide variety of belts, including single thickness nylon and leather belts up to most triple thickness nylon belts. However, some leather belts may be too thick for it to fit properly.

The FERO2 AR-15 magazine pouch is made from a strong and durable rigid thermoplastic material that provides excellent retention and protection for your magazine. It has a scuff-resistant matte leather grain type textured exterior surface. It has a smooth interior with shallow vertical grooves.

The pouch rides high on the belt line, making it easy to conceal. Tenicor found the right balance point of height so that when it is mounted on the belt it doesn’t tilt or cam away from the body. They have added “wings” on the top for stability and to help with the correct ride height. The rear wing is approximately 0.50:” taller than the front and serves as a shirt guard. The wings also help guide the magazine into the pouch.

The FERO2 AR-15 magazine pouch uses a custom engineered proprietary clip that designed for security and concealment. The clip is made of the same polymer as the body of the pouch. The clip is equipped with underhooks that fit over and past the edge of the belt and into the body of the magazine pouch.

The clip is adjustable for fit. The clip has two rows of adjustment holes to adjust the clip for 1.50″ or 1.75″ belts. The clip also has spacers that allow you to adjust the fit to accommodate different belt thicknesses. It is easy to clip on, allowing you to quickly change the placement of the pouch on your belt. It is not adjustable for cant.

The FERO2 AR-15 magazine pouch is precision engineered for a perfect fit and performance. It is compatible with all STANAG-compliant rifle magazines. The pouch is made using proprietary 3D CAD designs and precision CNC machined tooling that ensure what Tenicor refers to as a Trucise™ fit for your magazine.

The magazine is held in place by friction. The pouch is designed so that it can provide sufficient retention to prevent the magazine from being freed in any way other than intentionally pulling it out. The pouch has dual tension screws that allow you to adjust the magazine retention level to your preference. The pouch comes with a set of hard rubber 0.25″ spacers that can be swapped for the factory installed spacers for use with thinner magazines.

With the magazine retention level set as it came from the factory, I could not shake a fully loaded 30-round magazine free, even when held upside down, but it was very easy and quick to deploy it. There was no need for any adjustment of the tension screws or need to install thinner spacers. I employed Magpul® PMAG®s and USGI aluminum magazines during my evaluation.

Tenicor FERO2 AR-15 magazine pouch utilizes a purpose-built proprietary clip to minimize bulk and maximize concealment and security. It can accommodate 1.5” and 1.75” belts securely.

The FERO2 AR-15 magazine pouch is ambidextrous and can be worn comfortably on the support side with the bullet tips facing forward or rearward. I was able to easily conceal the a 30-round magazine on my support side under my typical everyday cover garments, such as a relatively loose shirt.

Closing Thoughts

The FERO2 AR-15 magazine pouch is an outstanding mag pouch. It is a very high-quality product that offers a simple and effective low profile solution for carrying an extra AR-15/M4 magazine. Fit and function are excellent. As has been the case with all Tenicor products that I have examined, it is very well engineered and very well made. Tenicor also offers a version of the FERO2 for pistol mags.

You can find more details and order information on the Tenicor website. MSRP for the FERO2 AR-15 magazine pouch is $49.00 USD. It comes in black only. For bulk GOV, Agency and Unit pricing and orders, email Tenicor at

All Tenicor items ship within one day of their purchase. Tenicor stands by its products 100%. If any of them fail, they will refund you or send you a replacement at no cost. Terms apply. All Tenicor products are made in the USA.



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