The Team Wendy EXFIL LTP™ (Lightweight Tactical Polymer) bump helmet is part of the EXFIL® line, which also includes the EXFIL Carbon bump helmet, EXFIL Ballistic, EXFIL Ballistic SL, EXFIL SAR Backcountry and EXFIL SAR Tactical. Apart from the EXFIL line, the company also manufactures the M-216™ and M-216 Backcountry ski helmets.

Founded in 1997 by Cleveland-based entrepreneur Dan T. Moore as a memorial to his daughter Wendy, who passed away from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) following a snow-skiing accident, Team Wendy is a leading maker of head protective systems. Since 2005, it has been the primary supplier of the patented ZORBIUM® Action Pad (ZAP™) system, which is standard issue to most ground combat tropps in the US Army, Marines and Navy..

EXFIL LTP has durable, high strength Lexan polycarbonate copolymer shell. The built-in NVG shroud* utilizes an integrated Wilcox ® machined aluminum shroud insert. The EXFIL LTP is available with either the Team Wendy EXFIL 2.0 or 3.0 Rail System. The 2.0 Rail System shown.

The EXFIL LTP is designed to provide a stable and comfortable high-end platform for mounting accessories, such as night vision, cameras, lights and other devices, while providing a level of impact protection that’s unsurpassed by any polymer shell in its class. The helmet has also been independently tested to meet all performance requirements of EN 1385:2012, commonly known as the Whitewater Standard.

Tactical applications for the EXFIL LTP include various airborne, heliborne/airmobile, VBSS/maritime and mountain operations, recce, CSAR and training, where light weight and functionality are priorities that outweigh a need for ballistic protection..

The EXFIL LTP shares the distinctive geometry of all of the EXFIL helmets. It maintains the same sleek, low profile form factor that is designed for maximum functionality while not impeding operational awareness and providing clearance for comms.

The EXFIL LTP is available in Black and Coyote Brown. It features an extremely durable, high-strength Lexan® polycarbonate copolymer shell that’s vented to provide optimal airflow for passive cooling.

Lexan is a remarkably tough material and was used by NASA for astronaut helmet assemblies, including those used by the Apollo moon astronauts. NFL football helmets are also made from Lexan.

The EXFIL LTP was the first helmet with an integrated night vision goggle (NVG) shroud that’s built to the specifications of the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Special Operations Forces Personal Equipment Advanced Requirements (SPEAR) program. It utilizes an integrated Wilcox® NVG insert that’s machined from 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum alloy billet.

The Wilcox insert provides a solid, precision fit with NVG arms that molded plastic NVG shrouds cannot provide and substantially more durable. It has a low profile design that mounts flush to the surface of the EXFIL LTP helmet, making it completely snag free for HALO, HAHO and static line operations.

A shock cord kit for stabilizing NVG is included with the helmet. The NVG mount/interface required for attaching night vision devices to the EXFIL LTP helmet isn’t included.

The NVG shroud is compatible with many common non-aviation quick-detach-type NVG arms, including the US Army Standard, Wilcox L4 Series and Norotos® INVG and AKA2. The shroud also supports the use of helmet-borne accessories that utilize NVG mounts, such as the GoPro® HERO video cameras (NVG mounting option sold separately) and Princeton Tec® Remix headlamps.

Side-view of EXFIL LTP with Team Wendy EXFIL 3.0 Rail System and shock cord installed.. Also available as a retrofit kit, the 3.0 Rail System allows installation of the EXFIL Ballistic Visor and the EXFIL Face Shield

A retention lanyard is an essential piece of kit on any helmet when NVGs are employed. The purpose of a retention lanyard is to catch your valuable NVG in the event that the mount should disengages from the helmet, protecting it from damage.

Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC) makes a special retention lanyard designed specifically for bump helmets with molded-in shrouds the TNVC Base Jump Lanyard. It utilizes an off-the shelf, mil-spec Wilcox retractable lanyard that’s threaded over a mil spec webbing / hook & loop strap. The ends of the TNVC Base Jump Lanyard strap go through the forward vent holes on the helmet and are secured with the hook patches on the inside of the helmet.

The EXFIL LTP utilizes Team Wendy’s next-generation ZORBIUM pad system. It’s designed to provide true multi-impact performance to mitigate concussive-level impacts.

TBI is a serious public health problem in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates 1.7 million people sustain a TBI annually in the United States. Seventy five percent of these are concussions or other forms of mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI). Concussion or mTBI can lead to significant, life-long impairment affecting an individuals abilities to function.

The helmet has a ZORBIUM foam impact liner with six customizable comfort pads in various shapes. The proprietary pads are sealed with a water-resistant film and antimicrobial wicking fabric. Replaceable comfort pads are available for purchase. The use of multiple comfort pads provide individual sizing and fit.

The EXFIL LTP offers a level of comfort, stability and ease of adjustment that’s unmatched by any other polymer bump helmet. The helmet has been specifically designed to address the issues resulting from heavy front loading when NVGs are employed.

The EXFIL LTP features Team Wendy’s CAM-FIT™ Retention System. It uses easily adjustable Cam-Lock sliders and a custom micro-adjustable BOA® Fit System. The BOA Fit System allows the operator to easily and securely modify the fit of the helmet with one hand using a simple, yet reliable dial system.

You simply push the BOA dial in and turn it clockwise to tighten. Pull the dial out to disengage and loosen. No fuss. No hassle. The Cam-Lock sliders allow for additional one-handed adjustment.

The EXFIL LTP is available with either the Team Wendy EXFIL Rail 2.0 Rail or EXFIL Rail 3.0  System. The rails feature glass filled polymer construction for strength and securely mount to the shell using standard 3-hole stainless 4-40 fasteners.

EXFIL LTP features Team Wendy next-generation ZORBIUM pad system and Boa Closure System for optimized stability and fit. The Boa Closure System allows the operator to easily and securely modify the fit of the helmet with one hand using a simple, yet reliable dial system.

Team Wendy provided me with an EXFIL LTP with the EXFIL Rail 2.0 System. The EXFIL Rail 2.0 accessory mounting system is compatible with most EXFIL accessories and features T-slots for custom mounting. The EXFIL Rail 3.0 accessory mounting system is compatible with most EXFIL accessories, and features a built-in Picatinny Rail allowing for installation of the EXFIL Ballistic Visor and the EXFIL Face Shield. The EXFIL Rail 3.0 accessory mounting system is also available separately as a retrofit kit. 

T-slot attachments provide a wide range of attachment and positioning options. There are webbing/cord slots for cable management and additional attachment points. Team Wendy designed slots to provide a simple solution for mounting nearly anything with a thumbscrew and nut.

One “hack” involves mounting a Wilcox NVG lanyard (compatible models: PN 41400G01-x and PN 41400G06-x TNVC) to the t-rail using a thumbscrew (10-32 thread, 7/16″ L #91882A378) and weld nut (10-32 thread, 5/8” L x 7/16” W x 3/32” H #94579A300).

The Team Wendy Rail System is compatible with Magpul® MOE® Polymer Rail Sections. The MOE Polymer Rail Sections allow attachment of various M1913-spec Picatinny rail mounted accessories. Two 7-Slot MOE Polymer Rail Sections and mounting hardware are included with the helmet. The MOE Polymer Rail Sections are securely mounted to the rail system with captive nuts.

Lower rear center-release-buckle (CRB) acceptors on the Team Wendy Rail System also function as rear t-slot entry. The rear t-slot has been positioned for increased strength and slip resistance against forward pulling forces.

An additional entry point on the upper t-slot allows access to front bungee or other accessory with a headset adapter or other mounts still in place. There’s also a “sideburn” section with captive 4-40 nuts for additional mounting. The EXFIL LTP comes with shock cord kit that provides easily adjustable, t-slot mounted NVG stabilization.

Loop panels on the helmet shell allow ID badges, IFF and morale patches, IR beacons and a NVG counterweight to be attached. The rear of the helmet is equipped with a shock cord to further secure a NVG counterweight or a goggle strap.

The EXFIL LTP is available in two sizes Size 1 (M/L) and Size 2 (XL). Complete system weight of the EXFIL LTP is 1.59 pounds (0.72 kg). Complete system weight includes helmet shell, accessory rails, shroud, impact liner and retention system. Weight may vary slightly between sizes and is dependent on the quantity of liner pads that you choose to install.

The EXFIL LTP comes with a protective bag to store the helmet when not in use. Team Wendy offers a long list of optional accessories for the EXFIL LTP.

Thyrm VariArc Helmet Mount features positive indexing at forward, umbrella, and admin task angles, providing light where you need it. Photo: Thyrm.

The Team Wendy EXFIL LTP is an outstanding helmet that has raised the bar for tactical polymer bump helmets. It .has a MSRP of $299.95 and is available directly from Team Wendy on and via Amazon Prime or from one of its authorized dealers. Team Wendy offers a standing 20% discount to all active duty military, police and SAR operators who are buying on an individual basis. Team Wendy products are made in the USA.

Team Wendy’s EXFIL LTP, EXFIL Carbon, EXFIL Ballistic, EXFIL Ballistic SL and EXFIL SAR Tactical have all been tested and approved for airborne operations by the US Air Force 412th Test Wing and their Test Parachute Program (TPP).

Thyrm VariArc Helmet Mount Team Wendy Version

Thyrm has come out with a Team Wendy version of its outstanding VariArc® Helmet Mount. It allows the VariArc to be mounted more directly to Team Wendy helmets, eliminating the necessity of using Team Wendy’s dovetail adapter / Princeton Tec Charge Adapter mount. 

I have replaced one of the MOE Polymer Rail Sections on my EXFIL LTP with the Team Wendy version of the VariArc Helmet Mount. I consider it an essential accessory for any Team Wendy helmet..

Conceived by Josh Jackson (SWAT-LEO) at LMS Defense, the VariArc Helmet Mount is a rotating M1913 Picatinny accessory rail that directs light through 360 degrees. The rail features positive locking in the forward position and rotates to eight additional positions for umbrella and admin tasks, utilizing ratcheting/locking teeth. To unlock and rotate the rail, simply give it a firm twist.

The Team Wendy version of the VariArc Helmet Mount attaches to the side mount location of the helmet with cap screws (included). Indexing will be tight for the first couple of rotations when new. This is normal. Tension is adjustable using an adjustment center screw, but this will not be necessary unless the tension has loosened with extended use.

The VariArc Helmet Mount has three slots and four ridges and is compatible with all standard 1913 Picatinny rail lights. It features retention holes on both ends for dummy wiring critical gear. It is ruggedly built, with durable, reinforced polymer construction with steel hardware. It is lightweight, low profile and has a small footprint.

The  VariArc Helmet Mount  has a MSRP of $29,99. It is available in black and Flat Dark Earth (FDE). As with all Thyrm products, it is designed and made in the USA, 


Team Wendy



Wilcox Industries Corp

Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC)

Princeton Tec

LMS Defense


CDC Traumatic Brain Injury Center

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