Phoenix, Arizona-based Target Factory® makes some great reactive targets. They’re lightweight, easy to handle and simple to set up and take down. Not only are they very affordable, they’re also a heck of a lot of fun. They’re just the ticket for a family day at the range or outdoors. Yet their target dimensions are also challenging for the avid shooter.

The targets are made of LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene). It’s a tough plastic that’s widely used for manufacturing various containers (such as the large neighborhood trash cans). LDPE is environmentally safe and 100% recyclable. It has excellent UV stability, maintaining good color and product stability.

All rounds penetrate thru the hollow targets, leaving a smaller hole than the actual diameter of the bullet and while not completely self sealing, the targets are pretty darn close to being so. The targets can be shot literally hundreds, if not thousands, of times before replacement.

You don’t have to worry about cleanup. There isn’t any. They are the only action targets suitable for indoor ranges and produce no fragmentation, ricochet or bullet deflection. Minimal plastic material comes off the product as a result of shooting, with the plastic punching out versus ripping apart. There’s no “Trigger Trash.”

The targets aren’t intended for use with airguns. BBs and standard pellets may not penetrate and may deflect.

Target Frame Set

The Target Frame Set comes with Target Factory’s A-Frame and one Six-Pack of reactive Target Bottles. You can purchase an additional Six-Pack to make a deluxe Target Frame that holds 12 bottles. To replace worn out bottles just purchase a new Six-Pack. You can attach six bottles on top and an additional six bottles on bottom. There also a slot on top of the frame for clays. The Target Frame Set weighs only 12 pounds with six bottles attached or just 14 pounds with 12 bottles.

Target Factory® Target Bottles.

The Target Frame measures three feet by three feet. It’s made of the same LDPE and is just as durable as the targets. The frame will take hits from hundreds of rounds. Target Factory® hasn’t had any report of a frame destroyed by shooting. The frame features an interlocking hinge and folds flat for hanging, easy storage and transport. The frame is neutral green to offset the bright target colors.

Three Different Targets Available

Target Factory® currently offers three different reactive targets — Target Bottles, Target Bowling Pins and the new Flip-R-Spin Target (3-in-1 Target). They may be hung or used on the ground. They come with a large and small hole to facilitate hanging and come with 3/16-inch 16-strand diamond-braid nylon cord. The cord can take a lot of hits before needing replacement.

Target Bottles

The Target Bottles come in a Three-Pack or Six-Pack in high-visibility colors that stand out against virtually any background. The Target Bottles are similar in size, weight and shape as a long neck glass bottle. They provide high action for even the smallest calibers.

Target Factory® Target Bowling Pins.

Target Bowling Pins

For something more substantial, Target Factory® offers its high visibility, high-durability Target Bowling Pins. The Target Bowling Pins are the same size as regular bowling pins and weigh 3/4-pound. Due to their weight they provide the best action with larger calibers, as there is not enough mass in a small caliber to create significant movement when they are hit. 

Flip-R-Spin Target

Target Factory® Flip-R-Spin Targets.

Just coming on the market and the “Only Target” with three shooting positions, the Flip-R-Spin Target (3-in-1 Target) is another fun target. It’s three targets in one vertical spinner, horizontal spinner and ground flipper target. A hit flips or spins it. The Flip-R-Spin Target measures eight inches at its widest, with 2½-inch Target Balls.

The Target Balls on the Flip-R-Spin are designed to reward accuracy. Hitting the Target Ball “Sweet Spot” creates the most reaction. The targets are designed so that a target ball always rests in an optimal upright or outer-most shooting position. Flip-R-Spin Targets are easy to see due to high-visibility bright orange color. They’re perfect for use with smaller calibers, but can handle any caliber.

Hung in the horizontal position these are proving to be a great addition for indoor ranges as there is great spinning reaction and with two anchor points the Flip-R-Spin stays within the lane when hit.

Easy to Set Up

Assembly of the Target Frame couldn’t be any simpler. Simply run the supplied cord through the Target Bottle out the bottom, knot the cord, placing another knot one inch above bottle top, then inserting that knot in the hole and slot on the underside of the frame. That’s all there’s to it. At the range you simply unfold the frame and you are ready to shoot. It takes only seconds.

There are no mechanical or other parts to fail. If the cord holding bottle is accidentally cut, simply re-attach the target with the extra cord that’s supplied or you can use any 3/16-inch cord. Target Factory® Target Bottles, Flip-R-Spin and Bowling Pin Targets are easily hung and removed. There is no resetting of any hung targets after they are shot. The targets may also be set on the ground, or on other surfaces or stands.

Target Factory® targets are designed to withstand hundreds, if not thousands, of rounds.


Each Target Bottle will take over 200 .22 caliber hits and over 100 .45 caliber hits before needing to be replaced. High velocity smaller diameter calibers up to .50 cal, create minimal damage. The Target Bowling Pins will take literally hundreds of rounds, as will the Flip-R Spin Targets. According to Target Factory® , they have yet to shoot one of their Bowling Pins tand keep count of the number of hits to complete destruction.

The durability of Target Factory® products makes them usable for long periods of heavy shooting activity. Due to the lack of degradability by the elements (e.g., rust, fading, UV damage, moisture) the product will last for years. They may be left outdoors on personal ranges without fear of damage. In the long run, they’re quite cost effective.

Target Factory products are being used by many ranges, clubs and competitions. Commercial ranges are both renting and selling the products for use by their customers.


MSRP for the Complete Target Frame Set is only $129.99. Three-Pack Target Bottles are $24.99 or $39.99 for a Six-Pack. Target Bowling Pins will run you $19.99. The Flip-R-Spin Targets run $18.99.

Target Factory® offers free shipping on all retail orders over $49.99. Bulk pricing is available. All Target® Factory products are made in the USA. They’re approved by the US Forest Service to meet Restricted Target Materials Criteria.

Website for Orders and some products available on Amazon.Com

YouTube Videos:

Target Frame Promo 

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