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The folks over at GPCA are at it again! With a promise from their Co-Founder Rob that they are determined to build an EDC (everyday carry) line, this formerly Jeep exclusive, now adventure based company has released a pretty cool new product in the GP-Clip.


The GP-Clip retails at $29.99 but is at a temporary special price of $19.99. At first touch, this clip feels tough. It’s constructed of 430 stainless steel and functions as a nice way to really organize your pockets.

The box shows up at your door very nicely packaged. A slip in box with a textured foam cutout where your GP-Clip lays coupled with a nice handout to described what it is that you just purchased. The GP-Clip comes in three different finishes (Steel Black, Steel Dark Wash and Steel Original) allowing you to fine tune the appearance of this nifty gadget.

Money Clip

The GP-Clip serves as a money clip (for you baller EDC types out there), a key ring and a belt clip. The hardy design and steel construction gives you the advantage of holding 20% more cash and cards than your standard money clip. It is also long enough to be oriented vertically or horizontally along your thick wad of cash.

Key Ring

The key ring function affords you the option of centering the ring on the clip for fewer keys, or if you are the janitor type and keep a plethora of keys on your person, you can loop the key ring through the hole at the top of the clip, allowing you to hold more keys. The clip is also sturdy and hardy enough to be secured to a belt, a very nice function if you are like me and enjoy a pocket on the more empty side.

Still a Jeep thing…

True to their Jeep roots, GPCA has laser cut the signature 7-slot grill of a Jeep into the money clip (cue the Jeep fan boy squeal). Interesting fact: the 7-slot grill is representative of the 7 continents that Jeeps have explored i.e. all of them.

What’s Next?

Lastly, the GPCA GP-Clip is another EDC tool brought to us by this company that promises even more products to come. It’s a very nice addition to their line up and their level of ingenuity tells me that they are inclined to keep that promise.

Let’s rank it!



Size: 4/5

Value: 5/5


Overall: 4.6/5

To learn more about the GPCA GP-Clip or to purchase one, click below!

[amazon_link asins=’B07BPVLVRG,B07959YMRC,B07FK5H8VF’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’spoup-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7ab997e1-9281-11e8-b889-2f46c25b6672′]

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By Bill Farmer

Bill Farmer is a 12 year law enforcement veteran He is a defensive tactics, tactical driving and active shooter instructor. Bill has worked in school resource, violent crimes, plain clothes and patrol assignments. Bill is an avid outdoorsman, backpacker, hunter and shooter.

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