Shield Arms is a Montana-based firearms company, who has made a name for itself with some high quality and innovative designs, including aftermarket slides, barrels, magazines, magazine extensions for Glocks, CZs and Sig Sauer pistols, as well as a really cool patent pending integrated folding-stock AR-15 reciever. Ive been using their +5 capacity magazine extensions for Glocks and CZ pistols for over a year in competition and training, and i have become a fan of the company based on my experience with the products and the customer service.

Watch the video below for my 13 minute review of the +5 mag extensions, or read on below.

From the Shield Arms website:



  • Unique easy access floor plate design to service or clean the magazine body without the need to remove the magazine extension from the magazine body.
  • Index cuts on the extension body to increase grip when coming out of a magazine pouch.
  • Machined from billet 6061 aluminum
  • Type 2 black anodized
  • Adds 5 rounds to magazines in 9mm
  • Magazine extension is proudly made in the USA
  • Patent Pending Design
  • Fits most aftermarket flared mag wells
  • Ships with a +10% power spring
  • Lifetime warranty

The magazine extensions by themselves will run you $39.99, but if you buy them in packs of three you will get a discount. You can also buy complete Glock magazines with the extensions already installed for $59.99, or the complete CZ P10 Magazines with extensions installed for $72.99.

Custom cerakote options are available and the removable baseplates make maintenance and customization a breeze. The large grooves on the sides of the extensions are good for leverage on the mag if needed.

Installing the magazine extensions is a breeze (see pictures below and video above), all you need are the two allen wrenches that come with the magazine. Remove the factory basepad and spring, then attach the +10% power spring that comes with the Shield Arms extensions to the follower. Next, slide the extension onto the magazine body and reinsert the follower and spring–tighten down the retaining pin which keeps the extension from sliding off the magazine body. Finally, compress the spring with your finger, slide the basepad onto the extension, and tighten down the final screw. All done.

Step 1: Attach the supplied spring to follower and remove factory baseplate from the magazine. Step 2: Slide extension onto magazine and tighten the retaining pin. Replace follower and spring into mag body. Step 3: Compress spring and slide baseplate onto extension. Tighten down and you’re done.

I found that all the Glock and CZ extensions are true +5 capacity, meaning a 15 round Glock 19 or CZ P10c/P07 magazine will now except 20 rounds, giving you 20+1 in the gun. A 17 round Glock mag will now be a 22 round mag giving you 22+1 in the gun. A 19 round CZ mag will now be a 24 round mag giving you 24+1 in the gun…thats a lot of bullets!


My experience with these magazine extensions has been overwhelmingly positive. I just bought three more to bump my 15 round CZ magazines up to 20 round mags so i can spend less time reloading during training classes and have the competitive advantage available for my division if i use those guns for competition.

I have not had any feeding issues or magazine issues or malfunctions of any kind while using these magazine extensions. The aftermarket springs are designed well and have not affected the cycling or operation of the gun at all. The only issue i had was when i ordered some very shiny and gold “Glock 19X” color magazine extensions and tried to run them at an indoor range. A couple times during reloads the shiny mag extensions popped off when they hit the hard floor. I contacted Shield Arms and they had me return them to check their specs, and they sent me back the black anodized extensions which have worked perfectly since. The most likely explanation was that the specific cerakote combination was too slick for the forces at play, so if you are shooting a lot of indoor matches, you may want to stick with the less blingy color options. That said, i have not had this issue with any of the other extensions i have.

Either way, Shield Arms offers a lifetime warranty on these extensions and their customer service is excellent should you ever need it. Stay tuned to my author page and social media accounts for more on Shield Arms products, including the patent pending folding AR receiver!

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YouTube: spotter_yoshimoto (see video above)

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By Joshua Shaw

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