Personal position marking devices signal a soldier’s location to friendly forces. At Enforce Tac 2024, Rheinmetall is presenting for the first time the concept for its new Functional Protection System Beacon (FPS Beacon). Developed by Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics of Stockach, this compact device enables visible, IR/SWIR and thermal position marking. In addition, it can automatically warn the user of impending danger and is able to detect laser beams, e.g., laser target pointers. In combination with Rheinmetall laser modules, the FPS Beacon enables active battlefield surveillance.

Measuring 100 x 90 x 35 millimetres (L/W/H), it is powered by two CR123 batteries. The position marking device is designed for visible, infrared and thermal transmission. This enables the multiple operating modes: Visible (with a choice of up to seven colours); NIR (near infrared), SWIR (short wavelength infrared); and MWIR (mid-wavelength). It also has a built-in IFF (Identification friend and foe/unknown) function.

Owing to its compact, lightweight design, the FPS Beacon can be attached to a helmet, further enhancing transmission quality. The ergonomic design of the housing assures optimum adaptation to the helmet form.

In case of laser contact in a combat situation, the laser warning function is activated. This transmits a signal to the vibration unit. The position marking device also features an additional warning function that indicates contact with water. This enables faster recognition of dangerous situations in maritime environments. The FPS Beacon lends itself to a wide array of military and law enforcement uses.

By Michael Kurcina

Mike credits his early military training as the one thing that kept him disciplined through the many years. He currently provides his expertise as an adviser for an agency within the DoD. Michael Kurcina subscribes to the Spotter Up way of life. “I will either find a way or I will make one”.

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